The Islamic Invasion from Within!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

There has been a lot going on in just a week and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down!

Just one week ago an Islamic terrorist, known as Salman Abedi, performed a heinous act of evil and violence against scores of people attending a concert in Manchester England.  The perpetrator was believed to be part of an ISIS terror cell.  Twenty two people lost their lives to this act of terror and at least sixty-four have been injured.

Isn’t it about time that the world forgets about its political correctness and tells it how it is?!  Or does it continue to deny the facts, does it continue to disregard what many call “Islamic Extremists” from following through with their sinister plans of taking over the world and instilling Sharia law.

They don’t care who they kill or how many, as long as they continue to do so in the name of Allah.

They tell us that they want to kill us, they say that they are going to take control of the world, they say that they are going to instill Sharia law in the entire world, do we believe what they say or do we ignore it?  We can see by their actions that they seem to mean what they say!

It is when we ignore the obvious, when we disregard what we know to be the truth, this is when destruction comes upon us.   This is what we see happening in Europe and throughout the world, a Muslim invasion, not how we would normally see an invasion take place, but an invasion from within!  We not only see this in Europe but we also see it happening in America, an invasion from within.  From within our government, our schools, and our institutions.  An invasion into the society of the nation, the changing of hearts and minds from what founded this nation to an ideology which seeks to destroy not assimilate!

The world is at odds with itself, it is self-seeking, yet at the same time it is undermining it’s very existence.

Many would argue that this Muslim “extremism” is not part of bible prophecy, however we must understand that there are many things which happen in this world which create the pathway for bible prophecy to be fulfilled.  Many things which are not spoken of which in fact not only lead to the end times, but are actually part of the end times!

Many people may think that this is what I want to happen because I write about it, when nothing could be further from the truth!  I don’t write about it because I want it to happen, I write about it because I see it happening and I am aware of it.  There are so many in the world today who believe that if they just ignore it then it will go away, when in fact it will only get worse!

For Europe, it just may be too late to turn back the hands of time, to stop the Muslim invasion from destroying the fabric of their society.  Their bed has been made and it is now time for them to lie in it, and I also believe that this is true for much of the world, if not all of it!  The world is headed for destruction and there is only one way out, through the blood of Jesus Christ!

Unfortunately it seems that there are very few things other than tragedy that can bring people to hearing the truth, and even that seems to be waning.  When people are so hardened to hearing the truth, then they will be further deceived.

When the world becomes like the “Days of Noah”, when we see men’s hearts wax cold, when evil increases, when the acts of the righteous are seen as wicked and evil, look up for your redemption draws nigh!

There is nothing else in this world that must happen before our Lord Jesus Christ comes to take us home, nothing!  The world does not have to get any worse than it already is, there don’t have to be any more wars there are enough already, there doesn’t have to be any more rumors of wars there are enough of those already!  My point is that Jesus Christ could come in the clouds to rapture His church at any moment!  And as such we should be found ready and waiting, eagerly seeking His return.

Let us all pray for the victims and families of those affected by this horrific terror attack in Manchester.  Let us pray for their peace, their comfort, and for their salvation!  Let us pray that with the loss of these lives comes the newness of life, of eternal life with Jesus Christ!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


9 thoughts on “The Islamic Invasion from Within!

  1. The media seems to be gagged and the political correctness has shut the mouths of most who would speak out for fear of being arrested for hate crime whilst this kind of thing is dumbed down they are allowed to get away with this blatant demonstration of true hate crime as seen in this picture.


  2. I believe it was Obama and elite were behind ISIS to killing all Christians. Spirit of antichrist. Keep in mind, UN hate the Christians and Jews. At the end, God/Jesus will win. Amen!!!!!

  3. Reblogged this on Watchman and commented:
    God is calling all to Repentance and Salvation
    DO you know Jesus ??
    Are you saved ??
    Give your life to Jesus now tomorrow may be too late
    God Bless Maranatha Speed The Day…

  4. I strongly recommend “The Blood of Lambs”, by Kamal Saleem. He’s a former Muslim terrorist, turned Christian Apologist. What he says about Islam and Jihad is very eye-opening, especially about how he came to be in the U.S.

    On the Islamic invasion and biblical prophesy, it’s worth nothing that there are several interesting correlations. We begin with the Muslim Messiah, Imam al-Mahdi.

    When you compare their eschatology to ours, you’ll note that al-Mahdi’s entire existence sounds utterly familiar. Why? Because he matches, attribute for attribute, with the Antichrist found in the Book of Revelation.

    This doesn’t come as much of a surprise when you consider Sahih al-Bukhari, Book 73, Number 224, which says, “Narrated Abu Huraira:

    Allah’s Apostle said, “The most awful name in Allah’s sight on the Day of Resurrection, will be (that of) a man calling himself Malik Al-Amlak (the king of kings).”

    As if that wasn’t enough, here’s another of the volumes worth of examples. One of Allah’s 99 names is al-Mumit, which translates as “The Destroyer”, or “The Taker of Life”.

    As we all know, Scripture shows the Lord God to be life, not death. If Allah is the personification of death, rather than life, then he is most certainly NOT YHWH.

    Who might Allah be, then? He’s none other than Satan, sho has been named “The Destroyer” in Scripture. Islam is literally Satanism in a much prettier form.

    • Thanks for sharing The Ezekiel Project!

      I have written posts about this very thing, making comparisons between Allah and Satan, very telling.

      God bless! Maranatha!

  5. The evil / satanic / demonic sharia law is UNGODLY / UNHOLY and UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!

    Islam is not a religion, it is an ideology Occult of death and destruction. It will be the death of the United States of America!!

    The FALSE PAGANISM OCCULT-IDEOLOGY if islam is NOT a religion!! The FALSE PAGAN moon god allah–satan is NOT a god, it is just one of over 360 FALSE PAGANISM OCCULT-IDEOLOGIES gods than came out of the middle east Arab nations!!

    ( Exodus 20:3 KJV ) “Thou shalt have No other gods before ME.”!!

    ( Joshua 24:15 KJV ) “And if it seem evil unto you to Serve the LORD, Choose you this day whom ye will Serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and My House, We Will Serve the LORD.”!!

    ( Deuteronomy 5:7 KJV ) “Thou shalt have None other gods before ME.”!!

    Please Pray for Israel-Yisrael / Christian Nation United States of America, and our Christian Earth Everyday “Pray Without Ceasing.” ( 1 Thessalonians 5:17 KJV )!!

    May Our ONE True GOD the FATHER who art in HEAVEN ABOVE and HIS SON Jesus-Yeshua Christ Bless All my Sisters and Brothers and Your Families and Friends!!

    ( John 14:6 KJV ) “Jesus-Yeshua Saith unto him, I AM the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE: no man ( or anyone ) Cometh unto the Father, but by ME.”!!

    Jesus ( Yeshua ) Christ IS KING of kings and LORD of lords, HE is the ALPHA and OMEGA, HE is the FIRST and the LAST, HE is the BEGINNING and END, HE is PRESIDENT of presidents, HE is our MESSIAH / SAVIOUR!! Glory Glory Hallelujah, Maranatha, and He Loves You All, Amen–Amein!!

    Love Always and Shalom ( Peace ) Everyone, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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