Doing the Right Thing?!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

How long do we sit back and watch evil fulfill its goal of destruction such as the heinous murder of millions of innocent people in the Middle East and Africa?  Is it nothing more than mere entertainment for the masses or the annihilation of innocent people?

When and where do we draw the line, when do we as a people decide that enough is enough?  Have we gone so far over the deep end that we now just sit back and enjoy the show?!

Is what happened during WWII not enough to wake us up?!  The Nazis exterminated over 6 million Jews, and nothing much was done about it until it was too late.

Hitler promised peace and prosperity among his people, and led them to believe that they would all have a better life, this was during the Great Depression.  During the rise of Adolph Hitler there were many signs that something was awry.  He wrote in Mein Kampf back in the early 20’s of a superior race of humans, the Aryans, and stated that the Jews (whom he called a “virus”) were at the opposite end of the spectrum, and he said that he would eliminate them.  He also stated that he would take control of portions of Europe.  Most people in the world at that time seemed not to have believed him, yet we can look back and see that he most certainly did!

And so it goes with the world today, millions of people are being exterminated as the world sits by, while Christians, Muslims, and Jews are being slaughtered, and Muslim leaders are threatening to annihilate the Jews off of the face of the map!  Yet it doesn’t seem to be a problem with most of the world, in fact the United Nations seems to agree with these Muslim leaders.  Do we listen to what these leaders are threatening or do we ignore them as nothing more than idol threats?!  Do we listen to what these Muslims say when they tell us that they are going to take over the world and replace existing laws with Sharia law?

There comes a time when something must be done to stop the evil from spreading, when the lives of innocent people must be protected.  There comes a time when what is right must be done regardless of the consequences!

President Trump acted in the defense of innocent people, people who were slaughtered by the use of chemical weapons, something that president Obama said that he would do, but instead chose to do nothing at all.  Will it produce more war, will it perhaps escalate tensions between Russia, Syria, and America?  Most likely.  However, at what point do we decide to do what is right, at what point do we show the world that we will not sit idly by while evil people perform murderous rampages?!

This is the way the world is, when you sit back and do nothing to stop evil, then evil will continue on and become even worse!  When a country sits back and does nothing then the world sees that country as weak and will take advantage of it.

If the world decided to just sit back while Hitler was conquering Europe and murdering millions of Jews, what would the world look like now?  Would we all be speaking German and eating bratwurst?  How many more millions if not billions of people would have been exterminated?  Would people without white skin and blue eyes even exist?  Yet this is what is now happening in Africa and the Middle East, the annihilation of millions of people, mostly Christians.

The world is an ugly place and it isn’t getting any better.  We must as a people stand up for what is right, for the protection of innocent lives.  Do we act passively and do nothing while millions of people are being executed?  Or should we fight evil aggression and do what we can to put a stop to it?  These are questions that we all need to be asking ourselves.

I don’t like war, and most of you probably feel the same way.  However, unfortunately at times it is necessary in this world.  If you are an American and the United States comes under attack, what should our response be?  To sit back and be destroyed, to be overrun by the enemy, or do everything we can to fight off the aggressors?

This may not be happening at the moment in America, but it is happening in other parts of the world, and millions of innocent people who cannot defend themselves are being slaughtered!  We as a nation should not be the police of the world, but, should we intervene, and if so when?  When does it become our duty to save innocent lives?  If we have the ability to help should we?  Or should we sit idly by watching?  And if we sit back and watch then how long will it be before this enemy attacks us?

These are questions that are not easy to answer for most of us.  Yet we must do the right thing.  We must pray to God for wisdom, guidance, and understanding, for ourselves, and especially for our leaders.  We must pray for strength and courage.  We must pray for the good Lord to help us in our time of need and in the time of need for others.

As Christians it is our duty to help those in need, to feed them, to shelter them, and to clothe them, but what about defending them against evil doers?  Should we as believers help protect the innocent?

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

2 thoughts on “Doing the Right Thing?!

  1. Protecting the innocent has huge connotations. First of all how do you define “the innocent”??
    Am I prepared to use lethal force to stop someone I don’t know attacking someone else I don’t know, in this situation I could face 20 years to life for murder.
    Why are we paying taxes to have militaries to protect and defend if we take it on that role ourselves to do so.
    You can bet the liberals in this nation would love for the “believers” to start some action to defend the innocent. The “believers” would be the first to die.
    If the “believers” were to take the responsibility to defend “the innocent” then show me someone who is doing this so I can follow their example.
    The bible says there is none good, no not one. So there is none innocent except the unborn and little children. Forget calling adults innocent, there are none.

    Sincerely, Maranatha, Ethin

  2. Thanks for your comment Ethin!

    By “innocent” I am talking about men, women, and children civilians, I understand that we are all guilty of sin (you’re missing my point, perhaps I should have just said people). Does this then mean that we should allow people to slaughter other people without doing anything to stop them? And many of these people being slaughtered are Christians, who are “innocent” in the eyes of God.

    As far as who it is committing these crimes, I am talking about evil people such as ISIS. Second, I am talking about our government doing something to stop them, not us personally as individuals. However, we must make a choice to either support our government in such actions or not.

    But, you bring up a good point, if we witness an attack on people and have a choice to do something or not personally, what do we then do? I believe that if I were to witness people being shot and killed, and I had the opportunity to stop the killer with lethal force, then I would do it. However, I have not yet been in that situation so I cannot say with all certainty that I would actually do it.

    My main point to all of this was to get believers to ask themselves this question, to think about it, to think about the reality of this situation because its only going to get worse! As believers in Jesus Christ, is it our duty to help protect people? Isn’t the greatest act of love the giving of ones self? Sacrificing ones self for another person? After-all, Christ sacrificed Himself for everyone, and all were guilty of sin. Are we not to emulate Christ?

    I for one don’t have all of the answers, but I have many questions. And as Christians, what is the right thing to do?

    God bless! Maranatha!

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