I Sense Angelic Beings, Forces of Good and Evil!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

As I sit here writing this post I sense darkness, I am feeling like I am under attack by dark spirits, by evil beings.  I am not kidding my friends, I feel a very dark cloud surrounding me, as if I am being enveloped by forces which seek my demise, which seek my destruction, which seek to undermine the things I do for the Lord, to destroy my relationship with God Almighty!

I feel them, I sense them, yet I know in my heart, my mind, and in my spirit that they have no authority over me, that I am a child of the God of the universe, that I am under the supernatural protection of the blood of Jesus Christ!  I know that I am sealed by the Holy Spirit, that I am property of Jesus Christ, that the power of God works both in me and through me.  Therefore I have no fear, I do not worry if they can or will harm me.  But I do know that they will attempt to disrupt my life, that they will and are attempting to bring me down.

It’s not I who has this power of my own strength, but God who has given to me His power, the power to overcome, the power to withstand, the power to perform His will even in the face of adversity!

These spirits are real, they are there, their presence is real, even more real than what I can see with my eyes or hear with my ears.  They are real, they are evil, and they are demonic!  They are demonic, fallen angels, followers of Satan himself.  They have power to do things which are pure evil, however they only have limited power against believers in Jesus Christ, they cannot harm us if God does not allow them to.

On the other hand my friends there are also good spirits in this world, there are good spirits surrounding me as well, and they are fighting against the evil spirits on my behalf.  These good spirits are also angelic beings, they are created by God, and their purpose has many avenues.  One of their purposes is to protect us as children of God, they also minister to us, help us in need, and provide things that God wants to give us.  They lead us in the right direction, and they warn us of impending dangers.  Theirs is not to cause us harm but to do us good, to assist us in God’s will.

I know for a fact that angels exist, I have had personal experience with them.  A few years ago I was in a really bad car accident.  I was traveling down the freeway going about 35 miles per hour with the flow of traffic, then suddenly I was hit by something very, very hard, it was as if a huge explosion went off under my vehicle.  I was jolted severely back and forth in my seat while items in the vehicle went flying through the air in the cab.  It all happened so fast yet it also happened in slow motion, very difficult to explain, but it all seemed surreal.  My vehicle came to a quick stop then jeered violently to the left.  I didn’t know what hit me, but it felt like it was a large semi-truck, an eighteen wheeler, that’s how hard the impact was!  After a minute I got out of my vehicle and looked back and to the side and I saw a mangled pile of sheet metal, this must have been the car that hit me.  All of the sudden a man about my height, 5′ 7″ came out from nowhere, I saw no other vehicle around, at least not parked, and this was on a very large freeway.  He asked me if I was ok, I told him I think so.  Then he told me that he saw the guy who hit me and he was driving about 90 miles per hour a mile or two back.  When I looked over at the car that hit me then back again at this strange man he was gone, no sign of a car, no sign of him!  He just seemed to vanish.  I was ok except for some back strain and pain, the guy that hit me was ok also except for a minor cut on his arm, and believe me when I say that this guy should not have survived the crash, at least not without major injuries!  I couldn’t even tell that his car was a car or what make it was, that’s how bad it was damaged.  I believe with all of my heart that this man who appeared out of nowhere was an angel!  I believe that he protected us both from major harm.  What other purpose was he there, and why did the accident happen?  I don’t know any other purpose.  I’m not quite sure why the accident happened other than for me to trust in the Lord, to know that He is protecting me and looking out for my well-being.

I have also had the experience of being in the close presence of demonic spirits possessing someone, someone very close to me.  I was very young when this happened, still a teenager, but I was a new believer in Christ.  This was a very dark experience, it was very frightening, very, very real, and very dramatic!  I held this person in my arms and prayed in the name of Jesus over this person for hours, until finally the spirit left, at least I think it did.  I don’t know if it was just one evil spirit or many.  I believe that it or they left the person, but they may have just quieted down.  To this very day this person has an antichrist spirit and is influenced by evil things in this world, in the spiritual world.

Angels are real, they really exist, and they are here now!  There are both good angels and bad angels, just as there is good and bad in the world.  We must not be overwhelmed by the evil in the world, but focus on the good, we must set our sights on heaven and the things above, on God, and on his angels who are here to help us and protect us.  We are not to worship the angels, but we should acknowledge them, we should thank them for helping us, and we should be grateful to them.

God uses good angels to help perform His will, He uses them to help protect us, to minister to us, to fight our battles.  Sensing evil spirits can be a scary thing, it doesn’t feel good, and it can be overwhelming if we let it.  But we must remember who we are, we are children of the Most High God of the universe!  We are His possessions, we belong to Him, and He will lose none of us! 

I’m not entirely sure why I sense such evil?  I am not quite sure at this time if it has a significant meaning?  But I do know it’s there and I don’t really like it.  However, I also know that the angels of God’s army are standing by to help me and protect me.  And if I need them at any time they will be at my side in a moments notice, all I have to do is ask!

