Inside the Ghost Ship Fire in Oakland California

Oakland Ghost Ship fire, inside photo of Hindu god Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction.

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The above photo and the following are from the website:, where you can view many more photos.  Apparently this site is from the group who held the space in the warehouse in Oakland California where the devastating fire which broke out on December 2, 2016.

What is interesting to me is that the Hindu god Shiva whom these people seem to have been worshiping is also represented at CERN.


Shiva, Hindu god of destruction outside CERN near Geneva, Switzerland.

Take it as you will, there are some very strange and unusual things happening in the world around us, evil and demonic spirits looming the earth.

This fire in Oakland was a horrific tragedy.  We must pray for the victims and their families, for recovery of the surviving victims, for their peace and comfort, and for the salvation of the lost.  May the good Lord use this event to bring many to repentance and salvation in Jesus Christ.  Amen


6 thoughts on “Inside the Ghost Ship Fire in Oakland California

  1. People need to understand that God is a god of chances, until He isn’t. So many people seem to believe that the things they’re doing won’t have eternal consequences, until they’re in their last moments. I sincerely hope at least a few of them called out to God, before they died.

  2. Hi Gordon, Wishing you well in the Lord. I know that you are a true warrior of the Word thus experience attacks from the enemy. If you are going through the deep valley, I am right there with you and lift up your hands . Lord bring an infilling of your presence, power, grace and love into my brother Gordon’s life. Cast out all fear by giving him a sound mind in all things. By the power of the name of Jesus we flee from the devil to insure that he flees from us and by God’s healing power we are made well and whole to continue unhindered in His service. Cast out any sickness, hurt, or pain out of Gordon’s body. fill Gordons mind with hope, joy, and confidence that You God are with Him and sustaining Him through all. So let it be done in Jesus name.
    Sincerely, Ethin

    • Thank you Brother Ethin!

      I am going through some struggles in the valley, yet I know that I am not alone. Thanks for your prayers and support! But also the weather where I am has been very severe for the past week and this has also made things more difficult, among other things my car broke down and has been in the shop for the past week. Rodents ate through my wiring harness in the engine compartment, just another thing the demons are using to attempt to bring me down.

      But through it all I know that God is always with me, that He does answer prayers, and that He will perform miracles in my life.

      Take care and God bless! Maranatha!

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