Super Earthquakes and The Changing World!

Commentary By: Gordon King

The Western portion of the United States is heating up as are many other parts of the world.  Fires are destroying homes, families, communities, and farm lands.  Droughts seem to be at an all time high, and precious fresh water supplies are dwindling faster than anyone could ever imagine!

So what in the world is going on and why is it happening?  The Left says that we have global warming due to mankind destroying the planet with CO2 emissions, but is that the truth?  Is the world actually warming up and if so is it due to increasing CO2 emissions?  The world sure seems to be warming up, at least in some areas, but what about other areas, are they warming up or are they actually cooling down?

I am certainly no expert on the climate or a meteorologist by any means, but it seems as though some parts of the world are heating up and while other parts are cooling down.  What in the world is going on?!  It doesn’t seem like merely “global warming” but it does seem like a climate shift, and if so why?

I don’t believe that this climate shift is due to increased CO2 emissions, but I do believe that there is a reason for it and a cause for it happening.  Think about this for one minute, according to sources on the internet most of the largest earthquakes in the world throughout history have occurred during the past 100 years, and most of those during the last half.  Could there possibly be a correlation between massive earthquakes and the climate?

The largest earthquake in recorded history was the Chilean earthquake (also known as the Valdivia Earthquake) of 1960, it measured in at a magnitude of 9.5, and all of the measured earthquakes of magnitude 9 or greater have occurred over the past 100 years, that is not to say that there have not been earthquakes of great disaster before then, but in terms of magnitude there have not been.

Since 1952 there have been 5 recorded earthquakes of magnitude 9.0 or greater, and two of these occurred during the past 14 years, in fact all of the recorded 9.0 or greater earthquakes throughout history have occurred since 1952 (according to internet sources)!  This is fact based evidence that earthquakes are occurring more frequently, with more intensity, and with more destruction!

Let’s think about this for one moment in regards to a climate shift.  CO2 emission is one theory for this change, but, according to a NASA report in 2011, these massive earthquakes have moved the earth off of its axis, thereby shortening the days, so this means that time is moving faster, I’ve said this before, time is moving faster the closer we get to the return of Jesus Christ and say it isn’t so!  However, this is not the main point that I am making here, could it be that because of the changing axis of the earths rotation our climate has changed as well?!  I not only believe that it could but that it has!

The government will tell us that it has no effect upon us or the world, but I beg to differ!  If the earth changes its axis I believe that this will most definitely have an effect upon climate just as it does with time, they admit that time has sped up but deny that it has anything to do with climate change.  Of course many of us know the reason why they deny it, because they want us to believe that man is causing climate change, this is part of the plan of the elite, to usher in a One World Government!  The government tells us not to be concerned about this, I guess in many ways they are right since we can’t really do anything about it, and why cause mass hysteria, but it is in our best interest to know the truth!

The closer we get to the return of Jesus Christ the more things in this world will heat up, not only our climate but also society, culture, civil unrest, wars and rumors of wars, the hearts of men, etc, etc, get the point?  It doesn’t really matter how these things happen because they will happen!  It doesn’t even matter if they happen naturally or supernaturally, even though many scholars will tell you that these things are impossible because they cannot be proven scientifically.  God doesn’t always do things naturally He also does them supernaturally!

I believe that we will continue to see things heat up, the climate in many regions, civil unrest, evil ways, societal decline, all before the second coming of Christ, but more importantly (for believers) before the rapture of the church!

Most people are distracted from what is happening in the world today, they are bombarded with non-essential information, given “fake news”, and overwhelmed by the chores and aspects of daily life so that they do not pay much attention to the changes coming.  They may be able to see it but they don’t seem to care too much, in fact many would rather just ignore it all as if it weren’t really happening, but it is!

The growing number of super earthquakes seems to correlate with the growing tensions in the world, has anyone else noticed that?!  Division in the United States is at an all time high since the Civil War, persecution against Christians and Jews is also at an all time high!  Civil unrest and violent protests in the world are now common place.  Political tensions are growing, as well as economic, social, and cultural tensions.  Another thing that is happening are natural disasters, many of which are noted as being of biblical proportions!  Mass pestilence, starvation, and drought are also in the headlines as major concerns of getting out of control very quickly if not addressed right away, in fact many areas of the world are already experiencing these things in record numbers!

Perhaps they are not correlated, but they are all happening at the same time!  Jesus told us that these things would happen before His return, He also told us that they would happen with more frequency and with greater intensity, and say it isn’t so!  No matter how they are happening they are happening.

Could it be that the rapture of the church is at the door?  That the beginning of the Tribulation period is near, and that the second coming of Christ is much closer than what we first believed?!

Sit up and take notice my friends, do not be so overwhelmed by the things of this world that you simply ignore what is happening.  Watch, compare with bible prophecy, take heed, and lift up your heads for our redemption draws nigh!

Accept Jesus Christ Now!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

2 thoughts on “Super Earthquakes and The Changing World!

  1. I remember on February 2001 we had an earthquake hit in Seattle. I was in the bathroom (townhouse) and my wife and I were noticed something were off and we ran to the living room and standing between door way to protected us. I can’t explain, it was like rowing a boat when quake hit. Our bookshelves were rattled and our kitchen chairs were moving. It was surreal. I never forget it. I’m admitted it I was scared to death.

    I believe there will be more earthquakes hit during the Tribulation. I read book of the Revelation. It was not a good picture during the Tribulation. I can’t wait for Jesus Christ victory over Satan.

    Last week Lisa Haven reported that it was government that can control the weather and earthquake. I’m like…..HUH? but I do believe Chemtrail spraying by the government, but man made earthquake? I don’t know. Conspiracy theories believe government can create HUGE WAVE of the ocean to damage the countries. Lisa Haven also reported about REAL ID Cards, that could leading to the Mark of the Beast. I’m finding it is ODD and strange because REAL ID from USA and Universal ID Card from UN will happened in year 2020. I’m wondering what are the different between REAL ID Card and ID2020?

    I pray I don’t see another earthquake hit in Seattle. Soon Highway 99 bridge will be finished. I don’t think this bridge will be okay in near future.

    God bless

  2. Thanks for your comment Jim!

    I grew up in Southern California and we had plenty of earthquakes. I remember when I was about 10 years old an earthquake struck, we had wooden floors and I had a wood bed frame, anyway, the earthquake shook violently and my bed actually moved several feet across the floor, I’ll never forget that! Earthquakes are scary, and I wouldn’t want to be in one of a “super” magnitude size, I couldn’t even imagine what that would be like. The thing is they are coming, even bigger ones than what we have already seen, and when Jesus comes back at His second coming there will be an earthquake bigger than anyone could ever imagine! I truly believe that these large earthquakes are leading to the biggest one of all.

    God bless! Maranatha!

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