Spiritual Darkness moving in!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

There is a heaviness in the air, a spiritual darkness which is now seeking to overtake what is good, what is righteous and holy.  Can you feel it?!  Can you sense the unnerving darkness which is overwhelming the world?

As time goes on it becomes heavier and thicker, as a growing fog consuming the landscape, so too will it attempt to consume everything in its path.  It is seeking to destroy the works of God Almighty, and it will attempt to stop good in the world from triumphing.

I have felt this from the beginning of 2017, and as such I have been ill for most of the year, and now my time is being taken away for even posting on this site.  I know what is coming from reading and studying scripture, and I know that times will get much worse before they get better, and I can feel it happening and I can sense the darkness!

As we come closer and closer to the beginning of the Tribulation period this darkness will intensify because Satan knows that his time is short.  His evil minions will move with greater speed and with greater force.  What we see manifesting itself into our physical dimension is from another dimension, the spiritual dimension.  The veils between these two dimensions is growing thin, and the evil is moving much easier between these veils.

These are times when we must be walking in the spirit, walking with God!  We must be aware, alert, and always seeking the Lord for His wisdom and guidance.  We must remain in prayer, in worship, and faithful to our God, if not then we may just find ourselves succumbing to the lies of the evil one.

While the world participates in ungodly rituals, while it seeks to undermine what is holy and righteous, we must put on the whole armor of God and fight against these evil spirits.  For we are not fighting against flesh and blood but against evil spirits, against powers and principalities in high places.

Do not be surprised when you see an increase in wickedness, when you hear of increased evil and violence for it will happen.  But know this, that if you are truly a child of the Most High God of the universe, Jesus Christ, then He is with you and you already have the victory!

It’s a matter of time, and what we do with that time that counts.  Let us walk in the spirit, perform God’s will on earth, and give thanks and glory to the One who created us all!  He is the victor, and if we are in Him then we are victors as well!

As the chaos, confusion, and evil intensifies it will become even more important to be close to the Lord.  We must remain in prayer, remain faithful to God, and listen to His quiet voice.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

9 thoughts on “Spiritual Darkness moving in!

  1. Very true Gordon, pray you’re feeling better. Change is coming… darkness is all around us and will continue.
    Our only recourse is to stay true to God’s Word, stay steadfast & endure come what may, til He takes us home. As sure as the sun comes up from the east so will the Son of Man, the promised hope, come(s). Let’s cheer one another up with that thought.
    And keep ourselves informed and not be frighten, for Scriptures’ tells us all must take place, as you mentioned it’s intensifying. We are told what’s to occur before it happens so when it does one lifts up one’s eyes to the heavens, our ‘redemption draws near’. Always in payer and thanksgiving, believing, trusting everything works out for the best. Eventhough at times we can’t quite see the good in our immediate future, doesn’t mean it’s not coming in some form or other, some form or another.. hard knocks are tough, hanging in there is tough. Every day is a challenge in one way or another. God has His purpose for each of us, trust Him. Believe. He’s in control.
    Live God’s truth, be the light in whatever capacity you can in a world so desperately needing to witness examples of faith & why we believe in a God of love and forgiveness, let them see God’s goodness in you, without argument or strife. Following Jesus’ example so when the Lord comes He finds us ready and furthering His cause. We all are family, spiritually. It takes time for each person to realize truth. Pray for ppl who brush you off, make friends with ppl who are interested & open to receive the message of hope. One’s little light stretches near & far. Always in the love of the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. They’re our main focus, with Them at the helm of our life it’s easier to know our pain is not forever. Spiritual darkness is moving rapidly, especially attacks on believers.. Yet, LOVE conquers, conquered! Begins with ‘the truth, the way and life’.
    God bless us all. Thanx G., wishing you peace and good health to you & yours. SweetJava

  2. Since Trump took the office, the Dark Forces are attacking Trump and evil are rising. We as Christians need to be prepare and fight against the demons. Satan knows his time is short. I believe the rapture is very near. Keep in mind, Obama is now working with shadow government to attack Trump and Americans. Obama is in bed with One World Government.

  3. Right on Gordon, most people don’t have a clue about the spiritual darkness. I understand it like you do. You expose the devils work and this makes you a target. The world is in such a dark situation, To me it feels like when the automatic transmission came out in cars. People who did not know what it was would put the gear in neutral and floor the gas pedal and the engine would rev like crazy but the car would not move. This is like the world is, the cities and buildings and roads and movement and airplanes and ships and wars and movements of militaries are all revving in motion but nothing is really happening. The world is revving up with end time events and the devil is in control. I feel the same oppression as I try to serve the Lord. it is getting harder all the time.
    Maranatha! Ethin

  4. Thank you SweetJava for your prayers and comments!

    It is at times very difficult to stand firm in our beliefs remain faithful, as the world and evil spirits attack us from without and even from within. Yet, as you have said so clearly, we must remain faithful to our Lord, we must know that He is with us in all things and through all things. This should give us reassurance, encouragement, and the confidence that we need to get through whatever trials or tribulations come our way.

    God bless! Maranatha!

  5. Thanks for your comment Jim!

    I completely agree with you! Let us all pray against these evil forces, united in prayer, united in our faith.

    God bless!

  6. Thanks for your comment Ethin!

    I really do appreciate your comment as it confirms what I have been feeling and sensing lately, I don’t feel as though I am just loosing my mind! I understand your analogy, its as though nothing is happening, yet at some point in time the car is going to be put into drive, then all hell is going to break loose!

    God bless! Maranatha!

  7. I agree with you and all the comments before mine! I too have been in circumstances of witnessing by posting articles, podcasts etc to 76 acquaintances on facebook as led by The Lord for a year or more and seeing some progress but just now it’s as if everything goes back to darker than before, the devil and his minions are putting up a fight and it is relentless, the people I was witnessing to are posting things advertising spiritualist meetings, tarot card readings, Buddhist sayings and other mystical things, everything except Jesus Christ! I have been stone walled/shunned by most of them for now but I praise God that ultimately the victory is Jesus Christs and the devil must loose those that are going to be His. There is a lot of spiritual confusion out there. Don’t grow weary keep fighting we are waging war against spiritual powers not flesh and blood, the fight is raging in the heavenlies! We are more than conquerors in Jesus Christ! It is tempting to grow weary and give up on people but I won’t until I get the command to shake the dust off my feet and move on, at present the Lord has added another Christian very recently to my contacts so there are 3 Committed Christians maybe 2 more that are nominal Christians as such within those 76 contacts but you would think I was treading the winepress alone because there is little show of support so far! Trusting the Lord for the increase….. I can do nothing apart from Him!

    I remember you in my prayers Gordon, God bless you!

  8. Thanks for your comment Christine!

    Wow, 76 of them and most worshiping idols and false gods! You know, I have been writing this blog for almost 5 years now, and I only have 1,417 followers, while that may seem like a lot I would think that after 5 years it would be much higher. Yet, it is not always the numbers that count but the message that we send out to those in need. Perhaps the good Lord is using you to reach souls which are in desperate need to hear the truth, perhaps for encouragement, perhaps to build their faith, and most likely to plant some seeds.

    I write things which don’t always spark a flame in everyone’s heart, yet they seem to always be a message from the Lord for someone! And as such I have been blessed in knowing that someone else has been blessed and encouraged by it, whether or not it has been one soul or many.

    And the good Lord told me when I started this site that if only one soul comes to salvation through this site then it will all be worth it, and it most definitely has! So whether or not you reach one soul or many souls just remember that God has a plan and He is using you for His will, His words will never return void.

    God bless Christine, and thank for your prayers! Maranatha!

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