The Wilderness Experience!

Walking with God copy

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Most of us endure hardships in life, pain and suffering, going through trials and tribulations, yet there also seems to be many who don’t, at least not to the same degree as others.

When we endure hardships, trials and tribulations, believers often call it a “Wilderness Experience”, a time when we suffer, and often times are also known as a walk through “The Valley of the Shadow of Death”.

These times can be most trying and difficult for the believer, testing us of our faith, bringing us to our knees in humility, stripping us of what we used to know as our beliefs of humanity!  It can be an experience which drains us of all of our energy and brings us to the point of utter despair!

And while these times can and most often are times of great disaster in our life, they can also be times of great insight, wisdom, and joy!

The Jews had such an experience while being slaves in Egypt, then again in the actual wilderness without any food or water, totally relying on God for their very existence.  Job also had a wilderness experience when God allowed Satan to take everything away from Job that he owned, including most of his family and possessions, even his health, however Job remained faithful to God and God restored to Job even more than he previously had.

Our wilderness experience is most often the time when we have moments of enlightenment, and when our faith increases greatly!  The wilderness is where we meet God face to face!  God lives in the wilderness just waiting for us to humble ourselves, to let go of what we used to hold onto, and to allow Him to fill us with Himself completely.

God uses these times to drain us of sin in our life and to bring us closer to Himself.  To strengthen our relationship with Him, to increase our faith of Him, and to rely on His promises to us!  We will often gain new understandings, wisdom, and insights during these trials, if and when we listen to God.

As believers we must trust in God at all times, but this is especially true during the wilderness experience, while walking through the valley of the shadow of death!  In order for us to remain on the right path we must listen to what God is telling us and obey Him.  We can veer off of the path which will only lead to more heartache and further disaster!  It is only when we listen to God and do what He tells us to do that we will find our way out of the wilderness.

The wilderness is a place where life’s distractions are removed from us, a place where we can hear God more clearly, a place where we can understand what God is telling us.  It is a place of reflection and a place of revelation.

I don’t know about you, but I cherish the wilderness experience.  I cannot say that I always enjoy it because it can be very painful, but I know that it is making me more and more Christ-like!  I hear God speaking to me much more clearly, and I gain insight and understanding from the Lord.  All of this makes it all worthwhile, knowing that my relationship with God and my faith has been increased!  I enter the wilderness a broken man, yet I leave a much better man for it!

If you now find yourself in the wilderness then let go of worldly things.  Humble yourself before the Lord, bow down before Him with a heart yearning for Him.  Repent of your sins, seek His face, and listen to His voice.  Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you down the right path, the path which leads to righteousness and eternal life!  God will hear you and He will speak to you, and if you listen then you will hear Him!

If you find yourself in trouble and you are not a believer in Jesus Christ, then I strongly urge you to accept Him now!  What I have spoken of is only true for believers in Jesus Christ.

Accept Jesus Christ now as your Lord and Savior!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


10 thoughts on “The Wilderness Experience!

  1. Hi Gordon, for me The Wilderness experience has most often been times when it is as if God has withdrawn from me, (although I know through scripture that He doesn’t) it feels like He does, dry arid place without spiritual water to quench my thirst for Him. It is in my own experience often a period of isolation when every relationship goes awry and I am misunderstood, blamed or turned against. It has been for me a time of unknowing, just running on automatic pilot and longing for it to pass but I believe having endurance, patience and long suffering worked in me through experiencing it. I am sure that there are other experiences of the Wilderness too and we don’t always know why things happen as they do but in retrospect can see God’s hand in it and the growth that comes through it.

    God Bless!

    • Thanks for sharing Christine!

      I have been in that place where I feel as though I cannot find God, although I know that He is with me, when you feel all alone. I believe that God does allow this to happen so that we may grow but also continue to seek Him out.

      God bless! Maranatha!

  2. Thank you so much Gordon. This reinforces how I’ve been feeling lately. Do you think that the hardships that so many believers are dealing with right now is part of Gods purification process just prior to the return of Christ?

    • Thanks for your comment Christi Duncan!

      I truly believe that this is part of it, that many of us go through periods of intense sanctification bringing us closer to the Lord. But, I also believe that He may be doing more of this just prior to His return getting ready to call us home. He is calling us out of the world so that we will not be focusing on the things of the world but on Him!

      God bless! Maranatha!

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