Disservice of the Church?


Commentary By:  Gordon King

Am I the only one, or is anyone else feeling frustrated with their church?!  Perhaps I am a bit over zealous in my beliefs, just maybe its me and not the church at all?  Or maybe I am expecting too much from the church?

I did not grow up in the church, nor did I attend church regularly after becoming a believer, then I became a prodigal son.  It wasn’t until approximately four years ago that I started attending church on a regular basis, and I thought that I had found a really good one!

After-all, they serve coffee!  Not only that but they have very comfortable seats and a great worship band.  They also make great videos, and they do a lot of good in the community and in missionary work around the world.  Yet, I just don’t feel like I fit in, I don’t feel that they are doing enough to warn the flock of what is happening in the world around us, in fact not at all!

They don’t have altar calls for salvation either, and this really bothers me!  Shouldn’t all church services end with an altar call to salvation?!

Should the church we attend be warning us of impending dangers in the world, and should they be relating what is happening to bible prophecy?  I feel very strongly that they should be!  Yet my church doesn’t.  I am feeling at odds with the church, and am struggling inside with the decision to leave or not to leave.

The pastor was asked by some members to teach from the book of Revelation, and he did, however he seemed to have tip-toed through it, as if not to offend anyone or sound harsh.  I feel as though it was a disservice to the book itself, to God’s word, as well as to the members of the church.

I don’t know of any other churches in my area that do teach bible prophecy, that do relate the evils in the world around us to bible prophecy, and that do have altar calls after every service.  I know they exist, I see them on television and the internet, yet none that I know of in my area.

Perhaps I should just suck it up and deal with it!  Is this what churches in America have come to?  Just accept them as they are, God will understand.  Really?!

Maybe I am expecting too much from the church, I really don’t know, but I do know that it just doesn’t feel right in my spirit.  It’s not that I am feeling misled, but rather misinformed and uninformed of the world around us.

Since this is the first church that I really attended faithfully for several years I am not really sure just what church should be like.  I want to worship God with fellow believers, and this is to me is the most important thing about attending church, however, I also feel that we should be taught from all of scripture without sugar-coating it!

There are churches and pastors out there in America and other parts of the world who teach all of the truth, the good and the bad, including bible prophecy and what is happening in the world.  They don’t sugar coat their messages, nor do they tip-toe around the uncomfortable parts, they tell it like it is!

God’s word contains a lot of things that we would rather not hear, some things pertaining to us as believers and other things pertaining to the world.  However, these are things that the good Lord wants us to know and be aware of, things that are important enough for Him to tell us about, things important enough for us to know about!

We live in an imperfect world with imperfect churches and imperfect pastors, I know this.  But, it doesn’t take a perfect church or a perfect pastor to just teach all of the truth!  To warn the flock of coming disasters, and to teach bible prophecy.  After-all, one-third of the bible is prophecy!

I am not a perfect person, at times I sin, I know this about myself.  But, I am hungry for all of the truth, all of God’s word, not just bits and pieces of it and not sugar-coated to sound sweet to the ears!

The times around us are becoming more and more like the days of Noah, men’s hearts are waxing cold, evil is increasing, ISIS and Islam are a real threat, society is on a downward spiral, and the world is headed towards a One World Government!  These things are real, they are happening, and we should be told about them in church!  Yet I hear nothing, maybe one time one of the pastors mentioned ISIS as a side note, but that’s it.

Is the church doing us a disservice?

Churches need to feed the flock, they need to warn the flock, and they need to attend to the flock.  Sadly so many of them have wandered away from teaching the whole truth, they have not fulfilled the role of tending to the flock, of warning about wolves in sheep’s clothing, or of encouraging us with the fact that we are living in the end times and the return of Christ is sooner than we once believed!

I know that there are other believer’s out there who do not attend a church, perhaps there is not one in your area, or perhaps there is not one that teaches all of scripture straight from scripture, or relates bible prophecy to the world around us.  Maybe you are physically unable to leave your home, whatever the reason you are not alone.

One word of encouragement to those who don’t have a church to call home, we are the church!  We as believers in Jesus Christ can come together, whether or not in person or on the internet, as the body of Christ.  We can unite as the church of God Almighty, encouraging one another, teaching one another, praying together, and praising God together!  You are not alone, you have brothers and sisters in Christ who love you and care about you.  God is Spirit and we are spirits also, and our spirits can unite across the world.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

14 thoughts on “Disservice of the Church?

  1. Some words of caution to my friend. The excuse to change congregations almost always contains the phrase, “I am not being fed.” It is implanted by the devil to create division in the church. Church services can be little more than interest creators that can then be expanded in bible study and group sessions.

    IMHO fewer that one in a hundred pastors are qualified to teach and preach on Revelations. If yours tip-toed through it, it was probably a service to the congregation. I have seen small groups of members square off over the smallest differences in interpretations of the book of Revelations.

    I am sure that many of the points that you made are valid, but they may be a calling for you to step up and serve, just remember to do it in love first.

