Happy Thanksgiving! Glory to God!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  This is a special day set aside for us in America, a time to celebrate the goodness of God.  It is a time of reflection upon all of the things that we have been blessed with, each and every little thing.

Let us not only thank God on this one special day, but give Him thanks each and every day!  For God pours out His blessings continually and He is to be worshiped, thanked, and glorified each day of the year.

Enjoy the day, and remember who it is that provides, who it is that gave us life, who it is that gives us the gift of eternal life, Jesus Christ.  For even though we may think that we can do it on our own, even though we may believe that we can provide for ourselves, without God we have nothing!

Thanksgiving to God our Lord Jesus Christ!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


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