From the Cradle to the Grave!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

We have all been given the opportunity to know the truth.  From the cradle to the grave we are given the chance to make a decision, the most important decision of our lives!  The chance to repent of our sins and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, the decision to spend the rest of eternity in either Heaven or Hell!

The world is full of so much evil and violence that no one really knows just what will happen next.  In fact, none of us know just how much time we have here on earth before the good Lord decides to take us.  With the acceleration of events on earth intensifying our time could be shortened just that much more!

All of us are born into this world with a sin nature ever since Adam and Eve sinned against God.  Therefore we must all repent and accept Jesus Christ as our Savior in order to be reconciled back to God.  But, you may ask, what about all of the people alive before Christ came to earth, what about them, who do they believe in?  I don’t have all of the answers, but I know for sure that God does, and I know that He has a plan for everything!  They still had the opportunity to believe in God, the One true God of the universe, let’s not forget that Adam and Eve walked with God in the Garden of Eden, people knew about God, they have no excuse.

Jesus Christ came to take the sins of the world upon Himself, He nailed them all to the cross.  With those sins our sinful nature was nailed to it also, but we must repent and believe for it to take any effect.  Once we do then we are forgiven, we are born-again, made a new creation, no longer under the law, no longer bound by the chains of sin!

How many Christians really understand this?  How many know that we are no longer the old self but made new!  We have been given a new spirit, a spirit one with Christ, justified by His blood, found worthy in the eyes of our Father in heaven!

This doesn’t mean that we cannot or will not sin, for we still have our fleshly bodies, bodies which are in direct opposition to God and His ways.  We battle on a daily basis with the flesh, with the world, and with evil spirits, all in opposition to Jesus Christ!

Don’t believe me?  Then why is it that we want to do the things which we know are unholy, unrighteous, and ungodly?  Why is it that we struggle against the flesh and the ways of the flesh?  Why do we hear thoughts in our minds that tell us to do things which bring us pleasure but are against God’s will?  It’s not our spirit that tells us to do these things, but our flesh, the world, and evil spirits!

This life that we live here on earth is “a time of decision”, a time to either follow God or not.  It’s a time when we follow the will of God or the ways of the world, the workings of Satan!

Satan deceived Adam and Eve in the Garden, he lied, twisted the truth, and rebelled against God.  He did it then and he continues to do it now!  Satan is the same today as He was yesterday, a liar, a thief, and a murderer.  But we must also remember that God is also the same today as He was at the creation, and He is today!

God does not change, the world changes, society changes, but God always remains the same.  His values, morals, and principles remain the same, unchanged and unwavering.  It is not God who needs to conform to our changes, it is us who needs to change and conform to the ways of God!

If we change the word of God, then we are creating our own God!  If we twist God’s words to meet our own needs, then we are creating a god of our own imagination, a false god.  The LORD God is sovereign and all-powerful, He is supremely holy and righteous, just and good!  His ways are the only true ways, the only righteous ways, the only ways to Heaven and eternal life!

We can create our own gods, just as Satan is trying to do with himself.  We can be proud and arrogant just as Satan is, we can rebel against what God tells us is the truth, we can undermine the workings of God.  But what we cannot do is change the truth.  We can change it in our minds, but the truth shall always remain the truth, whether we believe it or not!

The world has been deceived into believing the lies of Satan, they believe in many gods, in evil spirits, and of worshiping the creation instead of the Creator!  They believe that God is not real, that they themselves can become gods, that what they make up in their own minds is the truth, that Heaven and Hell are only in the mind, that they are not real places where we will spend eternity.

This life is full of untruths, lies, and twisting of the truth.  The masses have been and are now being deceived into believing these lies.  The truth is being shown, but the hearts and minds of most people are blinded to it.  They continue in their rebellion against God, instead following the god of this world, Satan, and they have been given over to a debased mind!

The world as we know it is coming to a close.  The culmination of world events is leading to the soon coming of the wrath of God upon the world.  We don’t have much time, the world is running out of time.  From the cradle to the grave may be much closer than any of us know!

Pray for the lost, pray for those who come against you, love even your enemies, and may the mercy and grace of God shine upon those who are in rebellion!

Get Saved!  Accept Jesus Christ Now!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

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