Increasing Antichrist Spirit in America!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

My friends, do not be taken by surprise when the world hates you.  For it is written that the world hated Christ before it hated us.

I have noticed that people in the world are becoming much more vocal in their hatred of Christianity, of their defiance against God, and of them voicing their opinions of Christians in general.

Over the past couple of months I have heard the term “Bible Thumper” used many times in derogatory ways.  Just what in the world do they mean by that?  What is a bible thumper anyway?  Is it used to describe a believer in Jesus Christ, or perhaps a believer who is zealous for Christ?  Either way it wasn’t meant to be a compliment that’s for sure!  Bible thumper is one of the milder terms that I have heard used against believers in Jesus Christ, I have also heard and seen the name of Christ used very maliciously.

I think that many people who say such things don’t really stop to think about it before they say it, it just comes rolling off their tongues.  However, regardless if they meant to or not it is in their hearts and minds.  Many more people know exactly what they are saying and mean what they say!  It is a sign of people changing, the changing of mind and of heart, a sign that people are becoming more godless, more antichrist.

When we see and hear more and more of the world on the streets voicing their opinions against Christians in America then we are at the brink of increased persecutions against Christians.  We have already seen cases in America where Christians have been persecuted for standing for their faith, but my friends that is only the beginning.

When people stand for causes that are ungodly, unrighteous, and unholy then they are acting in rebellion to God Himself.  When people fight for the right to do whatever they want, when they fight to change laws in favor of legalizing things which God opposes, then they are resisting God and His will.  When people seek to do things their own way, by their own will, then they are saying that they don’t need God, that they know better, that they can do better without Him!

This is where we are in the world today my friends, a world full of people who oppose God.  A world in which hearts are becoming hardened, people are becoming godless, seeking pleasure rather than seeking God.  People who claim to love God but deny His power.  People are becoming more hateful, more blatantly rude and disrespectful.  People are becoming more vengeful, more arrogant, more self-centered.  They are seeking the truth from within themselves when they should be seeking God!

These are the last days, we are living in perilous times.  We are called to be a godly people, we are called to be holy and righteous just as He is holy and righteous.  We are told to endure, to have perseverance, to hold fast to our faith.  And we have been given the blessed hope that one day soon Jesus Christ Himself will come to take us home!

It’s difficult to believe that the world could get much darker before the rapture of the church.  It’s difficult to live in a world that is so dark, and it’s getting more difficult by the day!  If you are a believer in Jesus Christ then the darkness can not only be seen, but you can feel it, you can feel the evil in the air, the spiritual darkness surrounding you.  It’s not something that you have to imagine is there, it’s something that is much more tangible.  If you are not a believer in Jesus Christ then you don’t understand what I am talking about, for the world seems fine to you, just as it has for thousands of years gone by.

The world seems dark to believers in Jesus Christ because Christ is in us and we are in Christ, we are one with Christ and He is one with us, we are a part of His body.  Darkness doesn’t seem dark when it is in the dark, however, the dark seems very dark when there is light.  The light makes the dark seem even darker, and so it is with believers in Jesus Christ.  We have the light of Christ within us, so the darkness surrounding us seems very dark, and as it gets darker it is very apparent to us, as if we could cut it with a knife!

Do not be led astray by darkness, but rather be led down the path of righteousness by the light of Christ!  Be encouraged by God, by believers in Christ, by our blessed hope!  Know that whatever the world can do to you it cannot steal your soul.  The world may be able to make our journey to heaven that much quicker, but it can never send us to hell!  We have already been given eternal life, received an inheritance finer than gold, and have a God that loves us dearly!  What more could we ask?!

I pray each day for the rapture of the church.  I seek the Lord and His ways.  I pray for the good Lord to help me love Him more, and for me to seek His will and not my own.  And the more time goes on the more and more I hope for the rapture of the church, to be with the Lord for eternity!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

9 thoughts on “Increasing Antichrist Spirit in America!

  1. I cling to what Christ Jesus has done for me at the Cross everyday. The opposition to that is tremendous. The only way I can explain it is that many are destroyed by peace. In other words, they haven’t come to put me to death yet, but they are full of conflict to my faith in every other way. I call them anarchists, and they do cleave to the spirit of the snit-Christ. Greater is Christ who is in me than he who is of this world!

