Why Is Obama Moving Troops Into Poland And Provoking A War With Russia Right Before The Inauguration?

Barack Obama Addresses The Troops - Public Domain

By Michael Snyder, on January 12th, 2017

January 20th cannot come soon enough.  Instead of stepping back and trying to ensure a smooth transition for Donald Trump, Barack Obama has decided to go hog wild and use every ounce of presidential power still available to him.  He has been establishing a bunch of new national monuments, he just stabbed Israel in the back at the United Nations, and on Thursday he even took time to give Joe Biden a Presidential Medal of Freedom.  But one of the things that has people the most concerned is his endless provoking of Russia.  Every few days it seems like Obama is doing something else to aggravate Russia, and if he wasn’t leaving office in about a week I am sure that the mainstream media would be full of speculation about a possible war.

Lame duck presidents are not supposed to make risky moves like this once a new president has been elected.  On Thursday, we learned that U.S. troops have been permanently deployed to Poland for the very first time

American soldiers rolled into Poland on Thursday, fulfilling a dream some Poles have had since the fall of communism in 1989 to have U.S. troops on their soil as a deterrent against Russia.

Some people waved and held up American flags as U.S. troops in tanks and other vehicles crossed into southwestern Poland from Germany and headed toward the town of Zagan, where they will be based. Poland’s prime minister and defense minister will welcome them in an official ceremony Saturday.

Poland was once a key member of the Warsaw Pact alliance, and the Russians are quite alarmed that U.S. troops will now be stationed so close to the Russian heartland.  The following comes from ABC News

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6 thoughts on “Why Is Obama Moving Troops Into Poland And Provoking A War With Russia Right Before The Inauguration?

  1. I was told that the rumor after the election, Obama may working at UN security council. I don’t know if it were true or false. There are one thing I do know that Obama is a globalist and he is pushing for One World Government.

  2. Thanks Jim!

    I have heard the same thing about Obama and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least! He is a globalist, part of the elite pushing for a One World Government.

    God bless!

  3. I really like your website and love reading your articles. Keep up with good work. I truly believe time is short. Before closing I’ve been telling my friends and family to keep an eyes on Obama after the election. We never know what’s he up to. God bless.

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