Earthquakes continue in unusual and various places!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Over the past few days we have seen earthquakes striking places which usually do not experience them, such as Idaho, Montana, and now Texas.

Earthquake swarms continue in Southern Mexico which was struck with a magnitude 8.2 earthquake on September 7th this past week.

M 3.1 – 21km WNW of Whitefish, Montana

Time: Location: 48.519°N 114.587°W;    Depth: 11.2 km

M 3.6 – 16km ESE of Soda Springs, Idaho

Time: Location: 42.575°N 111.442°W;    Depth: 5.3 km

M 3.2 – 33km SSE of Pecos, Texas

Time: Location: 31.168°N 103.295°W;    Depth: 5.0 km

M 2.6 – 6km N of Irving, Texas

Time: Location: 32.876°N 96.943°W;    Depth: 5.0 km

Southern Mexico

6 quakes ranging from magnitude 4.0 to 4.4 in the past 24 hours