Is the Church losing its saltiness? Is the Church falling away?

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

Something has come to my mind and spirit lately, I am in no way stating that this is what is happening or in fact will happen, but it is something to consider and ask the good Lord for His wisdom and insight into.  This is something that I have not really thought of before, yet for some reason it came to me and is stirring my spirit.

If we take a look at the church these days what do we see?  Falling away from the truth, division, separation, acceptance of worldly views and opinions.  We see the church which was meant to be the salt of the earth losing it’s saltiness!

And if salt loses its ability to do what it was meant to do then what good is it anymore?

I am in no way stating that the entire church of Jesus Christ is disobedient, has fallen away, or has lost its saltiness, however, much of it has!  Much of it has become a sweet sound to itching ears, words given to those seeking confirmation of a life not just in the world but of the world.  The church setting has become a place of sanctuary on Sunday mornings, a place of religious rituals meant to satisfy God’s demand of obedience, once a week!

Is this what Christianity is really all about?  I think not.

There are many good and righteous churches in the world with many true and faithful believers in Jesus Christ, yet there are many living not only in the world but of the world!

These are my thoughts:  What if God is waiting for the church to lose so much of its saltiness that He raptures it?  After all, if the church as a whole becomes ineffective in fulfilling God’s will then why leave it here any longer?

When the world becomes so dark that the church is ineffective in continuing to fulfill God’s will, then what purpose does the church have on the world?

I have never before heard any preacher or for that matter any other believer stating that this may in fact be the case.  What I have heard is just the opposite, that there will be a great revival and that the church will grow stronger and more effective in the end times.  Yet, everything I see happening is just the opposite.  Churches conforming to world standards, blending of other religions with Christianity, and many churches preaching how to become prosperous and live a good worldly life.

I believe that there will be more people saved before the rapture of the church, but scripture also tells us that there will also be people being saved up to His second coming, as difficult as it will be.

As the world grows darker than more people will have hardened hearts to the truth, and as people continue to harden their hearts the world becomes even darker.  And as more people of the world become more wicked they will see the light of Christ as wicked and evil, this is just a fact.

We already know that the end times are likened to the days of Noah when the only thing in their hearts was evil continually and God was sorry that He made them!  And so it is in these last days, men’s hearts are becoming evil continually, morals and values have been on the decline for decades now, what was once thought of as evil is now considered good, and what was good is now evil.  Societies are being transformed into accepting abominations to God as laws of the land, and Christians are being demonized as wicked and evil!

And perhaps this is what the apostle Paul meant when he said the great falling away will come first, and then the Antichrist will be revealed.  Perhaps Paul was saying that the church will fall away, it will lose its saltiness and effectiveness, then the Lord will rapture the church out of here, just before the beginning of the Tribulation period.

And if this is so just how close are we to the rapture of the church?!  Closer than most of us believe I think!

Like I said, I don’t know if this is how it will all play out, yet it is something to seriously consider.

Pray to the good Lord for wisdom, insight, and knowledge.  Pray for understanding, clarity, and truth.

Be ready at all times, walk in the spirit and overcome the flesh.  Give God thanks in all things, seek God first and know that He loves you!  All of the praise and glory to God!  Amen.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

8 thoughts on “Is the Church losing its saltiness? Is the Church falling away?

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    God is calling all to Repentance and Salvation
    DO you know Jesus ??
    Are you saved ??
    Give your life to Jesus now tomorrow may be too late
    God Bless Maranatha Speed The Day…

  2. There is a worldliness culture in the church, I pray the rapture will occur before this world saturates and fills the church.

  3. Thanks for your comment Ethin!

    The world is most definitely infiltrating the church, and many in the church are being deceived and led astray. I truly believe that this is a sign of the times and that we are very close to the rapture of the church!

    God bless! Maranatha!

