The Good Triumphant over Evil!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

As we see the world headed closer and closer to the return of Jesus Christ, then we see the increase in evil, violence, and wickedness!  We are witnessing an upsurge in these things as a woman in travail, a woman having birth pains before the deliverance of her baby.  However, we must know that the existence of evil is only temporary my friends, only temporary!  Evil cannot exist forever, it does not have the power to sustain itself, nor the ability to!

In this world we have good and we have evil, we have light and we have darkness.  Light will always overcome the darkness, but the darkness will not always overcome the light!

All light and goodness comes from God, but all darkness and evil comes from the Evil One, Satan.  Satan will not be around forever nor will his demonic spirits of darkness!  God has all power, Satan only has as much power as God enables him to have, therefore it is finite, yet God’s power is infinite!

Do not be deceived by Satan, do not let him trick you into believing that all is lost, that there is no hope, and that he will prevail in the end, these are lies straight from hell!

If we are saved then we have the power of God within us!  He will sustain us as long as we need Him to, yet those following the wicked one shall eventually fall, they will run out of energy because they are led by the god of this world who has limits.  He only has enough power as God allows him to have, and all power comes from the God of the universe, Jesus Christ!

You see my friends, we should not fear the god of this world for he is limited in what he can do, and he can only do what he is allowed to do by Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven. 

All of the evil and wickedness in the world has a limit, it will all end, and the power behind it is running out!  And even though we now see an increase in the evil and wickedness it will run out of steam!  Just as a kettle of water boiling on the stove, eventually it will stop because it will run out of water.  Satan and his demons can also only be in one place at one time, God can and is in all places at all times! 

Therefore, we must not give up or give in, we must be strong and courageous, standing firm in our faith and beliefs of God, continuing to perform God’s will on earth, and continuing on in prayer.  The prayers of a righteous man avails much, yet the deeds of a wicked man will be burned up forever!  The road of the wicked leads to destruction, and the further they go down that road the further away they get from God Almighty!

When anyone rebels against God, then they are fighting against God’s will, they will face God’s resistance.  However, the same is true for those following God’s lead, when anyone obeys God then he will move with the help of God Almighty!  Those following Jesus Christ will be given the aid of God, they will move in His Spirit, they will be given the power of the Almighty, and who can stand against God’s power?!

The evil things that we now see happening in the world are only temporary, and even though the wicked do not know it, they will all end in destruction and hell fire!

By the grace of God we have been saved, and by His grace we have been given the power to overcome the darkness!  There is no evil which can withstand the power of God, nor can the wickedness in the world overcome the goodness of God!  We are the goodness of God, we are the light of the world.  The light shall outshine the darkness, it will overcome the wickedness, and we will prevail!

The Spirit of God is like a mighty wind, mightier than any hurricane or tornado, more powerful than any force of evil which may stand against it or oppose it!  And the battles that we fight are spiritual in nature, all being fought between good and evil spirits.  Stand with the Spirit of God and no one or anything can stand against you!

There are many battles which we fight on our journey to eternal life, and if we remain steadfast in our faith then we can overcome each and every battle!  And while we may come out on the other side with many battle scars, we will be made holy, righteous, and pure, just as Christ Himself is!

So let us not worry about all of the evil and wickedness in the world, but instead increase our faith and knowledge of God.  Pray without ceasing and know that He is always with you!  The infinite mighty power of God Almighty shall stand with you in all things at all times when you walk in the ways of the Lord!  Amen.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

4 thoughts on “The Good Triumphant over Evil!

  1. Beautifully said. And something we should always carry within our hearts!
    God is on the move, His prophetic purpose is being revealed. The Holy Scriptures is coming alive in our lifetime.
    I look at the struggles in/of my life as sanctification to mustered through with His guidance, standing on His righteousness. Trying not to deviate from His statutes, His laws, His testimony. His purpose/His will will be done. Even if at times i cant see it, I believe everything comes together for our good, No matter the mountain, the pain, the illness, the adversity. Prayer, communication with the Father soothes the soul and gives assurance. Jesus says ‘He will never leave us’, and having a personal relationship with Him is our key. Trust and believe. He’s our Savior, our friend, our King.
    Others will see our uniqueness of not letting our ills get the best of us, and an opportunity to witness without saying a word.
    When we’re asked why we are so optimistic, thats our light shining through. God is in control! As you have said evil will not last forever. The good triumphs over evil! We know how the story ends and it ends well for those who put their trust in our Creator not on His creation.

    Thank you Gordon for the reminder. God bless.

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