  2. Thanks for your comment Spiritual Fruit Without Religion!

    The opposition is growing and it will continue to grow until the second coming of Christ. This is why it is so important for us to put on the full armor of God each and every day. This is a battle that we are in, a spiritual battle, it is even more real than what we can see around us. We must stand firm in our faith and pray without ceasing.

    God bless! Maranatha!

  3. It isn’t fair to say the world hated Christ, in my opinion. That would be inaccurate. Just a very small section of the world even knew of Jesus. His prophecy or the foretelling of the Messiah wasn’t hated either but very much longed for. Now the Antichrist, however, is very much hated and if it weren’t for my relationship with the Creator, I probably would’ve killed myself by now. Hatred is a thing that exists only in the brains/minds of people and spirits whom were once people.

  4. Thanks for your comment Reed Marcotte!

    Jesus said that the world hated Him first, it hates God and the things of God, it is in rebellion to God and under the rule and control of Satan, for he is the ruler of this world and of this current age. The world doesn’t have to know God to hate Him, in fact people don’t know God and they never will unless they are born-again. The world hates God that’s why they are in rebellion to Him, they don’t know Him but they know of Him, they have heard of Him, and Jesus Christ is God. They choose not to follow God but the ruler of this world, Satan!

    I don’t agree with you that hatred only exists in the brains and minds of people and spirits whom were once people. Satan and his demons are full of hatred, they are the poster children of hatred, and if I recall none of them were people first! If Satan had never tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden would they have still sinned? I don’t believe that they would have because they were righteous and holy walking with God, they were made the way that God intended for us to be in the first place. But it was the hatred of Satan for God that led Adam and Eve to sin. It was Satan’s pride and arrogance that led to his fall, and the world is under the same rebellion, full of pride and arrogance.

    God bless Reed! Maranatha!

  5. What does Maranatha mean?
    Based on what your reply was to me, I feel there is one Truth you might want to consider as part of your make up, that I know can carry your loving condition through centuries of what would otherwise be a very long journey for yourself… satan isn’t real. There is no leader of the evil world, per se, but only in the imaginations of people. Our world is just a fraction of the spirit world in which there are spheres above and below ground zero… “the gates of heaven”. Nobody starts their spirit journey after they shed their physical body in the spheres above ground zero.
    Mankind’s overall condition of Truth and Love always represents the general starting point for individuals as they pass away into the spirit world. It is believed by many that our general condition is the 6th sphere below ground zero and, I believe, that it has been in this state for a very long time. So regardless of human belief systems, this is the sphere in which we will all be starting save those whom have already begun to develop a genuine relationship with the Creator (NOT JESUS). Even in these cases, most of their conditions are still of the lower spheres, ironically, due to the humanistic ideologies.

  6. Thanks for your comment Reed Marcotte!

    Maranatha means “Come quickly Lord”!

    No one can make you believe, I cannot make you believe, you must first have a change of heart.

    Satan is most definitely real, so is Jesus, and Jesus Christ is God! We were all created with a spirit, and our spirits live on forever. After we physically die then they will continue on into eternity, the question is not if they do but where they do. There are only two choices, heaven or hell, by the same token there is only one leader that we choose to follow Satan or Jesus. Jesus is the only one that can save us from our sins, He is the only one that can give us eternal life in heaven for eternity, there is no other way.

    There is a spiritual battle going on, a battle for our very souls. This battle is now being manifested into our physical dimension, we can see it by the rise of evil and wickedness in society, in the world. We can see it by the increase in immorality, the increased persecution of Christians, the increased antichrist spirit in the world.

    No one can make you believe, by the same token, no one can make me not believe! I know God, I know Jesus Christ, He is a part of me and I of Him, we are one in spirit. I am not God, but I have been made a new creation, and as such have already been given eternal life.

    Your antichrist spirit is one which was prophesied to happen in the last days just before the return of Christ, it is the fulfillment of bible prophecy.

    If I am wrong in what I have said then you have nothing to worry about, but if I am right then you have everything to worry about!

    I pray that the good Lord softens your heart and opens your eyes to the truth! I cannot do it only God can, I can merely plant a seed, God makes it grow.

    God bless! Maranatha!

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