The Feeling of Isolation in the Church!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Why is it that so many Christians do not want to hear about the end times?  Why don’t they read and study bible prophecy?  Why do they not seem very concerned about the things of God?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know of many believers personally who get excited about bible prophecy coming to pass in our current time.  If you try to talk with them about it they look at you as if you had a giant purple pimple sticking out of the end of your nose!  Many just think that you are way over the top, that you have crossed some sort of line, that you have gone overboard!

But this is only the half of it my friends, for the church itself is full of believers with the same view, I am speaking about churches.  The last church that I attended for several years stayed away, for the most part, from teaching bible prophecy.  Several members of the church kept pushing the pastor to teach from the book of Revelation, and the pastor finally gave in.  However, it was if he was just tip toeing through the tulips so to speak, and it wasn’t what I would have expected, or at least not what I wanted to hear.  He and other pastors preached from the book of Revelation but passed over many parts and did not really tell it like it is.  I’m not really sure why, but I am guessing for one that they didn’t feel comfortable with it, two, they didn’t really understand it, and three, perhaps they were afraid of scaring people off.  Actually, this is one of the reasons that I left that church, I just didn’t feel as though I belonged there, it made me feel isolated, like I was different then they were even though we are all of the same body of Christ.  I don’t think that they scared anyone off except those yearning and eager to hear more of bible prophecy!

I feel as though the majority of believers don’t study bible prophecy, that they would rather just avoid it completely, and they seem content with that.  I on the other hand believe that all Christians should not only read bible prophecy, but that we should know it and understand it to the best of our ability!  None of us are perfect, and none of us will completely understand all of bible prophecy, but the good Lord gave it to us for a reason, if not then He wouldn’t have even told us about it!

We need to know what is happening in the world around us, and we need to be able to compare it to the word of God, to bible prophecy.  We are not to be ignorant of the times or of scripture.  God gave us what we need and we need to use it!

I see bible prophecy coming to pass right before my very eyes!  I can read about it in scripture and then see it happening on the television and on the internet.  I have no fear of what is happening in the world because I know where it is leading, because I know who is coming soon and what will happen in the future!

Are we as believers in Jesus Christ not to have a heart for God?  Are we not to be zealous for God?  And if we are then shouldn’t we also be reading and studying the entire word of God even if we don’t completely like it or understand it?  I have been called a zealot, and its true, I am!

I know of people who say that they are Christians, yet they don’t really act like it, or they don’t really seem to love God that much.  They do seem to really love this world and the things of the world!

I believe that there is a great division in the church between those who love the world and those that really love God!  And is this not what Jesus warned the church about it Revelation chapter 2?  The church of Ephesus lost its first love, the love of God!  He threatened to remove their lampstand.  There are those who would rather carry on with their worldly lives, then there are those who would rather see the rapture of the church happen today than tomorrow! 

I don’t know about you but I feel a bit isolated from the church, I feel as though I am different from most of the church, at least from most of the church that I have been around and known, from most other believers that I have known.  It’s a sad thing, but I believe that it is also a sign of the times that we are now living in.

When I do meet with other believers who feel the same way that I do, and they are few and far between, then I get a feeling of great joy and happiness in my heart!  It makes me feel as though I have been reunited with a lost loved one for many years.  And if I didn’t have fellowship with many believers with the same mindset about God and bible prophecy on this website then I would know even less!  Just know that if you fellowship on this site and are of the same mindset that I am then you are not alone in this!  While I do not believe that there is a majority of Christians like us there is a very large number of us out there.

Isolation, it’s not what God wants for us.  He wants us to share with each other, to commune with each other, to pray together, to be of one mind.  And even though we may not have a physical church to go to we can still fellowship right here on-line!  Who is to say that church cannot be through the internet?  If we are here together, in the spirit, of one mind and one body, believing in the power of God, praying in the spirit, then we are in church!

This world is physical, composed of physical things, however, we are much more than that, we are of the spirit, and the spirit has no limits or bounds from the clutches of time or distance!  Let us pray together in the name of the Lord, let us agree together in the name of Jesus Christ, let us study God’s word together, as one body, one mind, one spirit!  We are in church!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


16 thoughts on “The Feeling of Isolation in the Church!

