Increasing Immorality and Evil in the World!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Why is it that we see such an increase in immorality, in evil and violence these days?  And why are acts which were once deemed as immoral now deemed as good?

The answer is ultimately Satanic and demonic, yet there are means by which these changes are carried out.  Political correctness is a major player in the scheme of what is happening in the world today and is one of the ways which have altered our society by changing what is evil into good!  It is no longer considered tolerant to have an opposing view of almost anything and as such anything goes.  And if you oppose something which you regard as immoral, evil, or wicked, then you are labeled as a hater, as having some sort of phobia, and are ostracized or punished for it!

The Left is very good at imposing its will upon the people, upon society, and that is its agenda, to bring down the current government and instill a new government, a new way of life!  The Left uses “Political Correctness” as one of its main tools to bring about change, Obama did it, that was one of his main methods of manipulating people to believe that what he was pushing was the truth.  It’s a way to silence people from speaking out, to make them believe that everything is good, that there is nothing bad, that it all just depends upon what a person believes is good and what is bad!

This is how young people in our society think these days, that there is no absolute morals, no right or wrongs, but only what a person believes is right or wrong to them!  This is how they also think about God and about heaven, they believe that heaven is whatever you make it to be, that God is whomever you make Him out to be.  They say that a person will get to heaven by which ever way they want, that all ways lead to heaven!  As believers in Jesus Christ we can see the error of their ways, yet this is how they think.  They make up their own gods in their minds, and to them this is the truth.

This is the world that the Left has created, a world in which anything goes, a world in which there are no absolute morals or values, a world in which there is no good or evil, that it all just depends upon what you believe!  Don’t believe me?  Then why doesn’t the Left speak up and out against Islamic terror?  Why do they not condemn Palestinians who threaten the lives of Jews and Americans?  Where is the Left in defending the lives of a people (the Jews) who seek nothing more than to live in peace among many nations seeking their destruction?!

The Leftist agenda goes very deep, it says that a woman has the right to end the life of her unborn infant, that the mother can decide if her unborn baby is actually a life or not!  It says that any culture has the right to decide if life is valuable or not, that it’s not life that matters but what a particular culture believes about life and death.

This Leftist ideology has an agenda, and the main focus is to bring in a New World Order, to do away with our current forms of government, to bring in a new Socialistic form of government ruled by a One World Dictator, however this will be a Socialistic government on steroids!

It’s sort of funny in a very strange way that the people who support this Leftist agenda do so under the guise of wanting peace and freedom for all, a better way of life.  Yet, the very same government that they are pushing for will give them anything but peace or freedom!  It will force people into submission, it will strip them of their rights, it will take away their dignity, and it will oppress the people to depths they have never known before!

This is the deception of the Left, well spoken individuals with a message which sounds good to the ears!  They speak with a forked tongue, making their message sound so very good, so very pleasing to the palate, yet underneath is full of lies, wickedness, and deceit, it is rotten to the core!  It’s like poison dipped in chocolate, it looks and tastes sweet on the outside, but you don’t know what is on the inside until after you’ve bitten into it and then it’s too late, the poison has done its deed!

This young generation is being groomed to usher in the Antichrist, they are being setup to accept the changes that are coming our way, to act out and enforce what they believe to be the truth!  This is what is being taught in our colleges and universities, that America is bad, that the American way of life is not worth living, that we must conform to the ways of the world, and that we need a One World Government!  They are being taught that there is no God, that there is no right or wrong only what you make it, that everything is in fact right and good if it’s right and good for you!  They are taught to accept everything as right except those who say otherwise, then they are taught to violently oppose them!

Why did President Obama allow Muslims to immigrate to America but not Christians (very few at best)?  Do you believe for one minute that he expected any of them to assimilate?!  Why was he pushing for change?  Why did he want to change America in the first place, why not just make it better?  Because my friends he is a part of the Leftist agenda, the agenda to transform America not into something better but something entirely different!  Something which is not a sovereign nation, but something which is a part of a government which is much larger, part of a One World Body, headed by a One World Leader! Sounds almost like a conspiracy theory but it’s the truth!  Obama not only cowered to world leaders and the United Nations, he supported them while at the same time denigrating America.

The United States of America has never before been so divided since the Civil War as it is now!  Isn’t it funny how we have seen so many organized protests, violent protests since Obama took office?  Sure seems funny that Obama was a community organizer before taking any public office!  These world leaders know that a nation divided cannot stand, therefore the civil unrest, the increasing division, increasing violent protests!  They also know that immigrants that do not assimilate, especially Muslim immigrants, will do what they can to change things in the country to fit with their own ideologies, to fit with their own religious views, and Obama knew this!

The Leftist agenda is for open borders, for mass immigration, for giving aliens the same Constitutional rights that legal American citizens are afforded, it is a plan to bring America down to her knees, to weaken our government, to destroy our way of life!  They want bigger government, more benefits to the legal and the illegal, more freebies, more of what our nation cannot afford, more to get us trillions of dollars further into debt thereby collapsing our economy and our government!