  4. I personally believe there will be a separation and the wise virgins who kept their lamps trimmed with oil (the Holy Spirit) will be Raptured but many that didn’t keep their lamps trimmed will be left behind and will have to go through the tribulation for purification. I do believe that some unbelievers of whom many may have been sitting on the fence prior to the Rapture will come through and be Born Again but will have to face the most horrendous persecution of Christians In the Tribulation period along with the Believers who were not completely prepared as part of The Bride at the time of The Rapture. They so loved their life in this world that they remained to a greater degree carnal and dressed in filthy rags of dead works with little evidence of surrender to the working of The Holy Spirit in sanctification ( setting apart ). The Way of The Cross.

    I also know that many have been and are being drawn out of churches where there has been a falling away from the truth and where false gospels / doctrines abound. I have even read of devout Christians that have felt physically sick on entering the church car parks and feelings of anxiety/ panic when in church. Others may read something different into this but I think there are many that have and are now being called out from beyond the walls to meet with the Lord in the wilderness. These called out ones are meeting with other Christians in diverse ways but not in the recognised institutional or organised church ways. I am one of these followers of Jesus and know what it is to spend time alone with the Lord in the wilderness and more recently have been brought into the gathering together in Spirit with others who worship in Spirit and Truth though not through a physical meeting together once a week in a building but in a spiritual unity and connection.

    I believe He (The Bridegroom ) is waiting for His Bride to join Him outside the walls of some of the so called recognised churches that are meeting in buildings, and following a mixture of man made traditions and doctrines, having fallen away from the love of the truth, the True Gospel Message and teaching of The Way of The Cross in following Jesus.

    I am not saying that all churches have fallen away and gone into Apostasy but many have in these times, however, even in those churches that profess to know God but deny the Truth there are still a faithful few who are keeping their lamps trimmed and are walking the way of the cross submitting to the Holy Spirit’s guidance in their daily lives, they are being called to come out , outside the walls of those false churches and be separate unto The Lord. Even though there seems no where else good to go they must depend on The Lord and listen to Him, He is able to keep until His coming.

    Jesus is the Good Shepherd and His sheep hear His voice and will follow no other! We must in these times listen to what He is saying to His Church, His Bride, and follow wherever He leads us to go. We must be or very soon become Rapture ready!


  5. Thanks for your comment Christine!

    That is a very interesting viewpoint. I appreciate your point of view and am not writing this to argue but to discuss, to try and learn the truth together as believers in Christ.

    I believe that the parable of the ten virgins means those that are saved and those that are unsaved, but I cannot say so with 100% certainty.

    I believe that God will rapture the church, meaning the whole church, the whole body of Christ at the same time. I believe this because the church is the body of Christ and I do not believe that He will rapture only portions of His own body. I believe that the marriage of Christ with the church will occur during the Tribulation period as well as the marriage supper of the Lamb, what other time will there be for this to occur? After Christ’s second coming? At that time the saints will rule and reign with Christ for one thousand years, and scripture tells us that the saints will also come with Him at His second coming. You could say that only the saints who were ready will return with Christ and that the marriage and supper will occur during Christ’s Millennial reign, but I don’t believe so.

    Another thing that I believe is that we are purified by Jesus Christ, nothing of our own doing, and our final purification or sanctification will come when Christ comes to take us home at the rapture, when we are also glorified and given a new body. We will all be judged by our works, and our good works will be rewarded and our evil works burned up in fire. Jesus came to forgive us of all sins, past, present, and future.

    I have however thought before that perhaps those who believe in a pretrib rapture would be taken at that time, those who believe in a midtrib taken at that time, and so on, that it depends upon our beliefs of the rapture, but that then negates what I have said earlier, that Christ will take the whole body of Christ together. I believe that if we are truly saved then Christ will take us in the rapture, if not then He won’t. We don’t know for sure just how things will play out, but I believe with all of my heart that being rapture ready is being saved. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be walking in the spirit or found being obedient to God when He comes for us, merely that there isn’t anything that we ourselves can do other than repenting of our sins and accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. I believe that when Jesus died for us on the cross that it was more than sufficient for our sanctification, our glorification, and to wash away all of our sins.

