The Smallest of Things can have the Biggest Impact!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

It’s not always the big things in this world that have a big impact, in fact its the small things that grow into big things!  Whether these things are good or evil they all have an impact on our lives and the lives of others around us.

A person can be persecuted for their faith in a small way, yet it can have a very big impact on the person being persecuted!  By the same token, a person can be praised for performing a good deed and it can also have a very big impact on that person.  What we do and say does have an affect upon people whether we think that it does or not!

People are so focused on the “big” things that they seem to ignore the little things in life, the things which just may have more meaning then the big things.

When I was in the ninth grade I had a math teacher who gave me praise for how well I was doing in his class.  Before that time I was terrible at math (not to mention almost everything else in school) and I had very low self-esteem!  But I really liked the way he taught and his attitude, and after he told me how well I was doing I excelled at math ever since, it made me feel like I was worth something not only with math but life in general, it changed the way that I thought about myself and gave me a sense of worth in life.

It’s also the small negative things said or done to someone that can have a very dramatic effect upon a person.  A parent can tell their child that they are no good, they only have to say it once but the damage is done!  The child will carry that around with them for the rest of their life and it will play a role in the child’s success and failures in life, in their relationships and what they will and won’t accomplish in life.  On the other hand a parent can give their child praise for something good that they have done and it can also have an impact upon the rest of their life!

Many children experience bullying in school and some over the internet.  We have all heard about children who have committed suicide because they have been bullied, it happens everyday! 

We all can affect a person in very dramatic ways just by the simplest of things.  We can change a person’s life without even knowing it by just a smile, a hug, or a positive affirmation.  But we can also do it by an evil look or gesture, by a slap in the face, or by negative comments.  Sometimes it doesn’t take much, especially for people who are already vulnerable to such things.

Love covers a multitude of sins, and acts of righteousness sow seeds which grow into trees of life.  Love is contagious but so is evil!  And evil deeds sow seeds which grow into festering cancers which lead to destruction!

It’s up to all of us to decide which seeds we want to sow, seeds of love or seeds of evil.  We can change the path of someones life by the simplest of things whether good or evil.  You never know the impact of what you do upon someones life, you never know just what that person will become and accomplish, you never know just whose life you may be leading to God or distracting from God!

To say that our works have no impact in this world or life after is like saying that it doesn’t matter what we do or don’t do, that we can do anything in this life and there are no consequences for our actions.  But this my friends is so, so far from the truth!  The works that we do affect both this life and the life after, and the good Lord will reward us for our works whether they be good or evil.

And once we get to heaven (if we are born-again) then we shall receive rewards for our good works and the evil works shall be burned with fire!  Our eternal life will be affected by our good works or lack of.  I don’t know exactly what heaven will be like, nor do I know how it will be structured, but I do know that we all will have different levels of rewards that will last for eternity!  Heaven will not be the same for everyone, its according to the works that we do while alive on this earth, and I suppose it’s the same for hell, different levels for different people and the acts that they performed while alive on this earth.

Take the time to do good works, take the time to give a smile, a hug, or a glass of water.  Tell someone something positive about who they are, what they are doing, of how they are needed, how much you care about them, you just never know how big of an impact it may have on their life!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!