Are we too much Like the World?!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Do believers in Jesus Christ struggle in this world as unbelievers do?  What differentiates the Christian from the unsaved?  What is it that makes us different from those of the world, that makes us stand out and shine in a world full of darkness?

Unbelievers have many struggles in life, they endure hardships and tribulations, they have many obstacles to overcome.  They battle daily with keeping up with the bills, with illness, with raising children, and much more in a world gone mad!

Believers in Jesus Christ also have these same issues to deal with, yet we also have to battle between the spirit and the flesh!  Christians not only have to contend with the same issues that unbelievers do but so much more!  We not only struggle with the flesh but with the world and against evil spirits.  Life for a true believer in Jesus Christ is much more difficult than it is for an unbeliever. 

As believers we struggle daily with our work, our income, our health, our relationships, but we also endure trials and tribulations that the unbeliever does not.  We have been given a new spirit, made a new creation, and as such we fight daily between the spirit and the flesh.  Although we are a new creation we still have that old sin nature within us, it has been overcome yet it remains.  And there are times when this sin nature raises its ugly head and attempts to overcome our spirit.

This sin nature is of the flesh, it is carnal and of this world.  Our spirit is from above, from our heavenly Father.  One of our battles exists between the two, between the ways of this world and the ways of our Father in heaven, and even the apostles struggled between the two, it’s nothing new and has been around since Adam and Eve.

Another thing that Christians have to contend with are evil and demonic spirits.  These spirits are real and they will attack any and all believers, attempting to weaken our faith, to place doubts and fears into our hearts, and even try to steal our soul!  Theirs is to steal, kill, and destroy!

So you can see that life for a believer in Jesus Christ is much more difficult than it is for an unbeliever.  For an unbeliever he merely has to contend with the world, much of it he is in agreement with.  He follows the ways of the world and of Satan.  He does not contend with evil spirits but is led by them!  He does not contend with God but rebels against Him, he merely turns away and follows the easy path.  He does not fight with the flesh but gives into it, his ways are not spiritual but carnal!  The ways of the wicked are much easier in the short-term than are the ways of the righteous, yet they lead to eternal destruction!

So what differentiates a Christian from a non-Christian? 

Do we as believers look the same as an unbeliever does?  Do we think alike, look alike, and act alike?  Do our morals and values equal the values of the unsaved?  Do our thoughts and opinions mirror the thoughts and opinions of unbelievers?  These are all questions that we should be asking ourselves.

Much of the church today is carnal, meaning that they are following not their spirit but their flesh!  They are living not only in the world but of the world.  They think like unbelievers, they act like unbelievers, and they look like unbelievers, there is not much difference between the two.  Is this how Christians living in today’s world are supposed to be?  I think not!

So why is it that so much of the church today is living like the world lives?  I don’t have all of the answers for that question but I do believe that one answer is that these believers have left their first love, God!  They have forgotten just who it is that created them, who it was that saved them. 

Second, they have wandered away from the truth and replaced it with worldly lies and deceptions.  They are not in tune with their spirit nor with the Holy Spirit.  Therefore they do not have the ability to discern right from wrong, nor truth from lies.  They have allowed the evil one to permeate their minds and their hearts!

Third, they enjoy their worldly lives so much that they have chosen to follow the world, to live as the world lives and not as our Father in heaven lives.  They have chosen the carnal over the spiritual!

Fourth, ignorance!  Yes I said it, ignorance!  Many believers just don’t seem to understand that being saved is only the beginning, that there is so much more to being a true believer in Jesus Christ!  We are to read and study God’s word, to immerse ourselves in it, to meditate upon it, and to live it out in our lives daily!  Many believers seem to think that once they are saved then that’s it, that nothing else needs to be done, and that they can continue on with their carnal lifestyles.  Nothing could be further from the truth my friends!  They want it both ways, the best of two worlds, being saved yet living in sin, being forgiven yet continuing on with a sinful lifestyle.

Fifth is what we feed our minds.  Just as we feed our bodies, we are what we eat!  Many believers live on a diet of worldly values, opinions, and media, when we should be filtering what we put into our minds and our hearts.  We should as believers be listening to godly wisdom, biblical truths, and feeding on the word of God!  If we merely feed our minds and our hearts with the simple gospel message and nothing more of God’s word, then continue to feed our minds and our hearts with worldly input, what shall our thoughts, opinions and values be?  Certainly not godly!  This is being a baby Christian, only able to eat milk and not meat, only able to understand the very basic things of God and not really getting to know God!  Not able to discern the truth, not able to make wise and godly decisions.

As Christians we are to pick up our cross and follow Jesus!  We are to turn our lives over to Him the minute we are saved.  He purchased us with a price, the price of His own life, and we owe Him more than we could ever pay, the least we could do is to remain faithful and true!

