Increased Knowledge and Technological Advances a Sign of the End Times!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

In the last days knowledge shall increase.

Daniel 12-4

But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.

These are the days that we are living in, the time of the end, many run to and fro across the globe, they travel from here to there without really even thinking about it, but many also run to and fro in their actions, saying one thing and doing another, believing in one thing than believing in another, not ever making a real commitment to what they believe in, never able to make a lasting choice.

Knowledge in these end times has also increased at an astronomical pace, computers give us instant access to knowledge in mere seconds, and the power of computers is also increasing rapidly, making access to information much more widespread and easily collected.

Knowledge is increasing, which also means that knowledge being collected about individuals is also increasing!

Technological advances mean better, faster, and able, able to do things that we never even thought about just a few years ago.  This technology can be used for good, but there are always those who use it for evil.  Over the past decade we have seen these advances being used to collect data on individuals by government but also by private companies, and this is a scary thing my friends!

You can hardly walk anywhere in society without being photographed, video taped, or recorded audibly.  Cameras and recorders are everywhere, and you should expect them to be.

Almost everyone has a cell phone, and most of these are smart phones, all have computer chips in them, all have GPS in them.  We are being tracked, everywhere we go, every thing that we say, and even everything that we text!

Computers can be our friend, but they can also be our enemy.  Every website we visit is recorded and documented, every product that we buy or even browse is recorded.  Everything that we say or do online is recorded and kept hidden away in some secret file.

Appliances in our home are not what they used to be, most are also equipped with small computers or microchips.  Some are even equipped with microphones and cameras, such as televisions and refrigerators.  Who would have ever thought that our appliances could be spying on us!

They also have access to store purchases used with credit or debit cards, every purchase, every location.  All stored away for some possible future use.

Most new automobiles are equipped with several computers, computers which can monitor where we go, where we have been, and quite possibly what we do and what we say.

Satellites can see us from tens of thousands of miles in space, they can see what we do, who we are with, where we go, and quite possibly hear what we say.

But that’s not all!  Now we have people buying devices which can spy on them.  These devices are called smart home devices, Amazon has the Echo, and Google the Google Home, but there are many others available.  These devices are supposedly made to help us by just asking them, however, they have the capability of recording us and transferring that information, information which will be collected and stored away!

Another device which most people don’t really thing about yet is the microchip implant which is already being used in people around the world!  This implant has the capability of storing masses of information, information which can be accessed by computers, by being scanned, even if the scanners are not close to us.  They can also have the capability of GPS, meaning that we can be tracked anywhere we are, anywhere we go, anywhere we have been!  And many believe that these microchips will be implanted in the right hand as the Mark of the Beast, they certainly could be, or at the very least are a precursor to it!

I am sure that most of us have heard about the scandal with Facebook, the collection of personal information from millions of people used by a private analytical firm.  Just where did all of that information go, and just what are they using it for?!  Why isn’t this information kept private, and where else is it going?

Private companies are using our personal information daily, but it’s not only the private companies collecting this data, our own government is doing the same!  The NSA Utah Data Center is the largest spy center in the United States, and probably in the world.  It collects and stores data of all kinds, including personal information of each citizen in America, but personally I believe they collect data from more than just American citizens.  They collect data from phone calls, texts, emails, computer posts, etc.

So in a nut shell information and knowledge has increased exponentially in these end times!  This is a sign of the times my friends, there is no denying it. 

With all of this spying on us just what does it really mean for us?  Well, first of all there goes along with this spying censorship, censorship of what we say on-line, what we post on-line, what we believe on-line.  Companies such as Facebook has already been known to censor people who post things that they do not agree with, the same goes with YouTube.  But it doesn’t stop there, this data collection will be used against us at some point in time, whether it be now or after the Tribulation period begins.  Personally I believe that it will occur before that time, and I believe that it has already begun.

We as believers in Jesus Christ will and are being censored, what we say, what we think, and even what we do, but it will get much worse, mark my words!  This data will also be used in order to find out who is against evil and wicked agendas in the world, those who oppose such laws and institutions deemed as good by the world yet are evil and wicked in God’s eyes.  They will use this information to weed us out, to mark us, to ostracize us, and even to incarcerate us.  They will use it to persecute us!

So just how bad will it get before we are raptured?  I don’t know, no one does.  But it has already begun, it is happening now, and it is on the rise.

Our personal information may not seem like much to most people, they may think that they have nothing to hide so why worry about it.  However, when things get really dark in this world then it will all change, and this data collection will be used against us.  And when the Tribulation period begins the Antichrist will be very interested in all of this data!  And if you are one who is raptured then you may not worry about it, but they could also use it against family and friends who are not saved.

Be very careful about what you say, what you do, and what you share.  Everything that you do and say will be monitored, collected, and stored for future use.  However, with that being said, do not be afraid to share the truth of God, to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, do not fear telling the truth.

The world hated Jesus Christ, and as followers of Christ it will also hate us!  It persecuted Christ and it will persecute us also. 

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


8 thoughts on “Increased Knowledge and Technological Advances a Sign of the End Times!

  1. I think we are already on their radar Gordon, especially when we spend most of our time online on Christian sites and receiving information to our in box concerning such things that are pertinent to end times. I am trusting in The Lord and that’s the only place to be.
    An E. M. P. strike will wipe out any data they have stored anywhere and our God can and will hide us if necessary or He will allow persecution to come against us. He will have that we are prepared in our hearts and He will be with us and He will give us the words to speak , He tells us we are not to worry about what we might say when we are dragged before authorities. We need to have our hearts prepared in full surrender to any eventuality that The Lord allows, then whatever we face we will not deny His name and our faith will not fail. We can’t trust in our self being courageous like Peter did and went on the deny The Lord 3 times, this is an example for us, if we trust in our own bravado or ability we will likely deny Him too. Only The Lord will be able to keep us in the perilous times ahead.
    We will be out of here if the rapture happens soon but we must all must be prepared to stand or to fly because we just don’t know the day or the hour although we do clearly see all the signs escalating pointing to His imminent return for His own .

    God bless you brother, I am keeping you in my prayers

    • Thanks for your comment Christine!

      They know who we are, they have us marked as fundamentalist wackos, they are watching I know this. As you have stated, we are not to fear but to have faith that the Lord is with us and will see us through to the end. We will endure persecution, but He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world, our destiny has already been established and our home is not of this world but in heaven with God! Amen.

      God bless sister, you are also in my prayers! Maranatha!

  2. Did you hear about India government mandatory face, eyes and fingerprint scanning? I think they are required to buy food, schools, bank accounts, and cellphone with face, eyes, and fingerprint scanning. I’m not joking with you. Many Indians are outrage. No privacy.

    • Thanks for your comment Jim!

      I have not heard about this however it doesn’t surprise me in the least, it is very interesting though! Isn’t it strange how things which will happen during the Tribulation period with the Antichrist are beginning to happen now? They are not happening on such a grand scale, but it is as if we are in a rehearsal for a play, these things are being tested by Satan before the main event begins!

      God bless! Maranatha!

  3. Most of what you read is a good thing, and most will see it that way. We though who are born again, love God, and read our Bible (KJV) know that it will end up a very bad thing. That it is a sign of the end and the return of our Saviour Jehovah Jesus (Daniel 12:4)

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