Increasing Evils, Take Comfort, God is with us and for us!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world as we now know it will never be the same!  More Islamic terror as ISIS claims responsibility for a deadly attack in London, and police killing a man yielding a machete in Washington state.  What in the world is going on?!

The world is in turmoil and the wickedness and evil are on the rise!  Some people just don’t seem to be in their right mind, and the forces of evil are prevailing in the hearts of many!

What we are now witnessing in the world is merely a precursor of things to come, things which will only intensify in insanity, intensity, and frequency!  Once the Tribulation period begins all hell will literally break loose!

So why is it then that we see so much evil and insane behavior now in the world?  It’s because we are nearing the beginning of the Tribulation period!  As in labor pains, the evil will become much more evil and sinister as we approach this time in history.

So what does this mean for the church?  It means that the rapture of the church is very near, even at the doors, and Jesus Christ could return for the church at any moment!

The church is the body of Christ, yet, once the church is removed from the world there will be no more church found on earth.  Yet, there will still be people saved, yet they are not part of the church!  How many Christians have ever thought about this?  Not many I suspect, as I have never heard this taught before.  The souls saved after the rapture of the church are not part of the church, only those saved during the church age, which is now, for a short while longer.

We are to be looking up for our blessed hope, for the return of Jesus Christ for His bride!  We do not know the day nor the hour of His return for us.  However, if we believe that the rapture will happen after the Tribulation period begins, then we could possibly know the day, as we have prophesied events occurring at specific times in future history.  We would have a much better understanding of just when Christ is returning by plotting out a time line of future events, however, this is not in teaching with scripture, as Christ could return at any time!

Those saved after the beginning of the Tribulation period will have to endure very harsh and evil times!  They will suffer at the hands of the Antichrist, they will suffer times of never before seen evil on this planet!

If we are now saved, then we should thank the good Lord for His mercy and grace upon us!  We should give Him thanks for saving us now!

I am telling you, things in this world are about to become very dark, and by that I mean very evil and wicked, much more so than they already are!

Wicked and satanic beings are hard at work, attempting to destroy what God has created, they are coming against God’s precious children, and they are relentless in their demonic activity.  Therefore, we as children of the Most High God of the universe must remain faithful and true, we must be steadfast and stand firm in our faith and beliefs.  Seek God and the things of heaven above, do not be alarmed when people of the world come against you, do not be shaken when you see evil come to pass, for it is written that it will happen!

If the world hated Christ, then why would it not hate us also?  Take heart in knowing that we are on the right side, that we have God within us, and that God and His mighty angels are at our side!  They go before us and light our path, they stand upon the hills above us and protect us from evil doers. 

Comfort yourselves with the word of God, take heed to what the good Lord tells us is the truth, and be encouraged that Jesus Christ is coming very soon for His bride!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


4 thoughts on “Increasing Evils, Take Comfort, God is with us and for us!

  1. Thank you Gordon! I agree we are seeing unprecedented escalation of evil and darkness in these current times and it is getting worse daily and people in the world are blinded as to what is coming . Apart from The Holy Bible there is no safe place for unbelievers to go for information as a lot of the denominational churches are just not holding fast to the Word and the end time teachings from many churches is either non existent or misguiding because there is so much confusion amongst them. It would appear that the one world religion is taking shape at an alarming speed with the agreement of the pope and some evangelical teachers agreeing on aspects of doctrine that once separated but is now modified to be acceptable to catholics and evangelicals . It is imperative that we do not rely on mans interpretation but seek the Lord for discernment and wisdom . I have heard different interpretations of what we are witnessing but I know what I believe and our Lord is not a God of confusion, therefore, we ask Him for wisdom and discernment and trust in Him to keep us from the deception that will be sweeping many into accepting interfaith worship and that other faith roads can lead to God and not just the crossroad = Jesus , who is The Way The Truth and The Life and the ONLY way to The Father. I expect they will have to modify that scripture too so that is doesn’t offend!

    I have found myself waking up with verses of a song going round and round in my mind it is telling me:-
    Nothing in the world is going to hold me back and nothings going to keep me in, I am going to run like the wind!!! ( we will fly) but I know what this means to me, The Rapture is imminent!

    God bless you Gordon!

    • Thanks for your comment Christine!

      Isn’t it sad that so many believers and church leaders do not study the entire bible?! They avoid sections which seem to difficult for them to understand and other sections that they just don’t agree with or don’t want to believe is the truth. They act as if they know better than God does about what is really important and what the truth is!

      Is this perhaps the “falling away”, or a part of it spoken to us by the apostle Paul? Could it possibly be that if believers do not seek to know the whole truth, if they turn away from portions of it, and if they replace other portions with false doctrines, that this is part of the falling away? I believe that it is bible prophecy coming to pass!

      God bless! Maranatha!

  2. Hi Gordon, I think it is part of the falling away but I am beginning to believe there is a much greater falling away coming, I have been exploring some of the Christian sites that have reported on a possible fake rapture that will likely take place before the true rapture and will lead to many Christians (perhaps not Spirit filled) to fall away when they think they have been left behind.. As I said before there is a lot of confusion out there and I don’t want to add to it but I believe The Lord is causing me to explore different things relating to reported sightings of UFO’s and Illuminati plans for one world government/ religion. I see there is a possibility of a fake rapture and then the fake return of Jesus ( it will be anti christ) The best expose I have read so far as I can discern is from Christian site called – The Cutting Edge- just type in fake rapture. I feel like Daniel sometimes with these revelations where they have such an impact on me I am left exhausted physically (not spiritually). God is good though plenty of time to rest now I am retired and He is giving me discernment so I am sifting through the various theories. I do believe the UFO’s will be part of the lying signs and wonders and will be done by holographic images and lasers to deceive people that an enlightened species have come to Earth as guides (very new age!) I also think it likely that the Anti Christ Spirit working through the Illuminati may create a fake rapture to bring discouragement to Christians and maybe used to even abduct or kill people. They may also try to convince the masses when the True Rapture takes place that these people were abducted by Aliens or even taken for their spiritual purification so they would be able to accept the christ when he returns (really antichrist), I am seeing the possibility that the Antichrist will surely appear seemingly from the sky to deceive that this is the actual return of Jesus, it will be done using holographic Images and will be able to speak in languages and dialects over different areas through satellites to TV’s etc. i am not however stating that any of the above is exact and I am still seeking The Lord on all of it for a knowing but have found it makes a lot of sense as to why so much is being made of UFO’s etc, THE DELUSION WILL BE STRONG INDEED AND WILL DECEIVE EVEN THE ELECT IF IT WAS POSSIBLE. I pray The True Church will not be deceived and Our Father Almighty God will keep The Bride of Christ pure spotless and blameless and awake watching and waiting or His return!


    • Thanks for your comment Christine!

      I believe that there is a form of falling away at this time, however I believe that it will get much worse. There will come further deception and lies coming from the evil one and those following him. This is why it is so vitally important to know scripture, to strengthen our faith, thereby increasing our ability to discern right from wrong, truth from lies.

      And scripture tells us that false christs and false prophets will arise and deceive even the elect if possible, showing great signs and wonders.

      We must stand firm and steadfast, increasing our faith, and allowing the good Lord to work in us and through us.

      God bless! Maranatha!

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