Walk in the spirit not in the flesh!

Walking with God copy

Commentary By:  Gordon King

When we look back at ancient history of the Jews we can see a pattern, a pattern of disobeying God, a pattern of judgment upon the nation of Israel!

How many times has the ancient nation of Israel disobeyed God Almighty?  How many times did God warn them about worshiping false idols, about turning away from Him?  And how many times did this nation disregard God’s warnings and suffer judgment for it?!  I cannot count the number of times but I do know that they did it over and over again, ignoring God’s warnings of judgment, ignoring God’s call to bring them back to Himself.

The nation of Israel and the Jews suffered greatly because they did not listen to the Lord, nor did they heed His warning calls.  Instead they did as they pleased, intermixing with gentiles, adopting their traditions and worshiping their gods!  Instead of following the ways of God they followed the ways of the world, they not only lived in the world but they lived according to the worlds standards.  Over and over again the Jews disobeyed God, and over and over again they suffered greatly for it!

We can learn much from history, even today we can see that very same pattern being played out in the world, not only with the Jews but also with many Christians!  Believers who are to live in the world but not of the world are doing just that!

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I for one do not believe that God will judge us the same way as He did with Israel in the past.  I believe that God has forgiven us for all sins and that His mercy is never-ending, that once we are truly saved then we will always be with the Lord, forever!  However, that is not to say that we will not suffer in this world, we will still reap what we have sown.

Many Christians today not only live in the world, but they are living according to the world’s standards.  They have such a tight grip on the things of this world that they are not walking in the spirit.  They cannot see the things of the spirit, and their fellowship with God is lacking to say the least!

Even as believers in Jesus Christ, we can be influenced by the world, we can succumb to the ways and opinions of the world.  Our ways can imitate the world’s ways, we can look just as the unsaved look.  When we do so then we are not walking with the Lord, but in opposition to Him!  And if we do so on a continual basis what does this say about ourselves?  Should we question whether or not we have been truly saved?!

I don’t believe that this is a question which can be easily answered, because there are those who have wandered away from God, just as the prodigal son, he wandered away and after some time saw the error of his ways, then returned to his father who greeted him with open arms.  I know this to be the truth because I was also a prodigal son, yet the Father still loved me and welcomed me back with open arms!  There were many times when God helped me and blessed me although I did walk away, many times I saw the hand of God upon my life.

We must check our hearts, we must know if we truly love God and if we have truly accepted Him as our Lord and Savior.  There are many in the world who claim to be Christians, they do the right things, they go to church, they even tithe, but have they been saved?  Have they given their lives over to Christ, do they follow Christ and worship Him only?  Have they made Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives?

As believers in Jesus Christ, as followers of Jesus Christ, we must follow Christ, we must loosen our grip on the things of this world, all of which are temporary, things which will be burned up!  We must grasp onto the things which are eternal, the things of the spirit, the things of heaven above.  We must seek God daily, repent daily, and ask for forgiveness daily.

Even Christians sin, and even Christians can follow the ways of the world, and even Christians can suffer from it.  Ours is not of this world, we are not of this world, we have been changed and made new creations in Christ!  Therefore let us follow Christ, let us walk in the spirit not in the flesh.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


3 thoughts on “Walk in the spirit not in the flesh!

  1. Thank you Gordon, this is so true and something we continually need to watch for in our lives, keep short accounts with God, walk in the Spirit and give no room for the flesh.

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