The Times Are Quickly Becoming More Evil and Wicked Continually!

Commentary By: Gordon King

The world is in turmoil my friends, it is a place where chaos abounds, where civil unrest and lawlessness is running rampant, a place where anything goes!  This is the climate of the world, this is the way the world is headed, for destruction, for calamity.

There is a political party in the United States that thrives on chaos and disaster, it is the party of the Progressive Movement.  This party also creates chaos and disasters in order to gain more power and control over the people, to gain more power for itself!

There are evil spirits which do the same thing, they thrive on chaos, they thrive on disaster and calamity.  These spirits seek destruction, they seek rebellion, they seek to destroy!  And this is the way the world is headed, it is headed for disaster.  And when this disaster comes to a head there will be a man of great charm and charisma, a man who seems to have all of the answers to the world’s ills. 

This man will proclaim to bring in peace to the world, peace to all nations, and he will confirm a peace covenant with Israel for seven years, and the world will love him!  But do not be deceived my friends, for this man is nothing more than a puppet of Satan, he is the Antichrist!

It is no coincidence that the world is in such mess right now and only getting much worse by the day.  Evil spirits are leading the pack, they are leading the world into disaster, chaos, and mayhem.  They have a plan and a purpose, and that purpose is to take control, to usher in the Antichrist, all for the ultimate goal of people worshiping Satan!  That’s right, Satan wants to be worshiped as God, he is in rebellion to God, yet he proclaims to be a god.

That is why we see the world in such a mess, it’s because people have made the choice to follow Satan rather than follow Jesus Christ!  It’s because people listen to other people other than God Almighty!  It’s because people are also in rebellion to God!  That’s what it’s really all about, plain and simple.

What we see happening in the world, the chaos, the division of people, the division of government, nation fighting against nation, people fighting against people, religions attempting to take over the world, civil unrest and lawlessness, the rise of immoral acts and abominations, it’s all the manifestation of the war going on between good and evil spirits.  The evil in the world that we see is a direct representation of the evil spirits in the spiritual world being manifested into the physical realm.

Man has been corrupted by evil spirits and ever since that time the heart of man has been evil and wickedness continually!  Man therefore can and does rebel against God on his own, even without the input and leading of evil spirits, however, evil spirits can and do lead people away from God, they lead people to do things that they may not do, and they lead people to believe things which are not true.

The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy (John 10:10), the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8).  Satan is a liar and a thief, his is destruction, he is the father of all lies (John 8:44).  He seeks to steal the souls of people, to destroy their lives, to bring them with him to hell!  His is to destroy lives, to tear them apart, to kill as many as he can. 

We are in a battle against evil spirits, these spirits seek our destruction and our demise.  There is nothing good in these spirits, nothing good about them at all!  They are real, and they are here on earth living in the world, and Satan is the ruler of this world.  The world is ruled by Satan, and those of the world are under his control, under his power.  This is why we see so much chaos, division, civil unrest, lawlessness, immorality, selfishness, pride and arrogance in the world today.  This is why the world is falling so quickly, it’s because our time is short, because we are reaching a pinnacle, we are nearing the door to the Tribulation period.

During the time of Noah the world was evil and wicked, and it reached a point of no return just before the great flood.  Will we also have to reach that point of no return for the Tribulation period to begin?  Have we already reached the point of no return?  God saw that the hearts of men were wicked then and He sees it now.  God had a plan then and He also has a plan now.

We will continue on in this world until God decides that enough is enough.  But my friends, the way that the world is picking up speed towards more evil and wickedness I truly cannot believe that it will be too much longer.  And when the church is taken out of this world then all hell will literally break loose!

Until that time keep looking up, stand firm in your faith, and know that God is with you always!  Know that the worse things get the closer we are to the coming of Christ!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

3 thoughts on “The Times Are Quickly Becoming More Evil and Wicked Continually!

  1. Yes my friend we across the pond are seeing a growing tide of anti christ influence in our Nation too!

    In wake of the Manchester arena bombing in 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May announced the setting up of a new Commission to support society in its fight against all forms of extremism. It was tasked with looking at the growing threat posed by extremist ideas and to advise Government on an appropriate response.

    No definition of extremism was given, and terrorism was explicitly excluded from its frame of reference.

    British Muslim Human Rights activist Sara Khan was appointed Lead Commissioner, and expert members appointed to the group include LGBT activist and campaigner Peter Tatchell, and Dame Louis Casey, who in 2015 led a review into integration commissioned by the Prime Minister and Home Secretary, and who is on record as saying acceptance of different sexualities and abortion are measurements of social integration ( All three have repeatedly condemned orthodox Christian belief upholding biblical prohibitions against immorality and supporting traditional marriage.

    By contrast, members of the group holding Christian views and supporting traditional belief as set down in the Bible are conspicuous by their absence. It is therefore clear not just that the composition of the Commission lacks balance, but that it shows evidence of anti-Christian bias that will predispose it to conclusions and advice hostile to the protection and defence of Christian belief.

    God Bless

  2. Thanks for your comment Christine and thanks for sharing!

    It’s all coming to pass my friend, the rise of the anti-Christ spirit, and it seems to really be picking up speed. This tells me that the end is near, that the return of Jesus Christ is even at the door, that the rapture is not far away! Isn’t it funny how the world pushes for tolerance, yet they are anything but tolerant of Christianity? They say that they are against extreme views, yet they are of the most extreme! And it’s also funny in an ironic way that they seem to have a sense of morality (although flawed and evil), but just where do they come up with such morality if they believe that we all came from slime? And then there are also those of the world who preach that there are many ways to heaven, that Jesus Christ is but one way not The Way! Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, not a way to heaven, He is the One who gives us life, who takes away our sins, who has promised us a new immortal body just like His, how many other religions can claim such things?! Not one, only Christianity! Christianity is the only religion in which we are saved by the grace of God alone, all others require something from us, require that we act in a certain way, that we earn our way to heaven.

    If I were not a born-again child of God then the things that you have mentioned would really scare me! But I am a child of God, we both are, and as such we know what is coming, we know how it all turns out! Amen.

    God bless! Maranatha!

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