Political correctness, the belief that there are no absolute morals and values, the push to change towards Socialism, the push towards open borders and mass immigration, giving aliens the same rights as American citizens, all are part of a grand scheme, a Satanic and demonic scheme to usher in  a One World Government, a New World Order, headed by a One World Leader, the Antichrist!

Once America is taken out-of-the-way then it will be much easier to bring in a One World Government, once America has lost its position and ability to remain a super power.  This is the agenda of the Elite, the agenda of the Left, the agenda of Satan!

These are the reasons that we see such an increase in evil and violence, the reason that we see increased immorality, it’s not happening by chance my friends, no, it’s happening by plan and its been organized from the beginning!  Its happening because we are just that much closer to the beginning of the Tribulation period!

The good news is that if we are that much closer to the Tribulation period than we are even that much closer to the rapture of the church!  Amen.

Do not be deceived, there is only one God composed of a Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, all separate and distinct yet all one God!  And there is only one way to heaven, one way to have eternal life and escape hell, that is by repenting of your sins and accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!

Accept Jesus Christ Now!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

6 thoughts on “Increasing Immorality and Evil in the World!

  1. Lord Jesus Christ is the ONLY way.

    This world are getting darker and darker. Just wait when the Tribulation is coming, it will be much darker than today.

    Yesterday I was watching local Seattle news. They talked about racial slur and attacked. They always pointing the fingers at the white people. I do know for the fact that black attack at white and Seattle news BLACKOUT. Anything about what happened to white people, media silenced. Keep in mind I was born and raised in Detroit. I was raised to taught to RESPECT the nationality, race, greed, religion, and sex. I know what was like between black and white growing up in Detroit.

    Let me ask you this question, in Chicago, there are still shooting and more dead. This is a black community. Why aren’t black people protesters about gun killing at black people? Blacks on blacks crime. Oh wait a minutes, if a white male shot a black male, the whole black community go riot. HUH? WHAT? Did you know about 3 years ago, a 3 or 4 years old black girl were shot in the face when she was in the house meanwhile driving shooting? The media silenced. I am not making this up. Where were the outrage? I personally believe it was okay for black community for black on black crimes, but not white or cop attack black. HUH?!! WHAT??? it was okay for black babies were killed by black people? It was okay young black boys were murdered by black males? See what I’m saying here? I’m begin a honest.

    My friend’s friend living in Los Angeles and he went to the comedy show and many black comedians talking about white people and racial slur about white people. White comedians were NOT allowed talking about black. HUH? I’m not making this up. I swear to God, about 11 years ago I worked out at the Gold Gym and I made a new 2 friends whom were a NFL players and they are both whites. Nice guys. They were telling me that many white men were sick and tired of hearing black players kept saying, hey niggers, what’s up? Yo niggers, what are you doing? So once time a white player said Hey niggers, the whole black players were mad at him? Reason why a white player said niggers because he was curious how those black men reacted to a white man? He asked them why are all black guys keeping say NIGGERS to each others? TRUE STORY.

    I can go on and on about race and etc. I’m sick of it. This is a 21 Century. Remember I’m from Detroit. Arab community is the largest in Dearborn Michigan. Not far away from Detroit. How come, no crime in Dearborn? No come no Arabs attack Arabs? I was told that Arab children in the public schools are/have better manner than black children. Arab children do their homework, less trouble makers, than black children. Arab students earn good grades. They graded better than African Americans. That what I was told because I have 2 cousins are school teachers and my cousin in law are the principal of junior high.

    I can’t wait for the rapture and no more race war. I want PEACE.

  2. Steve think this was fantastic reading and summed it all up, he wants me to print it off so he can show people.
    He is still sitting on the fence though!
    Pray for Him

    God Bless

  3. Thanks for your comment Jim!

    It is amazing at how unbalanced things are between the races, I mean how some get away with things as you have said and other don’t, especially white males in this country. I believe that a lot of it stems from slavery, many black people still carry it around with them, as if it just happened! Sure, we should never forget what happened, but to carry it around with us as if it just happened yesterday is absurd and crazy! To bring it up as an excuse for how a person lives their life is also crazy. We should move forward and do the best that we can, live the best that we can and not bring bigotry and hatred into the equation. But we see it everyday, just as you said in Chicago with all of the horrible black on black shootings and killings, just as we see with the “Black Lives Matter” protests and riots. Sure, black lives matter, but guess what? So do white, yellow, red, etc! Why don’t they protest and say that Lives Matter, that Life itself matters?!

    The only way any of this will ever end is when Jesus Christ comes back! Jesus came not for one race of people but for all people, black, white, yellow, and red. He came not for any specific religion but for all people in all of the world! Not only for Jews, not only for Christians, but also for the Muslims, the Hindus, etc. He came to save the world, He came as the Savior of the world, and He is the only way out of this world! No religion can save us, only Jesus Christ can do that!

