The Ways of the World, Increasing Evil and Violence!

Increased natural disasters evil violence

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Unfortunately we have sin in the world, we have evil and wicked people led by demonic spirits.  These people commit horrible and heinous crimes against humanity, leaving behind pain and suffering, death and destruction!  They do it because they follow the god of this world, Satan, and Satan hates people.  Why does Satan hate people so much?  Because we are made in the image of God Almighty, and Satan hates God!

Satan, the evil one, seeks to steal, kill, and destroy!  He seeks to steal our soul, our joy, our faith, our health, and our prosperity.  He seeks to kill and destroy what God has made and given, our souls, our life, and our blessings.  He seeks to destroy what God has deemed as holy and righteous, turning good into bad, and twisting the truth into lies!

Satan is the father of all lies, and he will stop at nothing to lie about the truth, to sweeten lies with bits and pieces of truth in order to make them sound like they are true, when in fact they are big fat lies!  Do not be deceived into believing lies when they sound like the truth, know the truth and stick to it!  Read and study God’s word, know what the truth really is, and write it on your heart!

There will come a day when you will depend upon the truth, the truth of God’s word, and when you do it will make all of the difference.  If you are not sure if you really know the truth then it could be to your detriment.  This is why it is so vitally important to know scripture and understand it, to study the truth bit by bit, piece by piece and ask the Lord for His wisdom and understanding.

Satan seeks to destroy what God has made holy, to deceive God’s children, and to divide the church.  His is all about destruction, while God Almighty is all about love, peace, and restoration!

You must first love God with all of your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength, then you can truly love yourself and others.  And if you do not truly love yourself then how can you love others?  This is what life is really all about, love!  Loving our Creator and performing God’s will by loving ourselves and others.  God is love, and His will is to love.  Satan on the other hand is about hate, stealing, killing, and destruction!  And by their fruit you will know them, those who follow God and those who follow Satan.

I for one am so sick and tired of hearing about more innocent people being tortured, abused, and murdered!  About the hatred and wickedness in the world today.  I love people and I do my best to love everyone, even those who come against me.  But, I also know that there will come a time when the good Lord will exact vengeance on the wicked, that one day He will make everything right!  God’s wrath is holy, righteous, and just, it is perfect in every way, and vengeance is His alone!

I know why God allows evil people to exist, however I cannot say that I completely understand it.  Many of God’s ways are mysteries to us, many things are concealed, and one day we may understand why.  But until that time we must place all of our trust and faith in God, for all of His ways are righteous, everything that He does is for our good, whether we like it or not, whether we know it and understand it or not!

I place my faith and trust in Jesus Christ and my Father in heaven above!  I give Him all of the glory, so that one day I may see His face, that I may see Him in all of His glory!  So that I may one day understand His ways and all of His mysteries that now confound us!

Father in heaven, I pray that You give me the wisdom, understanding, and courage to perform Your will on earth as it is in heaven above.  I pray that You make things right, that You restore what has been destroyed, stolen, and desecrated, for You are the God of restoration!  I pray for Your will to be done and not my own.  I pray to see Your face and all of Your glory!  In Jesus name I pray.  Amen

The evil in the world is here for a reason, all according to God’s perfect will.  And while we may not completely understand why, we must remember that God does all things and allows all things for a purpose.   Our God is not a God of confusion or randomness, He is a God of order and holiness, His ways are perfect, each and every one of them!

The increase in evil and violence is another sign that we are close to the beginning of the Tribulation period, that Christ is near, even at the door!  Bible prophecy is coming to pass at an astounding rate, all with 100% accuracy.  The birth pangs are ever-increasing, the contractions are closer and closer together, and the pains much more intense.

The end times are upon us, the closeness of Christ’s return for His bride is at hand!  The Day of the Lord is approaching, and that means His wrath is close to being unleashed upon a wicked and evil world!  Let us all do our best to do what is righteous and holy, to forsake the ways of the world, to seek God and His ways not our own.  This world and the things of it will not be around forever, but the things of God will!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

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