How Long LORD God? How long?

Commentary By: Gordon King

Peace be unto you, may the light of Yahweh shine upon you, may He fill you with His Spirit, may He guide you unto the paths of righteousness!  As the Lord lives His Spirit dwells in temples, His children, as the Lord wills may you spread the love of God who is both light and life.

Let it be known LORD God that all who call upon your name shall be saved!  Let all those who are born again be anointed with Your Holy Spirit.  Work within us oh Lord our God Your will, changing us from the inside out, mold us to be more and more each day like Your Son, Jesus Christ!

Chasten us oh Lord!  Shape us into Your image, guide us unto Your paths, and fill us with Your wisdom and knowledge.  Remove the sin in our lives, replace it with what is righteous and holy!  Wash us clean of all iniquities, make us as white as snow.  Lead us not into temptations, but deliver us from the evil one!  Place within us the power and courage to overcome evil in the world, strengthen us to stand tall and firm in Your word, to stand upon the Rock of our salvation.  Convict us to do the right thing, to love our enemies, to love our brothers and sisters, to make a difference in a world gone mad!

How long oh LORD God before you judge the wicked?  How long before you right the wrongs of this world?  How much longer must we wait before our redemption is completed?  Do not the wicked continue on with their evil ways?  Does the world not continue to condemn You for what is righteous and holy?

As the sun rises in the East and sets in the West Your glory never ceases and it never will, as the earth turns and revolves around the sun Your mercy, grace, and love never end!  Evil in the world is escalating yet Your longsuffering towards the world continues on.  How much longer will it be oh Lord, before Your judgment comes to pass?!

The seasons are like the morning dew, they come and they go, yet the season of your return is as close as the ground that we walk on, like a door to a house standing right in front of us!  If it were any closer than we would be inside of the house looking out, not standing in its shadows looking in.

As we suffer in this world just a little while longer we know that You are the God of hope, the one who brings us joy, peace, and comfort!  You are the Spirit that fills us, the one that provides for us, the one that heals us, and the one that saved us!  You shelter us from the storms, You battle our enemies, and You soften hearts of stone.

May our work be done in Your name, may we bring You honor and glory oh Lord!  Whatever it is that we do let it be done to the glory of Your great name!  Let the sun shine on both the evil and the good, let the rain fall, and may the world see that God is good to everyone!  Let us as believers do the same, helping those who are evil and good, loving those who love us back and those who don’t.

May Your grace and mercy never cease!  May You continue to bless us, lead us, and guide us unto Your paths.  And if you tarry a while longer give us the patience, the perseverance, and the courage to carry on!  In Jesus name, Amen.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

5 thoughts on “How Long LORD God? How long?

  1. Bless you! My son called and I knew he was being the great dad he is, with a son now 11 who needs medication 3 times during the night. . .Then a cold hits, coughing and flu and the whole family is busy…trying to keep everyone healthy…Then he said, “trials make us stronger.” and in preparing to meet the LORD…it is comforting to know…we are not the only one going through the Time of Trouble. Bless You, and keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you theredhorsebook!

    It is comforting to know that we are not alone in trials and tribulations, but also that we can bear each other’s burdens.

    God bless! Maranatha!

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