The Destruction of America?!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

On March 21, 2015 I made a post about a dream that I had, a dream of frogs.  This post was an interpretation of that dream.  It was a dream of the destruction of America!

I reread this post and thought that it was very interesting when you take a look at what is happening in the world and also in America today.  Could it actually be that we are seeing the destruction of America?  Is America headed for a downfall of significant proportions, enough to paralyze our nation to the point of being insignificant in the world, to the point of being unable to stand as a safeguard to tyranny and oppression?

Here is the post that I am speaking about:

My interpretation of “Frog Dream”

frog dream interpretation copy

March 21, 2015

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Hello folks, I hope and pray that all are well under the protection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  Amen

A couple of days ago I had a very real and vivid dream.  A dream of frogs.  At the time I did not know what the dream represented.  I have prayed about it several times.  I believe that the Lord has given me an interpretation of that dream.

I have had many dreams in the past, however, I have not always had an interpretation for them.  I am not saying that this is exactly what it means, but this is what I am feeling from the Lord.  It’s probably not the scenario that most of us here in the United States of America want to hear.  But I must give this interpretation.

To read the “Frog Dream” Click here

This is the interpretation:

The area which I saw represented the United States of America.  The frogs represent evil spirits and sin.  Frogs in the bible represent evil spirits, as well as being part of a plague.  They are all lined up in the dream as they are in America, all across the nation, but particularly in an oval shape.  This represents the oval office of the white house.  These frogs or evil spirits are attempting to control us, and to even enter some through possession.  They have plagued our nation and plan to destroy it.  The frog that I was attempting to destroy was increasing in size, just as the sin and evil spirits in America are doing now.

I represent the Christians attempting to destroy and overcome the evil spirits and sin in this country, as represented by trying to squish the frogs head.  However, was unable to do so, as the frog lived.  The frog turned into a large beautiful bird with a bald head.  The bird represents the government of the United States.  At one time a large and beautiful nation, with good morals and values.  The bald eagle also has white feathers (not all of the feathers), and a bald head (it’s not really bald, but given the name).

The bird had bruises on his head, representing injuries to our government by evil spirits and sin.  The frogs changing into the bird represents the frogs entering into the government.  The nation has been mortally wounded by the evil spirits and sin as represented by the bruised head and the red chest and throat area.  The government has been taken over by seducing spirits.

The bird wandered around aimlessly, wobbling, and wandering off into the brush.  The United States is also wandering around aimlessly and has wandered off into the wilderness.  Walking away from the truth, from what is right, from what made this country great.  I felt bad for the injuries caused to the bird (our government).  Then the bird died.  The United States came to an end.  The government collapsed from the injuries caused by evil spirits and sin.

This is my dream.  This is what I now sense that it means.  Maybe someone else has another interpretation.  Maybe I am wrong, but this is the interpretation I feel the Lord has given to me.  The destruction of the United States of America!

We should all be praying for our government, for our leaders.  Let us pray for them to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  That they are given wisdom, insight, and clarity.  That they choose to make the right and moral decisions.  That they stand with those who need our support.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen

God bless my friends!  Until next time.

This dream and the interpretation were both at the time of President Obama’s second term in office, and now President Trump is in charge, yet is it too late to save this once great nation from destruction?  Have we as a nation wandered so far away from God and His ways that we are headed for a collapse of biblical proportions?

Our nation has been inundated with evil spirits, the likes of which we have never seen before.  Our society continues on a downward spiral and I do not see it changing any time soon!  The world is out of control and our society is also out of control.  The ways of the world seem to be overtaking what is holy and righteous, instead replacing it with what is evil and ungodly.  The worlds interpretation of good means anything that they want to do, anything that they deem as pleasurable or desirable, anything goes, and whatever stands in their way is deemed as bad, including Christianity!

