World Tension quickly increasing!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world is at odds with itself, tensions around the globe are increasing faster and faster, as nuclear threats loom not only from rogue nations such as North Korea and Iran, but also from Russia.  Not since the cold war have tensions between the United States of America and Russia been so high, in fact it would seem that we are back to a cold war status.

While stand offs between both super powers in the Middle East are heating up, so is the threat of war upon the tiny nation of Israel.  Not only has Russia moved into Syria and seems to have taken control of that war-torn country, but the nation of Iran seems to as well!

Iran is determined to see the total annihilation of Israel, and with each passing day it is positioning itself into making that determination a reality.  Iran also has military troops in Syria, as well as missiles, missiles aimed at Israel, and missiles being shipped to Hezbollah, a faction of Iran in Lebanon.

While Russia is a nuclear power house, it is also a country desperately hurting financially, and as such is being setup at this very moment for a confrontation with Israel, a tiny country with a wealth of natural resources.  If you ask me, the Ezekiel 38 War could happen at any moment!  The players are in place and the time is ripe.  Whatever the time, it couldn’t be far off.

Venezuela is a country led by a Socialist dictator, it is in the midst of falling to pieces.  What was once a very wealthy country in South America, is now a country on the brink of collapse!

Tensions in the world are very high, and it would seem that most of the world just continues on, as if all is normal.  Are we not told by Jesus Himself that the days just before His return would be like the days of Noah, that even though the times were evil, people continued on as if everything were normal?!  And say it isn’t so now.

Stay strong in the Lord, keep the faith, be encouraged by knowing that our redemption is near, even at the door!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

5 thoughts on “World Tension quickly increasing!

  1. I very much agree with you, Gordon.
    Bible prophecy is coming true. Not only what you have mention with war pending and all its WMD technologies. But you See increase in science with prolonging life, cloning, artificial intelligence, designer babies, just to name a few. These new advances are preparing a host body for the demons that will be coming out of the pit. This is biblical. Evil will rule for a short span of time. Now is the time to be right with God! While His grace is still with us. Be under His protection.
    If one reads why God destroyed the world in Noah’s time, one would find out it’s looking identical to today. Not only how (mad science) dark knowledge was prevalent then but how the ancient mystical arts are present now. Noah’s time was full of debauchery of every kind, corruption, evil, living life without a care, etc, etc. People can laugh it away and pretend it’s all science fiction, but we are living or better yet reliving Noah’ s time (‘as in the days of Noah’), just like the Holy Scripture warns us. With all our advances we can’t seem to realize there’s a Heavenly Being in control and only through personal invitation does His Spirit shelter us from the evil that’s permeating worldwide. We can’t seem to learn from the past and with sincerity repent.
    May God bless us all to see truth unravel and reconcile ourselves to the only way to escape and be protected is by having His testimony & His commandments in our hearts. Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, the way, the truth and life.
    Blessing to you always.

  2. God bless you Gordon and thank you for these post that help to keep us alert !


  3. Thanks for your comment SweetJava!

    All of these things are true and many more.

    Another thing that I noticed is that there is much twisting of the truth, things stated as if they are in fact true. For instance, the history channel has many shows which depict the world and the universe as a place overrun with aliens and alien technology. Not only do they claim such things, but they actually substantiate these claims by so-called evidence, yet there is no evidence of such things occurring, however, they make many false statements which they determine by erroneous beliefs and hypotheses (little do they know that these are not aliens but demons, not benevolent but malevolent!). They also take stories from the bible and twist them into nothing more than fairy tales! Many of their beliefs are based on false premises, such as humanity evolving from slime and the earth being trillions of years old, and even the belief that aliens have created us and placed us here on earth as an experiment.

    It is shows like this that lead people into believing lies, lies which will lead many people straight to Hell!

    God bless! Maranatha!

  4. Yes, a channel who used to present historical facts has become just another Hollywood propaganda tool. Sad how this world of technology was/is suppose to enrich our lives has only enslaved us. You’re right the deception is rampant, one needs to do a lot of research to get to the truth of anything anymore and time is not always there to do so. The masses believe at face value rather then fact check. But some are and bringing it out in the open, yet society as a whole has been programmed for so long they simply don’t care, apathy sets in.
    And we haven’t touched on holograms that (in my opinion) will produce these aliens coming down to greet us, (lol) or science tampering with dna, or wanting to know how the ‘big bang’ happen, etc. Manipulating with things they have no business meddling in. Just like the day of Noah, yet at a higher level because of the technology available. Satan is having a field day with his minions all to distract. It’s incredible how advance this field is. We only know what is revealed, there is so much more that’s still hidden. It’s said that science is?20-30 years more advance then we are lead to believe.Think about that..

    Let’s not forget the entertainment industry and so forth pushing it forward. All of it is a game of make believe to draw us away from our Heavenly Father. All of it lies from the father of lies.
    The truth of the matter is Scriptures’ our only true source of truth, has survived centuries, and archeology has proven that fact of accuracy over and over again. People who believe in its pages can tell what is fiction and what is not. We see prophecy coming to life in our lifetime. I don’t get it, if the bible is proven to be accurate in so many things why not believe it in it’s entirety. Why? because in it there’s truth that leads to salvation which Jesus offers freely and in which Satan doesn’t want us to know. Time is so short and a rude awakening is coming to shake people into two categories: to believe in Christ or not, to be the wheat or the weed. Everyone in the end will get their just reward. Stay faithful to God and He will deliver us from this madness. God bless. Keep praying for goodness to overshadow the evil. It ends well for those who care and have faith in Christ. Maranatha! Shalom!

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