Changing Climates in the World, Signs of the Times!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

September 2017 has been quite a month for disasters, and it has only just begun!

Record hurricanes in Texas and Florida, more hurricanes now forming, forest fires all across the West and the Pacific Northwest of the United States blanketing the skies with thick layers of cloud and ash, not to mention the 8.2 magnitude earthquake in Mexico!  Not only was Mexico struck by a major earthquake which it has not experienced in over a century, but is still being hit with swarms of earthquakes in the same region.

We can talk about signs of the times which are caused by man, signs which are not only caused by man but refer to the ways of men and women in the end times, and it may not seem so significant to some.  However, when we talk about all of the signs occurring which are not caused by man, such as natural disasters, then we must sit up and take notice.  And when we put them all together in one basket, then it all seems much more relevant to the signs of the end times.

You may also take it as a coincidence that we had a total eclipse of the sun over North America just prior to these disasters taking place, but could it be other than merely a coincidence?  Perhaps if we took the eclipse and put it in the same basket then things would look much different and just maybe our perspective of things would also change.

I don’t know about you, but I see things changing in this world, things which are altering the course of the world.

Many believers take the Revelation 12 alignment of the planets spoken of in the bible as a sign of the rapture of the church, and many believe that the rapture will happen at that time.  I for one do not set dates nor will I.  However, it is exciting to think about and it could happen at any time!  I do believe that it is a sign when taken in context of all that is happening in the world today, a sign of the closeness of Christ’s return for His bride and for His return to earth at His second coming.

The secular world writes off these disastrous storms as nothing more than man-made disasters by man-made global warming.  However, what if the world were warming up either way, what if it is not caused by man?  And could it possibly be that the world will warm up the closer we get to the return of Christ?!  And is the world actually warming up, or are climates changing?

God told us of things which would happen in this world just before His return, wars and disasters, He also speaks of famine, plagues, and other supernatural events taking place during the Tribulation period.  Could it be that these events will be triggered by the changing climates of the planet?  If climates continue to change than storms will increase and intensify, droughts and fires will increase, people will go hungry, pestilence will spread, tensions will increase, wars and rumors of wars will intensify, and I also believe that the change in temperatures will also lead to more and greater earthquakes!  As the temperatures change so will the tensions in the world, things will get out of hand, as if we are not already witnessing this on a daily basis it seems.  When the weather changes drastically then doesn’t it make you uncomfortable to say the least?  And for many it even makes them angry and even hostile!  It becomes difficult to focus, to think, to reason, people act in ways they normally wouldn’t, and many have been acting this way much more frequently then they did in the recent past.

I believe that what we see happening with changing climates in the world is related to the closeness of Christ’s return, that it is a sign of the end times, and is in some way related to other tensions and disasters in the world.  I also believe that this change in climate will cause even areas which are relatively warm to become cold, and areas which have been cold to become hot.  I am not an expert in this area, it’s what I observe happening.

And isn’t it also true for the ways of the world?  Good has become bad, and bad has become good!  What was once thought to be holy and righteous has become evil and vile in the eyes of the world, and what was evil and vile has become righteous!  The ways are changing just as the climate is changing, the evil is increasing along with the temperatures.

And as a woman in labor, both will intensify in frequency, duration, and intensity!  So it goes with the storms we now see, with the earthquakes and other natural disasters, but not only that, also with the ways of the world becoming more ungodly, unholy, and unrighteous, intensifying as a woman in labor!

I am not saying that the change of climate is making the world change, nor am I saying that the climate is what is making people’s attitudes, thoughts, or beliefs change either, but I am saying that there seems to be some sort of relationship between the two, they seem to be moving in tandem with one another.

The times are becoming fraught with the escalation of natural disasters of biblical proportions, society becoming more and more uncivil, and the ways of the world becoming more ungodly and anti-Christ.   It’s as if they have blinders on to seeing the truth, as if their ears were waxed shut to hearing the truth, and their hearts are hardened to the point of not feeling the love of God!

Just as the climate seems out of control, so does the world!  We are in a climate of change in both weather and society.  And just as natural disasters continue to escalate in frequency and intensity so does the heart of man in rebellion against Jesus Christ!  Satan has a stronghold on the world, his is to steal, kill, and destroy!

The world is not falling apart, things are falling into place!  God is in control of all things!

Stay focused on the God of this universe, Jesus Christ!  Remain faithful and true to God Almighty, seek Him in all things, and know that He is always with you and will never forsake you!  Amen.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!