Strange and Unusual Events, Stand Firm in Your Faith of God!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world is a crazy place, and crazy things are happening!  We must not be surprised when we hear of very strange and unusual events taking place nor should we fear.

The bible is chocked full of interesting and amazing facts, of things which occurred on earth which if happened today most people would be either in shock or total disbelief!

Take for instance the parting of the Red Sea, of giants roaming the land, of Jesus walking on water, of people being raised from the dead!  All very strange and unusual events, yet all real and all amazing.

Most of us live in a world where things just seem normal, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing which would be classified as very strange and unusual, as an uncommon or supernatural event.  But if something were to happen which was very unusual, something which would turn our world upside down, just what would we think and believe?!

As believers in Jesus Christ we must know the word of God, we must be firm in our faith, and we must know that God is always with us!  Do not allow strange and unusual events to alter your faith, to lead you astray, or to draw you into a lie.

People in the world are being conditioned to believe lies, to follow the leading of evil spirits, and to rebel against God Almighty!

At times we all go through trials and tribulations, we have ups and we have downs, but we should always know that God is with us through it all!  Let us not forget this!  Seek the Lord in all things, give Him thanks in all things, whether good or bad, give Him thanks.  It is not the bad situation that we give thanks for, but for God and His goodness, for His mercies, and for His grace to make all things work together for our good!

Whatever happens in this life, trust in the Lord, follow Jesus Christ, and listen to that still small voice of God!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

3 thoughts on “Strange and Unusual Events, Stand Firm in Your Faith of God!

  1. Satan knows his time is short. I believe the rapture is very near. I can feel it. I’m not setting the date, but I know it’s coming. I’ve been warning to my friends and relatives about UN Agenda 2030 plan and they scoffed at me. Red Flag. Look up!!!

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