  1. Dear Gordon, you know already that I agree with what you have written here as I have been a long time outside the walls of churchianity but I know I am a part of the True Church the one Jesus is building made up of living building stones. I do have fellowship on the internet with others many who are also are outside the walls, so to speak but who knows how long it will be possible to fellowship in this way so we must make the most of it and find others to share with. Some have blogs and some produce You tube video’s too but there are only a few as you say that I recognise as being a true brother or sister. I know it will be the false church that will persecute the true and then perhaps they will realise after the Rapture and hopefully repent. I long for Jesus coming and yes today would be good! One of the Brothers I subscribe to is CHIP BROGDEN he is an author, teacher, and former pastor who shares “real, simple, truth” about a Christ-centered faith that is based on relationship, not religion. You too can subscribe to his ‘Infinite Supply’ website for devotionals and find good fellowship there too, he also does some podcasts and live webinars , I think like me you will be blessed. I think it seems to be about quality not quantity of fellowship in these times.
    Thank you for your faithfulness in posting articles as The Lord leads you, this has been such a means of blessing and edification to me during my time of relative isolation from church communities, you are my brother!

    God bless you!

  2. I live in Seattle, WA and I hate it because there are too many people are liberal and not much seeing many Christians interested in Bible prophecy and end times and too much of rain. I’ve learned that Northwest Pacific are one of the lowest Church attend in the nation. Keep in mind I was born and raised in Michigan. I like Michigan better than Washington state because Michigan don’t have lots of rain and With Michigan more family outgoing and good Italian foods (I’m Sicilian). I missed Midwest very much. Seattle is a very, very expensive place to live. Seattle people are very isolation, my neighborhood are very strange because they don’t wanted to get one know each other. I’m very people person and I like to waiving and smile and say hey, beautiful day, isn’t it? They nodded and walked away. Seattle people are so different. I can’t explain. My girlfriend and I are having a hard time finding a right church. Most pastors in Seattle do NOT talking about end times and rapture, I am not kidding you. We used to go to the church in the 90’s. Things have changed after 911. I have Christian friends in Seattle, but, but, they don’t wanted to hearing about end times and prophecy. When I visited my home town in Michigan, they listened to me about end times. Unreal. To the readers, I’m sorry if I offended you about Seattle. At least I was telling the truth.

  3. Thanks for sharing Christine!

    God is good and He shall supply all of our needs. Amen. Take care sister, I am praying for you and your loved ones. Jesus is coming for us soon!

    God bless! Maranatha!

  4. Thanks for sharing Jim!

    I know exactly what you mean brother. I also live in Washington state, unfortunately not too close to Seattle. This state is full of progressives everywhere you turn. Seattle is very expensive and very liberal! Just like you I cannot find a church which teaches all of scripture or the end times. Neither do they speak up about political issues. I live in a rural area close to some small towns but not a lot to choose from regarding churches.

    At least we are able to communicate over the internet! Perhaps this is a wake up call to start some end time prophetic churches, we really need them. If they were started I bet they would fill up quickly!

    The way I see it church is where two or more believers are gathered in Christ’s name, just as we are here on the Internet. Even though we are not gathered together physically we are spiritually!

    God bless Jim! Maranatha!

  5. Hi Gordon,
    Keep up your writing!
    I’ve followed you ever since I found you on-line a few years ago. I particularly liked your lengthy article on Revelation !
    I don’t think i responded to your blogs before, even though sometimes i felt like it, but didn’t, but this one is motivating me to respond.
    I’m originally from Austria, in the EU who left because after the war did not see much future there , being displaced after WW2 to come to the US. I did not like the roman pagan religion with an antichrist pope. Everyone had to pay church taxes! My whole family cam e to the US, I was 18 then. We came to NY, Queens by boat and it was quite a trip by boat, the Arosa Sky and hit storm and almost capsized, because the boat sat to high out of the water; it was it’s maiden voyage, received by two fire boats as we were escorted around New York city for a few hrs. After 7 years there I married a German lady from Bremer Haven in N Germany and packed my ’57 Chevy and drove to CA. We drove S on the ‘5″ freeway which ended in Santa Ana, which is near the beach. It was very lovely, layed back, but very smoggy in summer. I had a few kids, but when i retired at 65, but I couldn’t take the traffic and high cost of living so decided to check out some places to retire to. I liked Phoenix, AZ, where housing was much cheaper, though the summers are very much ‘warmer’, but the rest of the year are great, traffic was less and the people are more conservative, as they were in Santa Ana in 1964, when I got there. You can defend yourself here carrying a gun, much like the old west; I like freedom in the Lord and minimum man made laws. I had not been a church goer in the US. But about 8 years ago I watched a program on TV: it was GNTV. Good News TV, a SDA channel. SDA is a strict follower of the Bible and they celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday! I really have gotten to like its teachings, as they are mostly vegetarians1 The best thing I like is their extensive on-line lectures and in their extensive churches of the bible and end times! They are very friendly, which would be a big difference to your WA lifestyle!
    My suggestion would be to take a trip to Phoenix and check it out, if you are tired of your lifestyle!
    If too much summer heat is not for you, you might consider a couple of alpine towns N of Phoenix, called Prescott and another Payson. One drawback is the higher cost of housing in these two places!
    The only drawback for me being here is that some of my family is still in CA. but my two youngest sons are here in Phoenix.
    I hope my blog was not too long, but I found my TRUE ‘religion’
    Jesus can’t come soon enough for me at my age of 76.

