Deception which leads to Eternal Destruction!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Most people in the world, most religions in the world, believe that it is what we do for God that will save us, that what we do will get us to heaven.  This is a lie from Satan!  Remember who Satan really is, a fallen angel and the father of all lies and deception!

It is not what we can do for God, but it is all about what God has already done for us!  Amen.  God loves us so much, even as sinners, that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ as a propitiation for our sins, all of our sins!

All religions in the world, except for Christianity, believe that they must perform certain acts and do certain things in order to get to heaven.  They believe that they must act certain ways and perform religious rituals to be found holy and righteous, when this is actually anything but the truth!

This may sound strange even to many believers who think that they must read the bible or go to church to be holy and righteous.  Many who believe that they must help those in need to get to heaven, or that they must be good and love one another to get to heaven.  None of these things will get us to heaven, not one!

There is only one way to get to heaven, only one way to be saved, a person must be born again!  The only way to be born again is to repent of ones sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, that’s it, nothing more, nothing less!

We must be born by the blood of Jesus and baptized by His living water the Holy Spirit.  When we are born again we receive the Holy Spirit of God, we are baptized by the Holy Spirit.  When we are physically born we are born of blood and of water, yet this does not get us into heaven, we must be spiritually born by Jesus blood and of His water, living water.

It is not what we can do for God that will save us, it is all about God, it is about what God has done for us!  How many other religions in the world can boast that?!  None that I know of other than Christianity.

Our focus should not be on ourselves or what we do, nor should it be on other people and what they do or don’t do, it should always be on God Almighty!  This is where so many people fall short, why so many choose not to follow Christ, their focus is on the wrong things, the things of this world.

Satan is a great deceiver, and he has deceived the masses into believing many lies and untruths.  He has formed many world religions to distract the masses into believing lies, keeping them from the truth and leading them astray.  He has told the world that there are many ways to heaven, that there are many Gods, and that we ourselves can become a god.  He tells people that they are good and so they will get to heaven by their good works.  All lies straight from the pit of Hell my friends!

In order to see God, in order to obtain the knowledge of the Lord, we must first put down our pride and arrogance, we must put down ourselves, we must humble ourselves and seek God.  God opposes the proud and He gives grace to the humble. 

Evil spirits will plant thoughts in our minds, thoughts which are ungodly and unholy, thoughts which may seem good but in fact are bad.  They will distract us from the truth, they will lead us into temptations, and they will discourage us from seeking the Lord.  It is a battle for our minds, a battle which seeks to destroy us from the inside.

And so it goes, most of the world is deceived by the lies of the evil one, distracted from the truth by unholy deceptions, led astray by worldly views and opinions, and deceived into believing that there are many ways to heaven, when in fact there is only one way!

Many shall follow the gate which is wide and the way which is broad which leads to destruction, but few will find the one and only true path, the narrow gate which leads to salvation!

Accept Jesus Christ now as your Lord and Savior!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

5 thoughts on “Deception which leads to Eternal Destruction!

  1. Amen! It is a sad fact that so many are gathering together in these times doing charitable works and no doubt most of them are no saved in Jesus. I thank God that my worthiness is in Jesus and Him alone He is my righteousness for in me my natural self lies no good thing …nothing! even by best deeds done in the flesh from my fallen Human nature are but filthy rags in Gods Holy sight for there is always something that feeds the pride of man, no matter how subtle. Sadly without the Holy Spirit we are blind to this and it is truly a gift from God when He brings conviction upon a person and they recognise themselves as a sinner lost apart from the Grace and mercy of God all made accessible and possible by the obedience of Jesus the ultimate blood sacrifice that pays our debt in full.

    I had a dream once where I was invited to a fete being held by the Seventh day Adventist Church they were charging 10 pence at the gate to enter into their fete there was a charge. I didn’t pay there was no one to stop me enter through that gate and straight into the fete, I was carrying some Lamb Chops and the blood was dripping through my fingers. I don’t think this dream needs much interpretation does it Gordon? and I think fits in quite well as confirmation of what you have posted today!

    God bless!

  2. Hi Gordon, Absolutely nothing to do with your article but this is what is on my mind to share. I was texting a friend today and discussing how important ministry should be. Out of nowhere I asked the question “How many Christians are doing ministry that will outlive themselves”. Surely anyone who leads a lost sinner to Christ would be included, but on a daily basis shouldn’t that be our goal as Christians, to not be selfish with our time and resources so that our life will have eternal impact through spreading the gospel and helping others way past our own life should the Lord tarry or we pass into heaven at any moment. I will say on my own behalf that I want to have as little wood,hay, and stubble burning up as possible at my rewards judgment. The hard thing is to not let pride or selfishness get in the way of the very Christian labor that I do. Sounds ridiculous but it is easy to go counting numbers or prayers or deeds and feel proud about it. That is some serious hay to burn come rewards for good works. The gold, silver, precious stones will hopefully be rewards that we will gain in our capacity to eternally worship and serve God.
    Just thought I would share some of these things that are on my mind. I consider you a good brother that I can fellowship with in this fashion.


  3. Thanks for sharing Christine!

    Amen to that! Quite a dream and very telling in different ways, as I also see a relationship between the charging of 10 pence to the money changers on the Temple mount, deceived and deceiving, but also the only true way to enter that gate is by the blood of the Lamb.

    God bless! Maranatha!

  4. Thanks for your comment Ethin!

    I believe that after we have been saved God left us here for a reason, and that is to share God with the world. This is the role of believers upon the earth, this is our purpose for being. After all, couldn’t He have just taken us home after we were saved if this were not the case?

    I don’t know about you Ethin, but for myself I know that I need to do much more for the Lord, that I can do much better than I am. Wood, hay and stubble, I know that I have accumulated way too much of that stuff, when I really need to stay focused on what really matters, precious heavenly gold and silver. I do know what you mean about becoming proud about what we have done for God, but I cannot really say for myself that I have reached that point yet, I’m sure there are times when I have felt that way but it is not something that I feel often.

    I think that if we stay focused on God then we will always be aware of our pride and selfishness, and when it’s ugly head comes popping up then we can squash it right away! It’s when we are not really aware of it that it really becomes a problem. But, I see so many believers who are proud and selfish, people who care more about their own life then they do for the life of others, this actually helps me to look within myself, to take a look in the mirror and focus on God.

    The closer I get to the Lord, the more that I feel inadequate, the more that I feel I need to do for God and not myself. The closer I get to God it seems that I endure more hardships, trials, and tribulations, and this draws me even closer to Him. The closer I get to God the more I can see that I am weak, that by myself I am nothing, the sin in my life stands out more and more, and I feel even less worthy of His love then I already did! I know that this is a little off topic, but it is all connected. The fact is that with God our sin is uncovered, it is exposed for what it is, and we begin to see it as such, and as we get even closer to God then it becomes even more apparent.

    Thank the good Lord that we are not saved by anything that we do, because I know for myself that I am not good enough to ever get to heaven! And if we could loose our salvation by our works then all of us would be in trouble! Worthy, who is worthy enough? None, not one. And so it is, God saves us by His grace, to those who would humble themselves, put aside their pride, acknowledge their sin, bow down and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

    I pray that we will have made an impact on the lives of others for Christ after we have died. That what we have done on this earth during our life will carry on for God’s will. I can’t really say of what I have done will and what won’t, only God knows for sure, but I must try and do the best that I can with that purpose in mind. And even if we only lead one person to Christ, then it will have been worth it!

    God bless! Maranatha!

  5. As long as we build on the foundation of Jesus Christ then the combustibles should be eliminated at judgment.

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