Spiritual Attacks from the Enemy!

Demonic Spirits gargoyle

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The Holy Spirit is telling me that I am under attack from the enemy, coming against me in opposition to my firmly held beliefs of God Almighty, Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior!

There are those in direct opposition to Jesus Christ who seek to destroy what is righteous, holy, and pure.  They will twist the truth, confuse the mind, and attempt to place doubts in our heads and our hearts!

This site is a holy site, inspired by the Holy Spirit and led down the path which leads to eternal life!  It is written for the righteous, yet made available to all seeking to know the truth about God.  Many times I receive comments in direct opposition to what I write and what I believe in.  Many contain pages of worldly wisdom written to not only dispute what I say and believe, but to negate it entirely!

At times I have posted such comments, even debating with them, however, at this time I choose not to.  The Holy Spirit tells me that they have the spirit of anti-Christ, with a hardened heart and blinded eyes!

This is a spiritual battle, a battle which will not be won with words, but with prayer!  And there are those in the world choosing to be led down the wrong path, that is their choice.

We can talk, reason, and even give solid evidence of the truth, however, many will continue to disbelieve for they have not obeyed the Lord but continue to rebel against Him.  Some of them sound as if they are righteous, but they twist the truth just enough for us to be deceived!  This is a great danger within the church, and we must be able to discern what is holy and righteous from what is wicked and evil, from what is of the Lord and what is not!

The world is being changed, it is now being shaken, for the righteous will remain strong and the evil will be exposed for what it is!  We must seek God in all things, following the lead of the Holy Spirit within.  For the time is here when the wheat is being separated from the chaff!

The world will tell us lies from the pit of hell, such as Jesus Christ is not God nor ever said that He was God, that we all worship the same God, that we can get to heaven by our works, and that there are many paths which lead to heaven!  All are demonic lies my friends, demonic lies from hell!

Do not be led astray from the truth, know what scripture says and rightly divide it.  Test all things and all spirits,  including what I write and say, test it against the word of God Almighty!

Heaven is real, but so is hell!  The spirits of the Lord are real, but so are demonic spirits!  In this world are demonic spirits, principalities and powers, all in rebellion against God and His creation.  They hate humanity, but they really hate God’s precious children!  These demonic spirits will attack us the closer we get to God, they will try to bring us down by attempting to take away our faith and place doubts in our minds.  They will tell us that we are no good, that we don’t deserve God’s love or eternal life!  And that part may be true, none of us are good enough, none of us deserve God’s love or eternal life, but it is by God’s grace that we have both!  It’s nothing that we do or say, but only by the grace of God, only by the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us on the cross!

All who are saved have the power of God Almighty within them to overcome these evil and wicked spirits. 

This is the time to stand firm in your beliefs of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  This is a time of great shaking, a time of awakening, a time close to the return of Jesus Christ!  These are times when we go through trials and tribulations in order to bring us closer to God, to give us understanding and wisdom, to make us more Christ-like!

I believe that we are close to Christ’s return for His bride, that the world will be shaken to its core, and that the world will never again be the same!

True believers must stand united as one body of Christ.  We must encourage one another, love one another, and pray for one another, carrying each others burdens upon ourselves, just as Christ did!  We don’t have the luxury of sitting idly by while the world comes against God’s children, deceiving and seeking to deceive!

God Almighty, Father in heaven, give all believers Your courage and strength, and bestow upon us Your wisdom and understanding.  I pray that You will give us protection under Your mighty wings!  I also pray that You will give us the ability to discern right from wrong, and the ability to discern the spirit of anti-Christ!  May You soften the hearts of the wicked and open their eyes to the truth.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

12 thoughts on “Spiritual Attacks from the Enemy!

  1. keep doing what you are doing. the Lord will preserve and protect you. we need your words and wisdom. God bless you, my brother in Christ. melodee

  2. Reblogged this on Watchman and commented:
    God is calling all to Repentance and Salvation
    DO you know Jesus ??
    Are you saved ??
    Give your life to Jesus now tomorrow may be too late
    God Bless Maranatha Speed The Day

  3. Satan knows how much you love the Lord which is why he’s attacking you. And Satan doesn’t want you to keep posting the Good news on the Website. God is protecting you and love you.

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