Jesus Christ is the Reason for Christmas!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Christ came to give us life and to give us life more abundantly!  This is what Christmas is all about.  It’s not about lighted trees, stockings hanging over the fire, Santa Claus and reindeer, although these are things that we enjoy this time of the year, but it’s about the birth of God as man, it’s all about God coming into this world as both man and God!

Let us not neglect the reason for the season, nor let us forget what Christmas is really all about!  It’s about Jesus Christ being born into this world as a sacrifice for our sins, it’s about Him coming into this world and showing us the way, showing us the truth, and being our guide into righteousness, to eternal life.

Without Christ as our sacrifice we would all be headed for hell!  All of us would be doomed for eternal destruction.  None of us are worthy enough to be found righteous and holy, and that’s what it takes to make it into heaven, it takes perfection!  Sin cannot enter heaven, sin cannot live in the presence of God.  Jesus took our sin upon Himself, He made Himself sin for us so that we could make it into heaven.  He took our dirty rags and replaced them with snow-white linens, He took our sin and replaced it with His righteousness!  He paid the price for our iniquities, that’s how much He loves us!

Christmas is about God and His love for us, it’s about our reconciliation back to God for all of eternity!  It’s not about nativity scenes, going to Christmas mass, it’s not even about religion at all!  It’s about our Lord and Savior coming to rescue us from eternal destruction!  It’s about us having a personal relationship with the God of the universe, with the One who created it all!  That’s what it’s all about.

We can easily get caught up with all of the hoopla associated with Christmas, and we can neglect to give praise, worship, thanks, glory and honor to Jesus Christ for what He came to do for us.  Many children grow up believing in Santa Claus instead of Jesus Christ!  And Santa Claus has been likened to the savior of the world, he knows who is naughty and who is nice, he gives gifts, he visits everyone in the world in one night, and he knows what you are thinking.  Yet Santa Claus is not real, nor can he save you from eternal destruction!  We must tell our children that Santa is just made up, that he is not real, and we must instead tell them about Jesus Christ, who He is, what He has done for us, and how He came to save us!

The Pharisees did everything right in their own eyes, they were very religious, they performed all of their religious ceremonies just as they should have, yet they lacked the most important thing of all, a relationship with God!  And how many people who call themselves Christians do the very same thing?!  How many perform religious acts believing that they are saved because of them?  It’s not about what we do but who we know, it’s all about our relationship with God!

Christianity is the only religion in the world that is not a religion at all!  If we truly follow Christ as we should then we are not religious, we are saved, we are born-again, we have been reunited with God!  Ours is not of religion but of a personal relationship with God.  A saving relationship, a loving relationship, a holy and righteous relationship.

We can give to the poor, we can help those in need, we can do everything that we believe is the good and righteous, but if we do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ then all is for nothing!  Many people believe that because they are basically good that they will get into heaven, but the truth is that if they have not been born-again then they are headed for eternal destruction, they are headed for hell!  I’ve heard so many people say that they are going to heaven because they are a good person, they are very deceived.

Righteousness does not come from us, it is not in us, our hearts without God are deceitful and wicked.

Jeremiah 17:9

The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?

It is only when we are born-again that God changes the heart, it is only then that we become righteous and holy, it is not from us but from God!  It is not through us but through God! 

Philippians 3:9

and be found in Him, not having my own righteousness, which is from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which is from God by faith;”

Our righteousness is from the Lord, we are clothed in His righteousness once we are saved, and it is only then that we are found worthy to be called children of God!  It is only then that we can enter the kingdom of heaven, and it is only then that we shall share in the inheritance of God, in all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus!

This is what God wants for all of us, to be found righteous and holy in His presence, to be in His presence for all of eternity.  And this is why Jesus Christ came into this world, so that we may live in the presence of God for all of eternity!

Jesus Christ, Immanuel, God with us!  God came to into this world to be with us, so that we may be with Him forever!  This is what Christmas is really all about, it’s about God wanting us to be with Him forever, because He loves us that much!  He wishes for no one to perish but for all to come to repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ!

I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior with beautiful lights, with the giving and receiving of gifts, or even Santa Claus, just as long as we know the truth, as long as we don’t place our faith and trust in these other things, as long as we don’t worship or idolize them!  We must remember the reason for the season, we must give honor, glory, praise and worship to God where it belongs!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


6 thoughts on “Jesus Christ is the Reason for Christmas!

  1. Some theories believe that Jesus wasn’t born on December 25, he was born on October or September. I don’t care because Jesus Christ is God and I believe the Bible. I love Christmas. When you look at CHRIST, it’s Jesus and last 3 letter MAS. CHRISTMAS. Perfect.

    Some people refuse to say Merry Christmas because political incorrect (YEAH WHATEVER). I always saying to everybody Merry Christmas and smile. Some people offend and they want to say Happy Holidays. Today society are crazy!!!!!!!

    Now did you hear about Santa Claus? they don’t want to label him as a MALE, Santa Claus could be either FEMALE or MALE. Are you kidding me? oh wait, political incorrect????

    Did you hear about at England schools are taught 8 years old boys that they can have a period just like a female? Oh please, enough of crap!!!!!!!

    This world are getting crazier and crazier.

    By the way did you hear about US troops pulled out of Syria and Russia took the control? I believe this could leading to Mog/Gog War in near future.

    Merry Christmas brother. God bless you. Keep up with good articles.

  2. Thanks for your comment Jim!

    We really don’t know the month or the day that Jesus Christ was actually born into this world, but what does it matter? December 25th is the day that we celebrate it. We can all get caught up with little things that don’t matter, things that draw our attention away from what does matter.

    This is how crazy the world is, they are fighting over whether or not a make believe person is male or female! And now eight year old boys can have periods?! What!!! God said He would give them over to debased minds and that certainly is the case.

    The U.S. is pulling out of Syria, I’m not quite sure how I feel about that, but I know it can’t be good! It does sound more and more like the forces of Gog and Magog building their alliance even stronger. And if that’s the case then the rapture is even that much closer!

    God bless brother! Merry Christmas! Maranatha!

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