Is the loss of Billy Graham and Chuck Missler a Sign of The Times?

Commentary By:  Gordon King

We have lost two very significant members of the church this year, Billy Graham and Chuck Missler.  Both very godly men, both taught the truth of God’s word, both not afraid to teach the truth, the whole truth.

Chuck Missler excited me when I heard him on the radio or saw him on television.  Chuck Missler taught in-depth on the end times, on the signs of the times, on the current age that we are now living in.  Even though I didn’t personally know either of these men I miss them both, thank God for recorded messages!

When I listen to a Christian radio station I get excited to hear Chuck Misslers voice because I know that I am going to hear some very special messages.  I love to listen to Mr. Missler speak from the bible, I love to hear his in-depth study and analysis of scripture, and I love to learn more and more about God’s word from a godly person that I trust and admire.  I also trust and admire Billy Graham, and I love to watch his old television sermons.

Both of these men were anointed by God to teach the word of God, both were led by the Holy Spirit to lead men into righteousness.  These men were raised up by God at a specific time in history, both for God’s will, all for a significant and special purpose.  Now that they are both gone who will take their place?  Is there anyone to fill their shoes?  We still have some very good Christian leaders who are godly and knowledgeable of the bible, but even so, many of them are also up in age and won’t be around much longer.

The good Lord raises people up at specific times in history for His specific purpose, both of these men are examples of that.  He raised them up at this very time in history for His purpose, but what exactly was that purpose?

If you ask me I will tell you that it was because we are living in the last days, the days just before the return of Christ!  And if these great men of Christ have now left us does this then mean that the return of Christ is very, very near, even at the door?  I’ll let you be the one to decide the answer to that question, but for me I believe that it does!  Two great men of Christ, two of the greatest in two thousand years, both now gone to be with the Lord.

God used both of these men for His will, not because they were proud and egotistical, but because they both were humble and mild.  Because they could teach from the love of God, for His purpose, for His glory.  And God uses His people for this reason, He uses the meek and the mild, He uses those who humble themselves before Him, He uses them for great things, He uses them for His glory!

He doesn’t use people because they are rich, proud, or famous, He uses people because they love Him, because they have a heart for Him, and because they don’t want the glory for themselves but for God!  He also uses those who aren’t able to do things that seem impossible for them to do without God, so that others can see that it was God who did these things.  He also raises people up at certain times in history, just before significant events, this is written throughout scripture, Noah, Moses, Joseph, Joshua, David, the apostle Paul, etc.  They were all raise up by God for a specific purpose, for God’s will to be done, all for very significant events.

The year 2018 has brought with it some very incredible things, but also some very tragic things.  It most definitely has brought with it many highs and many lows.  It has been a year of struggles, of battles between the righteous and spiritual darkness, but it also has been a year of miraculous events and it isn’t slowing down!  If 2018 has been like this then what does the year 2019 have in store?!  Are we standing at the door of some very significant biblical events?

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


4 thoughts on “Is the loss of Billy Graham and Chuck Missler a Sign of The Times?

  1. Yes I agree with you about Chuck Missler and Billy Graham. Have you ever heard of Jeffery Grant? He was a very good Bible Prophecy. He passed away, I can’t remember, I think 2011?

    Jack Van Impe is a very old man and he’s still preaching. He has a health problem and he almost died. He is still fighting and preaching. He never looks the same after he have a health problem.

    Don’t get me wrong about John Hagee, I used to watched his ministry on Sunday and for some reason I stopped watching because the way he acted, he thinks he is better and powerful man. I can’t put my finger on it. I saw his son, couple of times on TV, his son was acting like he trying to be GOOD MAN. My vibe about John Hagee. He believes that all Jewish will go up to Heaven. I disagree with him. He preached some which I disagree. I’ve heard that he has bodyguards. Bodyguards? Seriously? He is a very, very, very rich man. Look at Joyce Meyer. She is very super rich woman. She never warned the church about end times. I’ve warned my sister not to paying attention to Joel Esteem. He’s a false teacher. Rick Warren is a huge RED FLAG.

    There are many good teaching Pre Tribulation teachers today, but sadly not many people aren’t listening.

    • Thanks for your comment Jim!

      I have heard of Jeffery Grant, I have listened to him in the past but its been a while. I have also listened to Jack Van Impe, and I agree that he looks much older and worn after each bout of illness, yet he continues on in the faith, never relenting. The only time I have listened to John Hagee was during the “Watchman” television program by CUFI (Christians United for Israel), other than that I don’t know too much about him or his son. I would never listen to Joel Osteen, I don’t believe that he stands for the truth of God’s word, he flip flops on issues of our salvation and waffles on questions such as are there more than one way to heaven, he doesn’t come out and say that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven! That is apostasy.

      If we don’t know the truth of God’s word then we can easily be deceived, as so many are today.

      God bless! Maranatha!

  2. Hi Gordon, thanks for your posts.
    I agree that Billy Graham was a special minister of the Bible to the world. His passing marks a milestone in history. I had wondered if it was like certain things would not start to unfold until after he passed. I don’t understand it entirely but certain people in history, just by being alive, keep some darkness at bay. Jesus said something about this when he was asked about why his disciples did not fast. While the bridegroom is with them, they cannot fadt, but once the bridegroom is taken away, then they will fast.

    And at the beginning of Jesus’ life, his parents had to take him to Egypt until Herod was dead, then he could return.

    I don’t know Chuck Missler as well but I will listen to him now and see. I have heard about him as an end times teacher, and I am shocked at myself that I have not heard much of his stuff, since I myself am very into end times stuff.

    In any case, keep sharing and blogging.



    • Thanks for your comment Steve (unworthysog)!

      I don’t know if things will start to unfold because of their passing, but I do believe that they were here on earth at a specific time for a specific purpose and they have fulfilled that purpose. However I also believe that we are living in the end times, that things are getting darker by the day and that we will continue to see bible prophecy being played out just as it was written thousands of years ago.

      God bless! Maranatha!

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