Attacked by the Enemy! But still here and fighting on!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

Sorry for not posting for several days now, but my internet connection was lost.  Call it what you will, but I take it as an attack from the enemy!  Not only was my connection down, but I have been very busy at work and ill for the past week.

The more we work for the Lord, the more that the enemy will attack us.  As we carry on with the Lord’s work the enemy, Satan and his demonic forces, will do what they can in an attempt to bring us down and out!

Let us not forget who and what we are up against, demonic forces, evil spirits, powers and principalities, all seeking our destruction, all seeking to stop God’s will from being accomplished.  These spirits are real folks, they are more real than the physical world around us.  Just because we cannot see them does not mean that they don’t exist, they most certainly do!

Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against wickedness in high places, against evil spirits rebelling against the God of the universe, Jesus Christ, our Father in heaven, and the Holy Spirit!  We in turn must fight back, we must follow the lead of God, perform His will on earth, and use prayer as a tool in our defense.

This life on earth is not one of just being born into the world and living it out however we see fit, but an existence of right and wrong, of following one of two, God Almighty or Satan!  It is a life of either rebellion or submission to God, in a nut shell nothing more, nothing less.  If you choose Satan then you can live however you see fit, and believe whatever he leads you to believe, and you will pay with your life, however if you decide to follow the Creator of the universe then you must submit to Him and only Him, and He will give you eternal life!  You must believe that Jesus Christ is God, that He died on the cross to pay your sin debt, and that He arose from the dead and ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father!

Living in this world isn’t easy for anyone, and it is even more difficult for the believer.  However, we have an Advocate on our side, One who stands for us in times of difficulty and trouble.  He is greater than he who now rules the world, He is mightier and more powerful, He is able to not only destroy the flesh but also the soul!

Carry on with the Lord’s work, be steadfast in your faith and your beliefs of God Almighty.  Allow Him to work in you, through you, and for you!  It is when we disobey God, when we do things our own way that we hinder the workings of the Holy Spirit within.  Listen to the Holy Spirit, follow His lead, and your paths will be made straight and righteous.

Put on the whole armor of God daily, walk in His ways, and He will see you through times of trouble.  No matter how dark, no matter how deep the pit, God will always be with you and for you!

It’s not easy being a believer in Jesus Christ, especially in these end times, and it’s only going to get worse!  But we have work to do, we have God’s will to perform, and we must continue on until He comes to take us home.  Remember that He is with you always, that He will never leave you nor forsake you, that He is on your side, and that He is your Advocate to our Father in heaven!  Amen.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

6 thoughts on “Attacked by the Enemy! But still here and fighting on!

  1. Reblogged this on Watchman and commented:
    God is calling all to Repentance and Salvation
    DO you know Jesus ??
    Are you saved ??
    Give your life to Jesus now tomorrow may be too late
    God Bless Maranatha Speed The Day…

  2. Right on brother Gordon, so true In my own life regarding suffering in hope. I believe that 2017 is going to be the “year” of the rapture of the church. I guess that I can say that since the bible says no man knows the day nor hour. The prophetic end of this age is about to start like a tornado all over the world. If anybody out there is lost, without Christ as Savior then read Gordon’s messages and Come to Christ now before you get left behind.
    Sincerely maranatha,

  3. Thanks Ethin!

    God is so good, and our time here on earth is short! The year 2017 will bring with it many miraculous events, will the rapture of the church be one of them?! I like to believe so. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled right before our very eyes, one of the last end time prophetic events is now taking place, the world attempting to divide Jerusalem and the land of Israel, Jerusalem has become a cup of drunkenness!

    Jesus Christ is the only right answer, we all need to accept Him before it’s too late!

    God bless! Maranatha!

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