Evil in the air!

evil vs. good

Commentary By:  Gordon King

There is an uneasiness which fills the air today, a sense of evil permeating the landscape.  Can you feel the heaviness in the air, do you see the evil which now threatens all that is good in the world?!

As time goes on this evil intensifies, and as God Almighty enforces His will on earth this evil escalates in rebellion, for Satan knows that his time is short.

Does anyone ever wonder just why all of these liberal progressives are coming out in numbers against President Trump and his policies?  Not only are they coming out but they are coming out with aggression, with hatred and violence!  They are coming out causing destruction, mayhem, and chaos!  And I bet you a dollar to a dime that most of them don’t even know why they are doing it!

Why has the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America caused the world to turn upside down, why has it caused so much hatred, animosity, and division?  The truth is my friends that all of this was already present, but now the government of the United States is no longer promoting a One World Government, a One World Religion, and a One World Currency!

Donald J. Trump is against the powers that be, the world leaders and those behind the scenes seeking to change the world, not for the better but for evil purposes.  President Trump is now standing between the plans of the enemy, his views, opinions, and policies threaten the elite, they stifle the plans to bring about change, change which is leading the world to destruction!

It’s a funny but scary thing when most people opposing President Trump do not even know what they are protesting for, when they are in such opposition yet do not really know why!  The real reason is that they are being led by demonic spirits, spirits which are against God, against God’s values, and against anything which is deemed righteous and holy.

Our world is in chaos, confusion rules the day, and division is leading the pack!  We are in a time of separation, a time when the good is being separated from the evil.  This division can be seen on the streets, it is seen in the work place, and it is seen on television.  The truth of the matter is that this division is not being caused by the flesh, but by evil and wicked spirits!

There will be continued division among the masses, continued threats against the President, and continued opposition to what is right.  Evil will continue to try and change what is good into evil and what is evil into good!  It will desecrate what is righteous and holy, it will blaspheme God Almighty and the things of God!

The good news is that Jesus Christ is more powerful than he who is in the world!  Jesus Christ has overcome Satan, He has beaten death, and the victory is already His!  And if we as believers belong to Him, then we also have already overcome the evil and wickedness in the world!

Unfortunately there is an evil in the world deceiving the lost, leading them down the wrong path, the path which leads to eternal destruction!

We must continue in prayer for the lost, continue to pray for their hearts to be softened, their eyes and ears to be opened to the truth!  It is only then that they will see the light, that they will be drawn to what is righteous and holy, that they will know God!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


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