    Keep up the good work and GOD bless you!

    Fred Riess

  6. I totally agree with you! I actually “woke up” thanks to the Revelation 12 sign in September 2017 and shared a lot of info with my Christian friends but they approached me like I was crazy. It was a struggle for a while but I thank God that he put like minded people in my path and we’ve actually been doing Bible studies on the book of Revelation for the past month or so which prompted me to do an individual in depth study and eventually led me to make a blog. A lot of the church is “asleep” and I believe the main cause of it is do most “Christians” really even believe in what the Bible says? Do most “Christians” read the Bible? Do most “Christians” even believe satan is a literal being we are at constant conflict with? I could go on. It gets frustrating but we just need to keep at it and pray for them. As a recommendation, if you use facebook, you should join some Christian groups that focus on end time events. I’m in 3 of them and it’s been a real blessing!

  7. I understand where you’re coming from Gordon. I didn’t know you living in Washington State. Cool.
    I really like your website. Good job and keep up with good work like you’re always doing.
    You know what annoying me? The media kept telling us lies and people aren’t listening about what is really going on with this world especially Christians aren’t paying attention about end times and etc. Sadly I have few Christian friends that understood about New World Order and end times. It is what is it, right? It’s suck.

    Did I ever tell you that about few weeks ago I watched Paul Begley video channel that elite are planning to changing I’m not sure which economy?, either U.S. economy or global economics this coming July 1, 2018. The rumor was that it will hurting Americans retirement accounts and Social Security, they, including me that will losing money by this summer. I hope it’s false information. Keep in mind I am not fan of Paul Begley but sometimes he given out good reports. Always remember this, The Bilderberg will having meeting this coming May 2018. Every year, once a year held secretive meeting on May. They are very, very powerful organization and very sinister. Not many Americans are aware of this organization. I won’t be surprised Bilderberg may get involved changing the economy. George Soros is an evil man. I can’t believe nobody, I’m mean nobody arresting him or take him out.

    Good bless.

  8. Thanks for your comment Fred!

    And thank you for following this blog for so many years my friend! I truly appreciate it and it is a blessing to me, more than you know, it is encouragement for my soul.

    I actually grew up in Southern California not too far from Santa Ana, in Redlands. I don’t like it there now, too crowded, too much concrete, too hot, and too many laws. I do like Arizona, but it is just way to warm for my blood. I love the weather here in Washington state, I just don’t love the liberal attitudes and philosophies, just like in California. I suppose the good Lord needs us to cover all bases in all places, and if we don’t go into the darkness and shine a light then who will? Jesus was drawn to sinners, He came to save the lost not the righteous, and we should do the same. Even though it may be difficult and uncomfortable for us it is what we are called to do.

    Your story of how you came to America is very interesting Fred, it sounds exciting! My family also came to America by boat, however it was about four hundred years ago. Half came from Scotland the other half from Switzerland. The Scots were being persecuted by other Scottish clans, while the Swiss were being persecuted for their faith because they were Mennonites, some bishops of the church. So I guess that you could say that being persecuted is in my blood!

    I went to a Seventh Day Adventist church for a couple of years when I lived in California. An elderly gentleman whom I worked with took me with him. I do not belong to the SDA church, I claim no denomination other than being a child of the living God, an evangelist, a born again believer in Jesus Christ. However, I am glad that you have found an online church that you are comfortable with, a place where you feel a part of the body of Christ.