    May the rapture come quickly! God bless!

  4. Thanks for your comment Christine!

    That is awesome, but it is unfortunate to hear that he is still sitting on the fence! I am still praying for you and him as well sister, you are both in my prayers.

    It makes me question why he thinks that this is fantastic reading, and does he believe that it’s true? And if he does then what makes him not believe that the Lord is coming quickly? These are all signs that the end is near, that the rapture of the church is imminent, and that the Tribulation period could start at any time! The degradation of society at large and the increased evil in the world isn’t just happening by chance, and it will continue to get much worse. Tell him to just watch the news everyday and see if this is not the truth. I didn’t make this stuff up, it is all written in scripture to happen in the end times just before the return of Jesus Christ.

    Once the rapture takes place the One who now restrains will be taken out of the way, I believe that to be the Holy Spirit filled church. After this happens it will be very, very difficult to be saved, I mean if you don’t want to accept Jesus Christ before the rapture then why would you afterwards when the whole world will be anti-Christ? It will be a very difficult time to be alive on earth, there will be famines, pestilence, and wars unlike never before! Can you imagine what the world will be like without any believers in Jesus Christ? Will there be any truth left on earth? There maybe people who lost loved ones (believers who were raptured) that finally see the error of their ways and accept Christ. There maybe small pockets of truth, maybe small pockets of faith, at least until the Lord seals the 144,000 messianic Jews. But even then the Christians at that time will undergo intense persecution.

    My prayers are with Steve for the good Lord to soften his heart, to open his eyes to the truth, to come to repentance and salvation in Jesus Christ! Amen.

    If Steve is still unsure about Christ, unsure about the times that we are living in, then ask him to pray to God for enlightenment, to pray for the truth about Jesus Christ and the times that we are living in, to ask the Lord for wisdom and understanding. I believe that the Lord will show him the truth if he knocks, if he seeks, and if he asks!

    God bless! Maranatha!

  5. No one understands what is really going on. Read your bible and seek the understanding of the birth of esau and Jacob, pray to the The Most High Father in Heaven for the understanding and wisdom that you may comprehend the truth and understand were we are now in life and that which is going on in are life. Every man, woman and child in this world is a Hebrew. Please understand what you are reading and that which the The Most High Father wants you to comprehend that which has been set before you in prophecy. Read it and start to live the truth because there is only one people that The Most High Father in Heaven knows personally and they are called The Chosen Ones, Not the jews that are presently in Israel. We are living in Jacobs trouble right now.

  6. Thanks for your comment Harold Holland!

    I disagree that every man, woman, and child are Hebrews. The Jews are God’s chosen people, God made an everlasting covenant with them, yet if we are born-again then we are grafted into the Jewish lineage, those who believe in and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior are the Elect. God chose the Jews to bring forth the Messiah and to spread the gospel throughout the world. God has chosen the Jews to be a nation walking with Him, to know Him, and to spread the knowledge of God throughout the world, to be a blessing to the world in many ways, yet God also tells us that His elect are a chosen race, a holy nation (1 Peter 2:9), so is this a contradiction of scripture? No. God can choose anyone that He wants for any purpose that He chooses, and just because He chose the Jews to be His people, has made an everlasting covenant with them, has given them a special piece of land, with a city (Jerusalem) which is holy to Him, does not mean that He cannot also choose believers in Jesus Christ to also be a chosen people as well. God has a special place in His heart for the Jews and a special place in His heart for the saved. Our thoughts are not His thoughts and our ways are not His ways, His are much higher than ours!

    We have to step back and look at scripture from a heavenly perspective, and at many times God uses things to shadow things to come! I believe that God has used the nation of Israel as a shadow of His holy nation of believers in Christ. Does this mean that all Jews are born-again? No, of course not. Yet they are both chosen by God to be a special people, to be His people! The old testament is the history of the Jews as an example of how God draws people to Himself, how He loves them, how He blesses them, protects them, disciplines them, and how He saves them. It explains to us who, where, when, why, and how. It shows us that if we place our faith and trust in the Messiah then we shall overcome, then we will be saved. Most of the Jews denied Christ as the Messiah, and this is one of the main reasons for the Time of Jacob’s (Israel’s) Trouble.

    And this is what the Time of Jacob’s Trouble is about, bringing the Jews back into reconciliation with God, but it is also about giving the world a last chance to repent while at the same time being warned and punished for their rebellion against God. And in the end there will be a reconciliation, a remnant of Jews who see the error of their ways, who repent and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! I believe that just as the Jews were sent out to spread the gospel two thousand years ago, God will choose and seal 144,000 Jews from the twelve tribes of Israel to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ during the Tribulation period.

    I also disagree that we are now living in the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, that time will not begin until the Tribulation period starts which hasn’t happened yet, if it did then we would already be under the rule of the Antichrist! As far as I know the Antichrist is not ruling most of the world yet.

    God bless!

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