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Support the Taylor Force Act!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The Taylor Force Act was written by the Congress of the United States of America to stop the payment of funds to Palestinians who then use the money to pay for the killing of both Jews and American citizens.  Palestinians receive money from their government for the murder of Jews and U.S. citizens, lifetime payments.  This must end!

From the website: http://www.congress.gov

Summary: H.R.1164 — 115th Congress (2017-2018)

 There is one summary for H.R.1164. Bill summaries are authored by CRS.

Shown Here:
Introduced in House (02/16/2017)

Taylor Force Act

This bill prohibits certain assistance under the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 from being made available for the West Bank and Gaza unless the Department of State certifies that the Palestinian Authority:

  • is taking steps to end acts of violence against U.S. and Israeli citizens perpetrated by individuals under its jurisdictional control, such as the March 2016 attack that killed former Army officer Taylor Force;

  • is publicly condemning such acts of violence and is investigating, or cooperating in investigations of, such acts; and

  • has terminated payments for acts of terrorism against U.S. and Israeli citizens to any individual who has been convicted and imprisoned for such acts, to any individual who died committing such acts, and to family members of such an individual.

The world as we know it is full of hatred and violence, especially towards the Jews!  The Jews have been targeted as the enemy, used as scapegoats for the ills of the world, they have been dispersed, suppressed, trodden down, humiliated, exiled, tortured, and murdered for thousands of years now, treated like the lowest form of animals!

Why is it that such a small group of people, the smallest in the world, approximately 14 million Jews world-wide, and approximately 6 million living in Israel, have been the target of hatred and annihilation since their captivity in Egypt?  What could this small group of people do to the entire world that they must be driven off of the face of the earth?

It seems as though the entire world is against the Jews, and even sadder is that they have not only been targeted by the world but also by the Christian church!  For nearly the past two thousand years many Christians have also treated the Jews with hatred and disdain, not only turning away from the Jews but murdering them!  The truth often hurts, but we must know the truth.

This goes back not much after the death of Jesus Christ, when the church founded the doctrine of “Replacement Theology”, which is a lie from the pit of Hell!

It continued on with the Crusades when Christians murdered Jews, into the Middle Ages when Martin Luther at first supported the Jews then turned against them in the end with hatred promoting violence and annihilation of the Jews.  But it didn’t stop there, during WWII Hitler and his Muslim counterparts also attempted to completely annihilate the Jews, murdering 6 million of them, one-third of the Jewish population of the world at that time!  And what did the world do to save these Jews?  What did the Christian church do to save these Jews?!  Not much, only a handful of faithful and courageous believers did anything to help save whom they could, such as Corrie ten Boom.

Both the United States and Britain closed their borders to refugees which furthered the annihilation of millions of Jews in Nazi Germany.  If these nations opened their doors to these persecuted Jews than perhaps many of them would not have been annihilated, but they didn’t!

Antisemitism has been around for thousands of years and it hasn’t gone away, in fact it has gotten even worse!  The world is against the Jews now more than ever before in modern times, in fact it looks as though the past of Nazi Germany is rising to the surface once again!

This rise in Antisemitism is a sign of the end times my friends, a sign of the end of the end of times!

The world is led by Satan and his demons, but the church can also be led by demonic doctrines if we allow ourselves to be, just as it has been for nearly the past two thousand years!  And just because something has been believed for a long period of time does not make it right, nor does it make it the truth!

Replacement theology is a lie, God made an everlasting covenant with the Jews, His chosen people, a covenant which cannot be broken, one which is unconditional.  If as believers in Jesus Christ we say that we believe God, that we believe His words, then we must also believe that He is not finished with the Jews!  We must believe that the Jews are God’s chosen people forever, that there will be a remnant of Jews accepting Jesus Christ as their Messiah in the end times, just as God told us would happen. 

As Christians we must also remember that we ourselves as believers in Jesus Christ are grafted into the Jewish lineage, we are the seed of Abraham through Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ was also a Jew from the line of David!  So for us as believers to have any sort of hatred or disdain towards the Jews is to have it towards ourselves also, towards the very root of our faith, to Jesus Christ Himself!

If we do not support the Jews, then why do we read the bible?  If the Jews are so horrible then why don’t we just throw out the old testament?  And if the Jews were not a special people chosen by God then why is it that the world is against them and has been for thousands of years?!

