Is it merely enough to be saved?

Commentary By:  Gordon King

What does it mean to be a Christian?  Is it merely being saved, or does it also involve other things?

Just how many people out there claim to be Christians?  Yet how many still follow the ways of the world, walking in the flesh and not the spirit?  Way to many if you ask me!

I am not perfect nor do I claim to be, I still at times sin, yet I do not live a sinful lifestyle, I do not attempt to justify sin in order to fit my wants and desires, at least not on a regular basis, and when I find that I do then I turn away from that sin and repent.

We are all human, yet believers are much more than that, we have been called, chosen to be children of the Most High God of the universe!  And as such we should be walking in the spirit and not the flesh.

In order to have a relationship with God, in order to hear from God, then we need to be walking in the spirit, we need to be obeying the Lord and performing His will.

How many of you see or have seen people who claim to be believers living a sinful lifestyle?  Justifying their actions by twisting scripture to meet their needs, making excuses for their sin instead of turning and repenting of it.

It isn’t enough to just be saved, we must show our faith in God by our deeds and our actions, by the fruit that we bear.  We are not to merely read the bible, but apply it to our lives!  We are the salt and light of the world, what good is salt if it looses it’s saltiness?

This is where the rubber meets the road, when our faith is tested and we either shine for God or we dishonor Him by following the ways of the world instead of His ways.

I cannot say without a shadow of a doubt that all people who say that they are Christians truly are, but I cannot also say that they are not.

At one time I was a believer who was following the ways of the world, I was living in sin, a sinful lifestyle, yet I was still saved.  Like the prodigal son, I wandered away from what I knew was right and lived not only in the world but like the world!  Tragedy struck and I was brought down to my knees with nowhere to turn but back to God, and He welcomed me back home with open arms.

So you can see that I was a believer, yet I made the decision to follow the world and not God, yet I was still saved.  So then, how can we be so sure that other Christians are not doing the same thing?  We cannot.  Only God knows the heart, only God knows who is truly saved and who is not.

When we are saved then we have been given a new spirit, a new life, been made new creations.  Yet, we still have the right to make choices, whether they be right or wrong.  The old sin nature in us remains, and thus we battle between the flesh and the spirit, just as the apostle Paul did.

As children of God, we have not only been saved, but left here on this earth for a purpose, for His purpose.  To shine a light into the world, into the darkness, to be an ambassador for Christ!  How can we do such things if we live not only in the world but of the world, if we follow the ways of the world?

When we live in the flesh then we disobey what the good Lord has commanded of us, when we walk in the spirit then we walk in obedience, in truth, and in love.  When we live for the flesh then we rebel against God, we dishonor His name, and we grieve the Holy Spirit within us.  We do no good for the church or for Christ, but instead hinder the will of God in our lives.

Although none of us are perfect, the world looks at believers and their actions, they make opinions and form beliefs about Christianity, about Jesus Christ Himself, by what we do, how we live, and how we respond in life.  And when we live in the flesh then we transmit a negative message about Christ, we take away from the gospel, we tell the world that the saved life is not worth having.

Perhaps many Christians do not see this, perhaps they don’t really care what the world thinks of them or their actions.  However we should all care, this is the will of God.

As the light shines so goes the darkness, and as believers perform the will of God in their lives then the world will sit up and take notice.  We are called to be witnesses for Christ, to be a light in the darkness, to perform His will on earth as it is in heaven!

Let us all as believers live in the spirit and not the flesh, let us uncover the darkness and expose it for what it is.  Let us walk with God, in the spirit, full of light, wisdom, and truth!  Amen.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


4 thoughts on “Is it merely enough to be saved?

    • Thanks for your comment Lionel Djito!

      No, I am not a SDA, I am a saved, born-again child of God Almighty! I have no affiliation with any Christian denomination.

      God bless!

  1. Hi Gordon.
    I was only thinking about this earlier today and this is what I came up with about why it is that so many of those who say they are born again Christians but do not seem very different in their lifestyles from the world . I must admit that I was the same at certain times as an immature Christian and also as a backslidden one. I thank God that He is faithful and He never left me or forsook me but brought me back into line but the hard way, if I had my life over I would choose the easier way and submit to Him and remain with Him serving Him and never straying from His path.

    So for those that say they are Christians but have never experienced the new spiritual birth, they are unregenerate and therefore remain operating from the flesh not the spirit.
    1 Corinthians 2:14 KJV: But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

    Paul divides men into three classes: psuchikos, “of the senses” Jas 3:15 Jude 1:19 or “natural,” i.e. the Adamic man, unrenewed through the new birth Jn 3:3,5 pneumatikos, “spiritual,” i.e. the renewed man as Spirit-filled and walking in the Spirit in full communion with God Eph 5:18-20 and sarkikos, “carnal,” “fleshly,” i.e. the renewed man who, walking “after the flesh,” remains a babe in Christ 1Cor 3:1-4. The natural man may be learned, gentle, eloquent, fascinating, but the spiritual content of Scripture is absolutely hidden from him; and the fleshly, or carnal, Christian is able to comprehend only its simplest truths, “milk”

    God bless1

    • Thanks for your comment Christine!

      I know that not all believers are at the same level as you have stated. I also know for myself as well as yourself that if we are saved and do not obey the Lord then we will endure storms and be brought low in order to humble ourselves and return to God and His ways.

      I guess my reason in writing this post was to bring to light the true meaning of what being a Christian is or at least should be. That we as believers are to follow God, to obey Him, and to live as Christ lived. That we should strive to follow His will and not our own. We are to lay down our own life and put on Christ and His life.

      The times are getting more difficult, they are becoming darker, and as such we need to really stay focused on God and His will.

      God bless! Maranatha!

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