Where Have I Been?!

hard times but God is with us

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Many of you may be wondering just why I haven’t posted anything for the past five days since I usually post everyday?  Well, I have several reasons, first of all the weather here has been very bad and dangerous.  I already had a very long drive to work and now it has been almost doubled.  I have also had some damage done to my car by rodents, disabling my vehicle and putting it into the shop for the past week, leaving me with a loaner car, thank the Lord!

On top of all that I did also pick up some extra work which has taken away more of my time.

It seems as though there are some evil spirits attempting to disable me from my work, yet I am not discouraged and will be continuing on just as I have for the past several years.

God is good, and I have seen Him perform many miracles in my life.  I shall continue to stay the course and remain faithful to my God.

Let us all remember that it is not us who can do these things but God who lives in us!  We are weak but He is strong.  We are not saved by anything of our own doing, nor do we remain faithful by our own strength but by His!  We receive our faith through and by Him, and we carry on by His will and His power.

The world has experienced some eventful signs this past week leading to the return of Christ, such as very large earthquakes in various places and deadly fires throughout the world.  These are signs for us to know that the return of Christ is near. 

Signs are being given to us, but just how many take heed?  Just how many lost souls will turn from their evil and wicked ways because of signs?  No, most will not put the pieces of the puzzle together nor will they believe, instead they will have clever answers derived from their own human reasoning.

And if God Himself were standing right in front of them performing miracle after miracle just how many would then believe?  My point is that even though we have many signs leading to the soon return of Christ, many if not most still don’t believe.

But the faith of the just shall increase by God’s signs, wonders, and miracles!  The work of the Lord in the life of a believer shall increase our faith in God and provide more evidence of God.  And by trials and tribulations we see the hand of God at work in our lives.  Through pain and adversity we will draw closer to the Lord, obtain more knowledge of God, and increase our faith in God and His promises to us.

Not many of us enjoy going through valleys, enduring hardship, pain, and suffering, but through it all we become sanctified more and more into the likeness of Christ!  Molded and chiseled into what we will be like on that glorious day of Christ’s appearing.  Amen.

Even though I now suffer through the valleys of life, I know that one day the work that God has begun in me will be completed.  And I know that one day I shall be with the Lord forever in eternity, perfected in Christ, resurrected with a new body, immortal and perfect!  This makes it all worthwhile.

We all go through tribulations in this life it is certain.  We all travel through valleys and we venture on mountain tops.  Life is a journey, one leading to our eternal destination.  Let us not forget the end goal, eternal life with Christ Jesus!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


6 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?!

  1. I did wonder!! Glad your back and keeping the faith!! Rodents messed up your vehicle!?!..wow..now the enemy was definitely determined. But he forgot who he’s messing with huh? Yup, God is good!!

  2. Yes brother Gordon its good that we keep the goal in mind. Eternal life with Jesus Christ,I have heard of rodents eating away at the wiring in automobiles and chewing off the paper and rubber insulation for building nests out of the material. It is especially bad here in the mountains of California where the rodents invade under the hood of cars that are warm from running then decide to take up residence. I pray that all goes well and the mechanic gets your car back to top running condition. Anything the enemy can do he will do especially to hinder the gospel. The Lord watch over, set a guard of protective angels and protect you and provide blessings in your work efforts along with traveling mercies . More and more we need the accuracy of biblical prophecy news that you are bringing So let it be done in Jesus name.

  3. God bless you Gordon!
    It is so true when we are weak then He is strong! I am reminded of this daily and in fact I am often so weak in natural ability that I have to rely on the Lord continually just to do usual everyday things. However, I truly believe that in the Spirit we are not confined by walls or by natural ability on disability and through Spirit led prayer and intercession much damage can be wrought in enemy territory!
    I will be away for several weeks a bit of a sabbatical, where I will not have a lot of access to internet so may not comment much but hope and will pray that all will be well with you and you will overcome all that has been meant to disrupt and frustrate your works.


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