And if the Jews are not a special people to God, then why is it that the smallest people group in the world have even existed as they do now?  Why have they once again become a nation?  Why is it that they have been supernaturally protected for thousands of years to not only become a nation once again but to live and thrive as never before in history?!

The point is that the Jews are a special people, they are God’s chosen people, and God has made an everlasting covenant with them, that means forever, not to be broken!  This is why the world hates them so much, if it were not true then nobody would even care about them, nobody would seek to annihilate them or suppress them for thousands of years.  Why is it that we don’t see the world trying to annihilate Russians, Chinese, or Italians?  We just don’t see it, it never happened.

If the Palestinian people (who never even existed by the way) really wanted peace with the Jews, then why is it that they want them all dead?  Why is it that they pay their people who murder Jews a lifetime stipend?  Why do they promote hatred and murder against the Jews, and Americans for that matter, if they only want peace with them?  They speak one thing out of one side of their mouths while saying another with the other side, their actions speak much louder than words.

If we as Americans support Palestinians financially, then we are also supporting the murdering of both Jews and of ourselves!  If we believe in replacement theology, then we are undermining the word of God, we are in direct rebellion to God Himself!  How can we say that we love God if we do not love His people?

The Jews are under great duress and pressure from the world, they are under constant threat of annihilation, and they are being attacked on a continual basis.  The Jews don’t need us, they have God looking over them, but it would be nice if they had our support, it is the right thing to do, it is the godly thing to do!

The good Lord said that He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse them, you can believe that or not, I for one believe it!  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, God’s holy city, pray for the protection of the Jews, God’s chosen people!

Support for the Taylor Force Act is support in God’s favor.  Do not support terrorism, do not support hatred, do not be deceived by the evil ones, do not believe doctrines of demons!

It’s easy to be sucked into the status quo, to believe something just because the majority does.  We must seek the truth and the truth will set us free!  Demonic spirits are leading the world in hatred against the Jews, let us do what we can to stop them in their tracks!

The Jews have good reasons not to trust Christians, we have persecuted them for thousands of years up to this very day for many believers.  Even many Christian churches today believe and teach replacement theology, and many more have a hatred for the Jews.  This my friends is very ungodly, not of the spirit, but from demons!

Support the Taylor Force Act, pray for the peace of Jerusalem, pray for the protection of Israel!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

5 thoughts on “Support the Taylor Force Act!

  1. Hi Gordon King:
    My wife Shofar/Liz recently brought your Taylor Force Act blog to my attention! I thought it was a tremendous commentary of what is going on today.. for the US to not support Palestine with finances if they continue their anti-Semitism toward Israel, and the killing of the Jews. I noted also how many denominational Christians are also anti-Semitic, which I plan to write on soon. (I went to a Hawaii Library book sale recently and bought an excellent book for a dollar ‘The Global Dilemma- The Final Destiny of Israel’ by Dr. Robert Mawire). Thanks Gordon!

    ~Drgold https://drgoldsite.wordpress.com/2018/01/16/if-the-hawaii-missile-warning-on-jan-13-2018-was-real/

  2. Thank you Dr. Gold!

    These are the times that we are in, when even much of the church is against God’s chosen people! Is this part of the falling away spoken of by the apostle Paul? Has the deception of demonic doctrines so infiltrated the church that it has lost influence upon the world? I believe that it has, and I also believe that it will continue until the return of Christ. And unfortunately this has been going on almost since the resurrection of Christ. However, I do believe that it will get worse than it has already been!

    Why is it that so many churches do not teach the whole bible, all of the truth? And why is it that so many churches teach of “replacement theology”? Why do most seem to shy away from teaching bible prophecy? And why is it that so many churches seem to teach a “feel good” theology? Has the word of God been so watered down in so many churches today that the true message of the cross has been lost? And just how many churches still have an alter call to the Lord at the end of each sermon? How many teach of both heaven and hell? So many questions regarding the church, but how many answers? I believe the real culprit lies in the hands of Satan and his demons. I believe that they have infiltrated the church, have instilled false teachings and doctrines into the church, and led many to take the wrong path!

    I googled the book you spoke of but could not find it online, sounds like it might be a good one!

    God bless! Maranatha!

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