    God bless! Maranatha!

  6. I too am not writing to argue only to discuss and share my views and thoughts on this matter.

    I believe only Christians that have had the revelation of Jesus Christ and are Born Again of His Spirit are The True Church and the simplest expression of the Ekklesia is that which satisfies the Lord’s heart and gives Him a place. The church (small c, the visible church is a mixture) it is full of so called christians that have not had a life changing revelation and many have only intellectual faith and works and they will not be Raptured because they are still carnal and have not had the sanctification work of The Lord through the cross applied to their natural lives, therefore, many who think they are Christians but are not, may then go through purification in The Lord after the rapture when they realise what has happened and repent. Jesus is building His Church , The Ekklesia and always has been and it is spiritual, it is those that are called out from the world and for the most part it does not resemble what the world sees in the visible church. A lot of what goes on in the different denominations and churches with a small c are not being built by Him but by man especially in institutional organised religious churches like The Roman Catholic Church , The Anglican Church, and many others that are steeped in traditions of man and/ or their own doctrines . Lots wife looked back because she loved the things of this world and so she did not follow her husband to safety. I think those Christians that still love their lives in this world and surprisingly even in leadership for there are those building their own little empires having not submitted to the work of the cross severing them from the things of the world such as ambition etc. I do think ( my personal belief) that some who are Christians who are born again but are carnal in their daily walk, loving their lives in this world will not be able to leave everything and go to the Lord when He calls for them to meet Him in the Clouds because their hearts remain tied to the things of this world, those are the ones I think may have to go through the tribulation which will bring the personal cross into their lives and free them from the love of this world and purify their hearts in obedience unto the Lord only.
    Many churches these days preach an easy Gospel and get people to recite the sinners prayer by rote A.B.C and then convince them that is all that is necessary telling them they are saved but they may get religion that way but they do not always get Jesus . The Lord looks on the heart and that easy cheap gospel message that is marketed and packaged in the same way a salesman makes a sales pitch is presented as a Gospel that is decidedly in the hearers favour but does not often produce Saints that are willing to deny themselves pick up their cross daily and walk in the footsteps of their master because then it means suffering , rejection, ridicule and loss of everything even their families and friends and maybe their very lives to follow Him. The true Gospel message calls for people to count the cost before following Christ as disciples and that they are told to pick up their cross daily and deny self for it is the narrow way that is hard and leads to life ,not the easy path that is wide and easy but ultimately leaves people on the outside of the true revelation of Jesus as The Way The Truth and The Life. The Lord makes it ALL possible for those that have repented and have a contrite heart and a desire to follow Him, it is ALL His work but because we have free will we must agree and submit and surrender to Him in all His dealings with us. I am not saying that all who come to Jesus Christ won’t ultimately be saved, BUT I do just think not all will be prepared and ready for the Rapture because their hearts will grow cold and therefore they will remain till He comes again to Earth.

    Although I have read your post and agree with your thoughts that a large part of the Church has lost it’s saltiness I don’t agree that because it is no longer a valid witness in the world it will be Raptured, I actually think the opposite, that unless it repents it will remain on Earth after The Rapture having not been counted worthy to escape the wrath to come.

    I think the institutional and organised church in UK may be quite different from U.S.A. but If you are interested in reading more from an American there is a book called ‘The Church in The Wilderness’ written by Chip Brogden it is available on Amazon.
    It has a very relevant message for The True Church The Ekklesia in these times. and covers some of what I have written above and much more. I have a spiritual discernment within myself that it is a true portrayal of how things are in some churches in these times leading up to the Rapture and I would appreciate your thoughts if you do have time to read it yourself.


  7. Thanks for your comment Christine!

    I see the church now as the last church written in Revelation 3, the Laodicean church. I believe that these seven churches represent real churches at the time of this writing, but also represent the churches through the ages chronologically, and we are now in the last phase. Much of the church today is just like this, neither hot nor cold but luke-warm.

    God bless! Maranatha!

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