The good Lord will do what is His will, and even though we may think that we have done enough to appease God, He will do whatever He wills.   There comes a time when we have crossed the line, when there is no turning back, have we already crossed that line?  Have we as a nation gone so far in the wrong direction that God is not willing to save America from destruction?  I believe that we have.

And even though I do not want that to happen, even though America may fall, it is a sign of the goodness of God, of His holiness and righteousness.  It is a sign that God is who He says that He is, a sign that God is in control not us!  It will be a sign that whatever happens in this world we all need God!

The good Lord will not be mocked, He will not endure disobedience and rebellion forever.  He is God!  He is infinite in power, presence, knowledge, and love, and we are merely a flash in the pan, a gnat on the face of the ocean, a wisp in the wind, so what makes us think that we deserve better?!  What is it that makes man think that he knows it all and has all of the right answers?  Why is it that man thinks that he is better than God?!

To stand in the presence of God requires perfection, it requires holiness, purity, and righteousness.  Not one of us can be like this on our own, however it can be given to us by God through His Son Jesus Christ!  We as believers will one day be standing in the holiness and glory of God, made perfect, holy and righteous.

God makes us righteous and holy, we are justified through His Son, He cleanses us from all unrighteousness, we are sanctified through His Son, and He will one day make us like His Son, He will glorify us making us perfect just like His Son Jesus Christ!

Do we not know that God will not only make us perfect one day, but He will also glorify us, He will give to us His glory!  We have not only inherited eternal life as Christians, but we will actually have the glory of God, we will inherit His glory!

We will one day judge angels, and we will rule and reign on earth with Christ for one thousand years, but I also believe that we will also rule and reign the universe and beyond!  We know that God created the universe, but what else is out there?  What else has God created, what else is in His kingdom that we don’t even know about?!  Whatever it is we as believers will also rule and reign that, we will inherit what God has for us, co-heirs with Christ.

Romans 8:16-17

The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, 17 and if children, then heirs—heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together.

So if America falls to destruction is that the end of all things?!  No!  Absolutely not!  But it is a sign that God is in control, that He is a God of righteousness and holiness, that we all need to turn from our evil and wicked ways and seek the Lord Jesus Christ!

The ways of God are often mysteries, and also what He has prepared for us once we are glorified.  Whatever happens on this earth, whatever befalls us, it is nothing compared to what is coming!  It is nothing compared to what Jesus Christ has prepared for us in eternity.

God bless!  Maranatha!


5 thoughts on “The Destruction of America?!

  1. Thank you Gordon for sharing your dream and interpretation. The Lord has been revealing much to me through Exodus, as you know there were 10 plagues sent upon Egypt and one of them was of frogs and also one was of darkness upon the land along with many other signs and wonders, all these plagues/disasters were signs bearing witness to the supreme power of Almighty God. These signs were given to convince Pharaoh (the ungodly ruler/government) over Egypt (the world system?) and to the peoples of Egypt (the ungodly world system?) of the mighty power of God and to support His call for change of mind /repentance and freedom for His people. I think your dream is significant and I think the due American eclipse is significant too. I hope and pray that many will be awakened to The True Power of God again in your Nation and throughout all the Nations, so that those that say they believe in God with their mouths but their hearts being far from Him will repent of their Sin, hardness of heart, unbelief and lukewarmness and be set free from the current evil ruler of all the ungodly world systems and will be prepared and able to enter into the promised land.

    God bless you !

    • Thanks for your comment Christine!

      We here in America may not have had an invasion of frogs, yet we have seen the effects of an invasion of evil spirits in the land. And as you have stated we will also see physical darkness during the eclipse next week, perhaps also representing the darkness in the land. And doesn’t it seem a little odd that this eclipse will be one month before the alignment of planets as described in Revelation 12? I believe that these are all signs, warning signs that we must wake up, we must repent of our sins and seek the Lord and His ways before it is too late.

      Whatever happens in this world, Jesus Christ is ultimately in charge of it all! Not only is He in charge but He is telling us that He is in charge by all of these signs.

      God bless! Maranatha!

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