Trump urges tough action against ‘crazy animals’ after London attack

In this frame grab provided by UK Newsflare, emergency services attend the wounded after a car crashed into security barriers outside the Houses of Parliament in London, August 14, 2018. (UK Newsflare via AP)

In this frame grab provided by UK Newsflare, emergency services attend the wounded after a car crashed into security barriers outside the Houses of Parliament in London, August 14, 2018. (UK Newsflare via AP)

Theresa May says her ‘thoughts are with those injured’ in car-ramming being treated by authorities as case of terror

(SOURCE)   US President Donald Trump commented Tuesday on a suspected terror attack in London, urging tough action against the “crazy animals responsible.

A motorist in his 20s slammed into pedestrians and cyclists near Britain’s Houses of Parliament, and was arrested on suspicion of terrorist offenses after the silver Ford Fiesta he was driving hit rush-hour commuters before slamming into a barrier.

“Another terrorist attack in London,” Trump responded on Twitter. “These animals are crazy and must be dealt with through toughness and strength!”

British Prime Minister Theresa May, currently on holiday in Switzerland, tweeted that her “thoughts are with those injured in the incident in Westminster.”

US President Donald Trump during a campaign rally at Florida State Fairgrounds Expo Hall, July 31, 2018, in Tampa, Florida. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Government officials were to hold a meeting of the COBRA emergency committee at 2:00 p.m. (local time).

“At this stage, we are treating this as a terrorist incident,” Scotland Yard said after the attack, adding that none of the injuries were believed to be life-threatening.

Armed police cordoned off streets surrounding the heart of Britain’s government. Police appealed to the public to stay away, and the Westminster subway station was closed.

Later images showed police holding the driver, dressed in jeans and a black puffer jacket, in handcuffs as roads around parliament were sealed off.

“The driver of the car, a man in his late 20s… was arrested on suspicion of terrorist offenses,” said police.

“There was nobody else in the vehicle, which remains at the scene and is being searched. No weapons have been recovered at this stage.”

Police have yet to identify the suspect, who was not cooperating with detectives, according to Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu.

Government officials will hold a meeting of the emergency Cobra committee at 2.00 pm.

‘Looked intentional’

Witness Ewalina Ochab told the Press Association that the incident “looked intentional.”

“I was walking on the other side. I heard some noise and someone screamed,” she said. “I turned around and I saw a silver car driving very fast close to the railings, maybe even on the pavement. I think it looked intentional — the car drove at speed and towards the barriers.”

Jason Williams also saw a car moving at high speed.

“It looked deliberate. It didn’t look like an accident,” he said. “How do you do that by accident? It was a loud bang.”

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said “all Londoners, like me, utterly condemn all acts of terrorism on our city.

“The response of Londoners today shows that we will never be cowed, intimidated or divided by any terrorist attack,” he said.

The incident heightened tensions in a city that has seen four vehicle-based terror attacks in less than 18 months.

A police woman patrols on Westminster Bridge after a car crashed into security barriers outside the Houses of Parliament, in London, August 14, 2018. (Stefan Rousseau/PA via AP)

Westminster was the scene of a terror attack last year, when Khalid Masood, a 52-year-old British convert to Islam, drove a car at pedestrians on a bridge over the River Thames, before fatally stabbing a policeman on guard outside parliament. The attack left five people dead and around 50 injured, and only ended when police shot Masood dead.

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  1. Very very strange about European Leaders because back in World War 2 Europeans were suffering and many were killed. It was horror. Many Europeans never wanted go though this again. So nowadays those idiots European leaders letting all migrants and Muslim destroying Europe and rape, murder, rob, etc at everywhere at Europe. I read that Sweden government banned the media about Muslim raped many Swedish women. WTF? Same with Germany and few others. I don’t get it. England, you kidding me? Why aren’t Royal Family speak up about the Muslim? oh wait, Royal Family are in bed with the One World Government. I researched and many conspiracy theories believe, I’m mean strongly believe that Queen Elizebeth are not really human. She is part of lizard or something. There are many odd stories about Royal Family. I don’t trust Prince Charles, Harry, and William. They are very sinister. No question, Princess Diana were murdered. Who did it? who knows, possible Royal family. Sad.

    I was told that Donald Trump can’t fired Attorney General, Jeff Session because if he did, then US government will impeach Donald Trump. Are you kidding me? This government are so dirtiest corruption. Jeff Session have not arrested Hillary Clinton. I do know that Jeff knew the dark secret of Hillary Clinton and Obama. Give us a break.

    Good guys vs bad guys. I was hoping George Soros were arrested or killed. He’s so evil man. Why can’t good guys get rid of George Soros?!!

  2. Thanks for your comment Jim!

    Like I said before, there is a lot going on under the covers so to speak that we don’t know about. Spiritual darkness has placed a veil over many individuals that are under Satanic control, in a sense protecting them from good, isn’t that ironic?! More like shielding them from good, keeping them in dark places, keeping them in high places of the world scene. It’s all part of Satan’s grand scheme to control the world, and we should not be taken back or shocked by it for we were told that it would happen and it is.

    Like you said, the Europeans were severely burned by Hitler’s regime, you would think that they would have learned a lesson, but here they are now playing with fire! It’s all demonic, it’s all a spiritual battle between good and evil, spirits in high places, principalities, powers, and spiritual forces of darkness against the forces of God Almighty, against humanity itself!

    Nothing makes any sense anymore, people are doing things which should go against their better judgment, but they do them anyway! People are not in their right mind, they have been given over to the evil one, they follow spirits which are demonic. This is the battle that we face, the battle that we are in, a battle leading to the battle of all battles, Armageddon!

    May the return of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His bride come quickly my friend! Amen.

    God bless! Maranatha!

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