    The rapture of the church, it is imminent, there is nothing that must happen for it to occur, unlike the teachings of a mid or post Tribulation rapture theory. In order for those to occur there are very significant events which must first take place, the revealing of the Antichrist, God’s wrath, the abomination of desolation, the Mark of the Beast, etc. The rapture could occur today or tomorrow, no one knows, and this is what Jesus meant when He told us to be ready at all times and to be watching. I keep my head up, eagerly awaiting our redemption to be completed in Christ, for us to finally go home where we truly belong!

    Take care Fred, it won’t be much longer before we are reunited with our Savior!

    God bless! Maranatha!

  9. Thanks for your comment Shayo!

    It is wonderful that you found like minded people to study God’s word with! What a blessing.

    I do believe that a large portion of the church is asleep, but like you said, many don’t read the bible, don’t believe all of the bible, don’t really believe that Satan is real, but also don’t believe that we are living in the end times, don’t study bible prophecy, and don’t believe that Jesus Christ is coming soon! Very sad.

    I don’t use Facebook, I just don’t like it for many reasons. But I am happy that you have been blessed by it!

    God bless! Maranatha!

  10. Thanks for your comment Jim!

    Yes, I live in Washington state, and if we lived closer to each other than we could get together and study God’s word. But, unfortunately it wouldn’t be feasible considering the distance. However, like I said before, we can commune together here online, nothing stopping us from doing that, at least for right now. But I believe that censorship is coming, and one day sites like this will most likely be taken off of the web!

    Most Christians aren’t listening, you nailed it on the head my friend! Most aren’t listening because they choose not to, they fail to read the bible, they fail to study scripture, and most love the life that they live more than they love God. Sad but true.

    I used to watch Paul Begley’s videos on YouTube, but something discouraged me from doing so. Another person who claimed to be a believer was teaching false doctrine through YouTube videos and Paul was referring to his videos for informational purposes. I wrote emails to Paul but I never heard back from him, perhaps he was too busy, but none the less no response. I felt strongly for one reason or another, I can’t remember what exactly it was right now, that whatever this man believed was going against God’s word. I was only trying to warn Paul about this, to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Ever since then I have stopped watching Paul’s videos, not out of spite, but because I wasn’t sure where he was getting his information from and he wasn’t listening after he was warned, as he continued to air information from this mans videos.

    With all of that said, I do believe that the Bilderberg organization is part of the Deep State, perhaps even controlling the Deep State. Their plans are evil and wicked, they speak not from God’s authority but from Satan’s! This is how close we are to the beginning of the Tribulation period, but also to the rapture of the church!

    God bless brother! Maranatha!

  11. Thanks for your question Theredhorsebook!

    No, like I said to Fred, I am of no denomination, merely a child of God, a saved, born-again believer in Jesus Christ.

    God bless!

  12. Hi Gordon as you know I’ve also followed your blog for a number of years and love every article you’ve written….it was your blog i found when i was at my lowest reading them was such a blessing to me put me back on the narrow path thank you ….I live on an island in Australia hardly any church’s here my husband and myself have tried a couple but they are dead churches not Spirit filled so now we listen to an online church Pastored by Pastor Charles Lawson wonderful sermons and teaching Gordon he preaches endtimes a great man of God …my husband and myself are experiencing the same as you when we mention endtimes to people including Christians they don’t want to know our families are the same but we don’t give up we keep on praying for them the greatest gift we can give them …we keep running the race waiting to hear those Blessed words ( well done good and faithful servant ) its wonderful that we can fellowship here with you and others a real blessing Gordon don’t know how much longer but till they cut us off we can all fellowship on the internet once again Gordon thank you very much for your blogs ..God Bless Maranatha Speed the day

  13. Thanks for your comment Annime5!

    Thank you for following this blog for so many years sister, such a blessing to me! I am so thankful that it has been a blessing to you, especially when you were at your lowest, God is good!

    I also watch and listen to many good pastors sermons, real people of God led by the Holy Spirit. They have blessed me and given me inspiration. I thank God for them!

    We must continue on down the straight and narrow path. We should continue to fellowship with each other as long as possible through the internet, for like you said, we may not be able to much longer.

    God bless sister! Maranatha!

  14. Thanks for sharing, yes i agree! there are very few people who reads the bible and believes it. Majority people even don’t have time to go and visit the church. Good work keep it up!

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