Rising Tide of Antisemitism and Islam in the World today!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

There is a rising tide of antisemitism in the world today, not only in the Middle East but all across the globe.  This antisemitism is led by evil spirits, by antichrist spirits, spirits which are in direct opposition to God, to His people, to His children, to all of His ways.

Isn’t it funny how the so-called Palestinians say that they want peace in the Middle East, peace with Israel?  Yet all we see from them is more hatred, more evil and wickedness, more violence, killing, and destruction!  If they truly want peace then why are they so intent on all of these diabolical plans to annihilate the Jews and the State of Israel?

The truth is that peace to the Palestinians does not mean the same thing as it does to most of us.  Peace to them means having their way entirely, it does not mean getting along in harmony with the Jews, but exterminating the Jews!  They believe that if they kill all of the Jews then they will have peace, but little do they know just how wrong they really are!  So yes, in their own interpretation of “peace”, they do want peace, just not the way most of the world views “peace”.  And if they were able to annihilate all of the Jews they would find that they do not have peace, because they are following evil spirits who are out for destruction, they are anything but peaceful!

Doesn’t anyone else find it very odd that the ways of Islam are the exact same ways of Satan and his demons?!  They are both promoting hatred, evil, violence, and destruction.  They both are committed to annihilating the Jews and Christians for that matter.  They are antichrist in all of their ways.  They lie for their cause in an effort to promote their cause.  They twist the truth to deceive the masses.  They often come dressed as angels of light yet are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing!

Wait, you might be thinking, I know plenty of Muslims who are peaceful, they don’t promote hatred and violence against anyone!  Well, if you are honest with yourself then you would have to admit that the Quran and the Hadith teach Muslims to hate the Jews and the Christians, to fight a Jihad against them in the name of Allah.  It teaches them to lie for the cause of Allah.  It teaches them to beat and mistreat their women, to treat them as a sub-species.  It teaches pedophilia, Muhammad himself married a six-year-old girl!  If you don’t believe me about these things being in the Quran or the Hadith then look them up for yourself, they are easily found online.  If this is a religion of peace then I wouldn’t want to know what they think evil and hatred is!!!

The followers of Islam say that they want to create a Caliphate, an Islamic State, however, they don’t just mean in the Middle East, but the entire world!  Yes, they plan to take over the entire world and institute Sharia Law, laws written in the Quran, the same laws which tell them to kill infidels, to torture, rape, plunder, pillage, ect.  Is this the kind of “peace” that you want in the world?!  And if you are of the Left wing persuasion, then I must ask you just how are these things tolerant?  Christianity is not tolerant of many things in this world, but we are also not out to kill and torture people, but to love them and show them a better way, to show them the truth, the only way to heaven, not through force and brutality, but through the love of God!

If you are not yet a believer in Jesus Christ then know this, that this evil in the world will continue to grow until the second coming of Jesus Christ.  Things in this world will get worse, exponentially!  You may only have one chance to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, do it now!

Accept Jesus Christ now!

God bless my friends!  Marantha!


3 thoughts on “Rising Tide of Antisemitism and Islam in the World today!

  1. They are not a peace religion, PERIOD!!!! They were taught to hate the Jews and anybody who are not Muslim. I believe Muslim’s religion are Satan’s tools because Satan and demons hate the Jews and Christians. Did you know that South Korea REFUSED to let Muslim to live in South Korea? The mainstream media blackout. You don’t hear and see Muslim living in China, HELLO? China government don’t put up with Muslim problem. Japan also refused to let Muslim come in Japan. Japanese are not stupid. To tell you the truth, EU leaders are making sick. They allowed Muslim destroying at Europe. United Nations knew the truth and they don’t care. The mainstream blackout. Facebook are awful. I closed my account with Facebook in 2010. I’m glad I did. In Michigan, Dearborn is the highest NO#1 of Arab community in the USA. Many Arabs neighborhood refused to hang the American flag on theirs front porch.

    • Thanks for your comment Jim!

      This is where Satan uses deception and clever schemes to overtake the world. Satan often comes dressed as an angel of light, yet underneath is a ravenous wolf! However, at other times he is in your face wicked and evil, isn’t this also so with Islam?! They pretend to be peace loving, yet from the other side of their mouths they spew hatred and wickedness. Why is it that so many people cannot see this? To me it is very obvious and clear, and their message is just as clear and simple, “We are here to take over the world by any and all means possible, and if you don’t like it or if you rebel against it then you will be eliminated or forced into submission!” How peaceful is that?!!!

      Apparently there are some nations who can see through their masquerade, and political correctness has not tarnished them to the point of accepting anything that anyone says to be the truth. Yet, there are so many people living in the world today that just cannot let go of political correctness, to the point of their own destruction and demise!

      God bless! Maranatha!

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