God chastens His children for sin, He reprimands us when we get out of line and when we fall away.  Being a true follower of Christ and falling away has its consequences!  Don’t believe it?!  Well I know for certain that it’s true because I have done it, I did live a sinful lifestyle and I have paid the price for it!  I fell away from the truth many years ago and the good Lord chastised me, not just once but many times over again.  I have been very stubborn in my life time, I have always wanted to do things my way and in my time, and let me tell you that the good Lord did not approve!  He chastised me to the point of being utterly broken, down on my knees, repenting of my sins, and asking Him to forgive me!

And even though God will forgive us we will still pay the price for sinning, we will suffer the consequences of that sin!  We reap what we sow! 

What is it that makes us different from those of the world, that makes us stand out and shine in a world full of darkness?

There is only one thing that makes us any different from those of the world, and that is being saved through the blood of Jesus Christ!  If it were not for Jesus in our lives than our lives would be the same.  Jesus Christ is what makes the difference, He is the one who sees us through the difficult times, He is the one who helps us in times of trouble, and He is the one who gives us power, courage, and comfort!

Jesus Christ gave Himself as a sacrifice so that we could become one with Him and our Father in heaven.  He gave of Himself so that He could live in us and through us.  This is the difference between the unsaved and the saved, it is God in us!  We are to allow God to live through us as a light, as a beacon to the world, sharing His love to the broken-hearted, helping those in need, and making a difference in a dark, dark world.

God in us, through us, and all around us, that is what make the difference!  Without God we are hopeless, but with God we have hope and can do all things!  So how can a Christian overcome such darkness in the world?  How can we make it through each and everyday against such enormous odds?  It is by allowing Christ to work in and through us, by listening to the Holy Spirit within, by listening to that still, small voice.  It is by following the teachings of Christ, by living it out daily in our lives, by picking up our cross and turning our lives over to Jesus!  That’s what makes the difference, that is how we overcome, and that is what makes us standout in a world gone mad!

We can overcome trials and tribulations, we can walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we can be overcomers if we allow Christ to live within us!  For it is not us who overcomes, but He who has given us life!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

6 thoughts on “Are we too much Like the World?!

  1. Thank you Gordon for another edifying post!

    A house divided against itself cannot stand! This is something the Lord has been showing me recently in little things that might be mistaken as prudent advise . I think it is easy for us to slip into saying something on the surface that seems right but on closer inspection in the light it is worldly, for me there have been a couple of occasions recently when I have been talking to a family member who is not a Christian but is having problems at work and I had given them so called helpful advise but it had been worldly (eg: go and talk to the trade union rep at work, go and see doctor because of bullying at work and your symptoms of anxiety ) and I have been chastened by The Lord because of it and had to go back to them explaining I gave you worldly advise that is common to everyone and may or may not be necessary but as a Christian this is what the word of God says that is always necessary when we find ourselves in situations of conflict ( Pray and forgive all trespasses, pray for those that spitefully misuse you, do good and do not return evil, love your neighbour, turn the other cheek etc etc).
    It may be rejected even in anger or thought totally impossible for the hearing unbeliever to comply with, this is because self is on the throne but that doesn’t mean I can counsel them according to their values , I am a Christian and I can’t have one set of values for myself and Christian brothers and sisters and another set for when I am interacting with worldly people. I must be undivided and stand for The Kingdom God in all things with all beings , the big things seem easier its the little things that can trip us up!


  2. Amen!
    May our Lord open our hearts to receive His precious gift of forgiveness and love, of truth and discernment, of guidance and perseverance.. in Jesus’ holy name, I pray. Amen. Prayer is a powerful gift let’s use it often.
    In a world determine to bring us down to their level of everything that is the opposite of what God intended, may we have His strength in us to endure.
    One has a choice to come out of the world and be part of God’s kingdom or be part of the world and forfeit life eternal. Choose wisely. God bless us all.

    Well said Gordon, thank you. Pray this finds you well, my friend. Godspeed.

  3. Thanks for your comment Christine!

    I agree with you, we shouldn’t be giving worldly advice, however there are times when a person should seek medical advice from a professional, even counseling. I do believe that the good Lord has given many people gifts such as being a doctor or a counselor, and He has also given us medications to use for illnesses. However, as you have stated, we should also be giving advice from our spiritual viewpoint, from a godly perspective, even though most will probably not respond favorably.

    1 Corinthians 2:14
    “The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.”

    And even though this is true, it is God who gives the ability to see things clearly with a softened heart, it is He who opens the eyes and the ears. We can plant a seed, but it is God’s job to make it grow.

    There are many times when believers say and do the wrong thing, many times when we ourselves may not see things so clearly, we are after-all human. However as you have stated and done, it is up to us to make things right when we see the error of our ways, this is righteous and holy. Like I said in my post, it isn’t easy being a believer, we must live in a world gone mad, a world ruled by the evil one. All of us will at some time make mistakes and even fall to sin, this is inevitable. But we must get back up, repent of our sins, and carry on with God’s will. Amen.

    God bless! Maranatha!

  4. Thanks for your comment SweetJava!

    We must as believers remained focused on what is the most important thing of all, God! We must have a heavenly perspective on life and make our decisions accordingly.

    God bless! Maranatha!

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