I do know that things in this world are becoming more evil and wicked, that these demonic angels are out in full force right at this very moment!  I know that these things will intensify as time goes on, that the closer we get to the return of Jesus Christ the world will become more wicked and evil.

You may be experiencing similar things in your life, perhaps you also can feel the evil in the air, can sense the presence of evil spirits.  If you are a believer in Jesus Christ then you don’t have to worry, just ask the good Lord to send His mighty angels to help and protect you and He will!

May the good Lord send His mighty angels to help and protect all of His children.  In Jesus name I pray.  Amen.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

9 thoughts on “I Sense Angelic Beings, Forces of Good and Evil!

  1. When reading emails about Isreal there are black squares that keep moving around on the screen to be a distraction.

  2. Hi Gordon, I am praying for you , I too have come under spiritual attack this week after helping to expose an evil worker masquerading as a servant of God! I came under attack of evil workers using black magic spells. I was shown in a dream what was happening and I was able to pray through in spiritual warfare and next day the person that was being used as a puppet for the evil forces to attack me changed and was back in their right mind and the evil cold atmosphere that was surrounding me lifted. The Lord can make even our enemies to be at peace with us that love Him! During this attack I had a very comforting promise to stand on and it was-
    Jeremiah 15:21 And I will deliver thee out of the hand of the wicked, and I will redeem thee out of the hand of the terrible. This verse was actually given to me when I prayed after receiving the warning in the dream as English Standard Version:- I will deliver you out of the hand of the wicked, and redeem you from the grasp of the ruthless.”

    He trains us in the battle so weald the sword Gordon and stand on His promises !

    God bless you brother!

  3. Your article was very interesting. I truly believe you are under attack because Satan and demons hating you to writing Bible Prophecy website daily. I have prayed for you. You will be okay. I also feel bad spirit attacked me too as well. I just pray and be a WARRIOR. Only thru Jesus, I’m a Warrior, without God/Jesus, I’m nothing. I always looking forward reading your website. Keep up with good work brother. By the way, YES I believe you were watched by an angel when you had car accident. No question!!!! God loves you!

  4. Thanks for your comment Anonymous!

    That sounds strange, but I have had my computer freeze up and not work properly, also had it stop me from posting several times. The enemy will do everything in their power to stop us from the truth.

    God bless! Maranatha!

  5. Thank you Christine!

    I appreciate that! I am praying for you also sister. I was wondering if other believers are feeling the same sort of thing? Fortunately I am strong in my faith, I know what I must do and I know where to go for help. However, there are believers in Christ who are still yet babes and they are most vulnerable to such attacks. We must pray for them and we must pray for the body of Christ as one body. We all need prayers and all prayers are very much appreciated.

    God bless! Maranatha!

  6. Thanks for your comment Jim!

    I appreciate that brother! I know that the more we do for the Lord the more we will be under attack by the enemy. I also know that none of us are immune from attack or for that matter from falling. We must stay strong in the Lord, not of our own strength but of His.

    God bless! Maranatha!

  7. To tell you the truth, I had an experienced of supernatural when I was a little boy. I was very scared. I knew then that there are Good and Evil forces. I became a Christian when I was 11 or 12. I personally believe when a Christian have fruit spirit, he/she would know this person is evil. Hard to explain. When I met or talk with people. sometime my vibe would tells me this person is good or bad or fairly. Honestly, when I talk with non believers, they are okay but sadly they don’t know the Lord and when I talk with believers, they acted like they are better than others and they don’t wanted to hear about End times and etc. I know you get the picture. It is easily to making friend with non believers than believers, why is that? very strange. I know I have to be careful with non believers. I’m very careful how I bringing up the subject of the conversation with the non believers. I guess it depend where you live. Like I’ve told you before I live in Seattle which is suck. I missed Midwest, Michigan. I told my wife that I never felt a home in Seattle. I misses my hometown, suburban Detroit.

  8. Thanks for your comment Jim!

    I know what you mean about non believers and believers, I go through the same sort of thing with them. Most that I know don’t want to talk about the end times or bible prophecy, yet there are a few that do. However, like I said, I don’t really think that most of them really get it, they don’t really believe it as much as I do, or so it seems. And after we talk about it I sort of feel like they think that I am a little nuts or something, and I don’t really even get into it very deep only surface stuff. If they knew how strongly that I feel about these things then they would really think that I am off my rocker! I try to tell them, but they don’t seem interested enough to keep going, they change the subject.

    I am sorry that you don’t feel at home where you live. I understand your frustration. I know what Seattle is like, I don’t really like it myself, rarely do I ever have to go to Seattle, if I do then it’s usually a trip to the airport. I don’t like big cities, I live in a rural area which I like. I have made it my home and I am getting to old now to try and relocate. If I did move then it would probably be even more rural then where I live now. Unfortunately there are still more liberals here than there are conservatives, you know how that goes.

    Take care Jim, God bless! Maranatha!

  9. I want to move to a nice small town and keep in low profile, know I’m saying? I saw a photo of white Church in the small town, it gives me a peace of mind. I want mostly True Americans as neighbors in small town.

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