These are Perilous Times, Know the Truth!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

There is so much chaos and confusion in the world today that if you yourself are not well grounded in God and His word then you can be so very easily deceived! 

These are perilous times that we are living in my friends, perilous times!  I am very serious when I say that deception is at an all time high, at least in modern history.  It’s getting so bad that people don’t even know who they are any more or what sex they are, they don’t know why they are here, nor do they know what to do with themselves!

The world will tell us all sorts of things, some of which will contain some truth, yet most of it is tainted with lies, with untruths, with the twisting of the truth.  They will make lies sound good, even sound like the truth, yet inside it is seething with evil, with a poison which if consumed will lead to destruction!

If we really want to know the truth, if we are wholeheartedly seeking after the truth and nothing but the truth, then we will find it!  However, if we only want to know the truth if it fits with our own agenda or lifestyle, or only if it conforms to an image that we have in mind, then we shall never come to the knowledge of the truth and we deceive ourselves.

We must all be very careful about where we go to find the truth, we can listen to all sorts of people who claim to be prophets, scholars, or even pastors that for one reason or another erroneously interpret scripture.  Many even blatantly put their own twist on it, and some just say that they heard it from God.

My point is that if it doesn’t hold up to the word of God then we must not believe it to be the truth.  And if we must change the meaning of God’s word to fit our own desires then we cannot believe it to be the truth either!  At times we may misinterpret scripture without really knowing it because it sounds like what we want it to sound like, or maybe it sounds like what we don’t want it to sound like so we change the meaning.

This is where we must be Bereans, we must search out the scriptures for the truth, and scripture will interpret itself if we allow it to.  Scripture will not contradict itself, so if we find that one passage of scripture seems to contradict another then it is not scripture which is wrong but our interpretation of it! 

There are old testament verses which confirm new testament verses, and at many times we will find that one authors writing confirms another.  The thing about the bible and scripture in general is that it flows, it is natural, actually supernatural, it supernaturally flows.  We must take it all in context, of the time it was written and of the actual meaning.  There may be other things to consider such as differences and nuances which are representative of the language, time, and culture. 

Most of the time scripture will interpret itself in either the preceding or following verses, at other times it is understood through the undertone of the book itself, and at other times it is understood from scripture written thousands of years apart, such as prophecies.

Then there are the times when we are just not sure of the exact meaning.  We should always pray to God for insight, wisdom, and knowledge while reading scripture.  We should take the time to meditate upon it, and we should take the time to study it as a Berean. 

There are things of God which remain mysteries to us, we will not always know and completely understand all the things of God, so we shouldn’t beat ourselves up over it!  I believe that the good Lord made the bible the way that He did so that we would have to read and study it, so that the more we engage ourselves in His word the more it makes sense to us, and the closer we become in our relationship with Him.

I certainly don’t know everything that there is to know about God or the bible, there are biblical issues of which I am still uncertain and desire to know the truth about.  I pray to God for wisdom and understanding, I pray for enlightenment, I pray to know the truth.

Some of the main points are that we don’t know all that there is to know about God or His word, but we should continue to seek and understand the truth from God and His word.  We should also be leery of what we hear about God and His word from man, we should always compare it to God’s word.  We must be very careful not to misinterpret God’s word, to add to it or take away from it, to twist it in any way, shape or form!

There are so many deceptions in the world my friends, so many people telling us what they believe to be the truth, and so many seeking to deceive us from the truth!  So much chaos and confusion that if we try to take it all in then we are only confusing ourselves.  The lines between truth and lies become smeared, they become clouded, and before we know it they become one and the same!

We must seek the truth if we are to know the truth.  We must take the truth at its word and not change it to meet our own needs or desires.  We must understand the truth the way it is presented to us not by our own interpretation. If we know the truth then the truth shall make us free!  But if we twist, alter, or change the truth in any way then we become slaves to lies and deceit!

The truth is the truth whether anyone believes it or not. 

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!