The Changing World, a Spiritual Battle!

spiritual dimension

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Changes, movements caused by a dynamic force moving the world through a dynamic universe.  Things in this world, in this universe, do not remain static, they are dynamic and ever-changing.  What makes the world turn, what makes things in the universe continue to move and change?  It is God Almighty, Elohim who makes the world turn, It is He who makes the universe expand and change, and it is He who causes all things to be in a state of change.

Whether or not you want things to change they will.  And whether or not you try to stop things from changing they always will!  The world has been changing for the worse ever since the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  It has been on a downward spiral and this change has occurred at an ever-increasing rate the closer it gets to the Tribulation period or the Day of the Lord.

Not all changes are good, but not all changes are bad either.  And the closer we get to the return of Christ the more and more we will see the hand of God upon the world.

The election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States is, I believe, a sign from God Almighty.  The United States of America has been shaken, the world has been shaken, and things are not what they used to be.

I believe that as the world sits up and takes notice, so does the nation of Israel!  With Donald Trump as president of America we will see the nation of Israel become empowered, which I believe they already have.  They will stand firm in their beliefs, they will move with boldness and courage in these end times with America now on their side.

Does this mean that everything will be good, that the face of the world will just all change for the better?  No!  Absolutely not!  In fact I would argue that things will get ugly, very ugly.  That opposition will rise to battle the good, that the forces of evil will increase their activity, and that we will see much more bloodshed, evil, and chaos in the world around us.

However, I also believe that we will see some big changes in the world, that God will demonstrate His power and His glory to those who do not believe!

I also believe that God’s children will be emboldened with power and courage to overcome the wickedness in the world.  That there will be a further division between those who claim to be Christians and by those who actually are Christians!  There will be many of the lost who will see the hand of God at work in the world and change their ways, accepting Christ as their Savior, and there will be many more denying the power of God further hardening their hearts and becoming more wicked by the day!  And I believe that this will continue to increase the closer we get to the Tribulation period.

The world is a very confusing place thanks to Satan and his demonic forces, however, there is a spiritual battle between the good and the evil and we will see many battles won by the good, this will manifest itself into our physical world!

We can change things through prayer, thoughts, and our beliefs, they can be manifested into our physical reality that we call life.  We have the power within us to make changes, changes for the good, changes for the better!  And although bible prophecy will come to pass, we must remember that we can still do good in the world, we can still make a difference for what is righteous and holy!

We are made in the image of God, we have the ability to create and the ability to change.  We can do so by our beliefs which can be made real, whether good or bad.  This is why it is so important to focus on the good, focus on God and heaven above.  Feed your mind things of the spirit, for our thoughts have power to change things!

Satan can also change things, everything that he changes is for the bad, it is evil and wicked, although they may first appear as good, even as righteous and holy!

Satan is a deceiver, he is not God but wants to be God, however he is the god of this world.  However, Satan cannot create things like God can, but he can imitate what God has already created.  Let us not forget that Satan can come dressed as an “angel of light” seeking to deceive and destroy!  But there is a difference, he is an imposter, and there will always be a flaw, something that is just not right, and his fruit will bear him out!  Beware of false prophets and teachers, do not be deceived by doctrines of demons seeking to bend and twist the truth, seeking to add to it or take away from it!

This world is changing, some for the bad and some for the good, it is a battle, a battle which is being fought in the spiritual dimension, yet manifested into the physical.  Each and every one of us is part of this battle whether we know it or not, we either side with Elohim or with the enemy, Satan!  The enemy will seek to destroy us, to change us from the inside out, just as God Almighty also changes us from the inside out.  He will try to change our minds, our thoughts and our beliefs.  He will tell us that we are no good and that God could not possibly love us, that we have screwed up so bad in this life that there is no way possible that we could ever be forgiven, when nothing could be further from the truth!

Satan and his demons will do everything in their power to try to change us for the worse!  They will deceive us, they will lie to us, and they will steal from us.  They have the power to destroy our lives only if God allows them to.  However, we must know that if we are saved, if we are born-again, then we have the power within us to change for the good, to withstand the wiles of the devil!  We have the power to overcome Satan and his demons, to change according to God’s will, to do what is righteous and holy in the eyes of Elohim!  For He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world!  Amen.

Have faith in the abilities that God has given to you, trust in God and His word, know that if He is in you and with you that you have nothing to fear but fear itself!  If God provides for and protects the flowers in the field and the birds in the air, how much more will He do for us?!

Look around you, watch what is happening in the world today, watch and wait for God’s hand to perform miracles in the world!  It is happening, it will continue to happen, and there is nothing which can stop it from happening!  Seek God and the things of heaven up above and you will be able to see.  Follow the Lord Jesus Christ and you will know when God is moving in the world and making changes according to His perfect will!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


3 thoughts on “The Changing World, a Spiritual Battle!

  1. Thank you Gordon for this encouraging post it is timely and so right for me. I do have battles sometimes as you have described and know I must stand firm in God’s promises and not be shaken by the lies of the enemy. I even have a physical condition that makes it hard for me to stand firm so I think it may even be a physical manifestation of my spiritual difficulty. I have particular difficulty with having screwed up so bad in life etc etc. I know the truth and just need to stand firm in that and proclaim the truth when I feel shaky, I hope as I become stronger spiritually it will be worked out physically too!

    Sending Love in Jesus name!

    • Thanks for sharing Christine!

      You are most welcome! It’s sort of funny, when I sit down to write a post I do not prepare for it, I merely sit down and ask the Holy Spirit to speak through me, to speak out to whomever and about whatever He tells me to write. This is how I have done it since the inception of this site. And the good Lord always has a purpose for what He tells me to write, at times it’s for everyone reading, and at other times it’s for a specific person or people, there is always a reason.

      Things that happen in the spirit can manifest themselves into the physical, this is real. And I do believe that the physical can be changed if the spiritual is changed first! Remember, that our God is good, that He is the God of restoration, that He loves us dearly and wants the best for us.

      I pray the good Lord will lay His healing hands upon you in the spiritual and the physical for the restoration of whatever ails you! In Jesus name. Amen

      God bless! Maranatha!

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