  2. Gordon
    I think you already know what I think?
    I believe the Lord is calling His faithful few out of the apostate church. As you so rightly say we are His Church . I left the ‘church’ I once attended because it became just a show of ‘One Upmanship’, it got so bad that the Bible wasn’t even opened during the service. I and another was led to come out and the word TRAVESTY was given to me I didn’t know what it mean’t at the time so looked it up it means AN IMITATION!. That was more than 12 years ago I haven’t looked back really, there have been some lonely times but I have learn’t to stand alone if need be depending only on the Lord and The Lord has been good to me! I am always open to going where He will send me but I think more are joining me and are coming out in theses times out of the traditional or should I say manmade church set up than the other way round. I am in touch with many Christians on the internet who have also had this experience and have left the so called meetings in church buildings. It may not be necessary for you but we must seek The Lord for His Will concerning this ! We do not forsake the meeting together we worship in Spirit and Truth and we meet together however we are led to do so. I am always aware that I am joined to other believers in Spirit especially when I pray and intercede for all the things that are of concern to us in these times. Some meet just a few together in homes some chat, and pray and share on blog sites web sites etc and there are ‘online meetings/services’ too. There is one called Everydaychurchonlinelive and it has 8 services a week at different times and different days so convenient for anyone to log into to. It also operates in several countries. I found the few services I attended quite refreshing and so far biblical! Gordon, Is it just a coincidence that I should send you that link yesterday? I hadn’t even read this post then as I only read it just now! I hope you will get clear direction and confirmation, although you will probably be called a heretic or backslider etc etc if you are being called to come out and leave , I was…. but I am still here beleiving and trusting and know that throughout this time I have been instructed and educated and guided into the truth by The Holy Spirit I have not fallen behind and can converse with any Christian having been kept up to date even understanding of the rapture, NWO, mark of the beast etc etc was given to me when I knew nothing of it or any end time teachings when I did attend a ‘church!! However, I still am willing to know nothing accept Jesus Christ and Him crucified for me!

    God bless!

  3. Thanks for your comment Christine!

    I appreciate it. I did get your message about a link to a website, but I have not had the time to check it out yet, have been busy working. Does it pertain to the church? Of course you said the Lord is gathering His bride out of the manmade church, I thought that you meant He is getting ready to take us all home.

    I guess it was not a coincidence since I have not read it yet. It’s just something that has been on my mind for a while, and especially yesterday.

    I’m not quite sure yet if I will leave this church, however, I am leaning in that direction. I feel as though I am struggling with this inside me as the apostle Paul did between his flesh and his spirit. And yet I know there will be people who will condemn me for this, yet I must do what I believe is the right thing to do and go where the Lord leads me.

    So many believers are religious, believing that there are things we must do and not do in order to be a good Christian, but I know that God loves me just the same. And all people are not the same, neither are all churches. Some are hot and some are cold, some are luke-warm, and just because it’s a church does not mean that it’s the same as other churches.

    Thanks for the encouragement Christine!

    God bless! Maranatha!

  4. I so agree with you Gordon… And it saddens the heart that pulpits nowadays are for feel good sermons. It is as you say a disservice. Christ Yeshua should be our focus, the truth from Scriptures. The reasons (the how’s, the why’s, the when) He came, will come again and how it all relates to our very existence (from the pages of),
    especially now at this junction of end time prophecies coming true, not the traditions of man that keep these critical events hidden. We donot know the hour but we should know the seasons, The Good Book says it all. Yet certain churches don’t teach it. Are they so wrapped up in their own illusions grandeur that they miss the bigger picture..? ‘Nothing is new under the sun’ for Jesus himself had to deal with His own Pharisees.
    We are not left orphans for those who truly seek wisdom, wisdom is given through humbly giving your life to Christ and ASKING for truth to be revealed. “And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”(Luke 11:9). Then following it through not coward-ing backwards because what one reads doesn’t agree with one’s worldly lifestyle. It’s not about finding yourself it’s discovering who God created you to be. His status and laws are there for our good, it governs us, keeps us healthy and helps us grow in love for The Father and fellowman. Sorely lacking in our churches these days, the gumption to lay it on the line as the inspired word tells it. He left us His manual for that reason. Soon these same churches will unite to force people to obey them and their version instead of our true Lord and His word… We need to be prepared and have the armor of God on.

    I for one have stopped attending brick and mortar and have the Lord direct my path. Fellowship is needed and where two or more are gathered there also is the Lord. ‘We are the church’. I get my own java and go to a little corner of my home, I pray and let the Holy Spirit guide my steps further, He let’s the Holy Scriptures’ come alive. I take a theme I want to discover and elaborate it more by searching the Good Book. I use the internet and any means available to let Scriptures interpret itself. There are good people out there that are also searching for the truth as Scriptures’ dictate and the internet is a good source to connect. Take advantage while we still have the freedoms to do so. We change from the inside out for the better… Emulate Jesus who said “I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.” (Jn 5:30). The churches today forget this principal. It’s God’s will that needs to be followed especially now more then ever for we’re living in the end times…

    May the Good Lord direct your path in finding the right route to take in your search. I pray for you and everyone who truly searches to find. In Jesus’ holy name, Amen.
    God bless.

  5. God bless you Gordon.

    when you go on that site you can type in church in the search area and there are some posts that certainly support what we are talking and thinkling about .

    I am praying that you will get clear guidance with a confirmation if you are to stay of leave!

  6. You are not alone Gordon. I never thought that I would see church as a place where women would wear yoga pants so tight that they were nothing more than another layer of tight skin with fake diamond studded designs on their buttocks as their posteriors shakes to the beat of the drums of the worship band. I deplore going into a church and sitting behind the vibrating body of a woman while I am trying to focus on worship. I deplore worship defined as a young 18 year old girl standing before the congregation in tight blue jeans exploiting every crack and crevice of her body while holding a microphone singing “come into me Jesus” 50 times in the span of 30 minutes as the congregation raises its hands and waves back and forth in a trance. Satan has entered the church in the form of contemporary worship music and if you disagree then you must have a problem with some sinful lust in your heart. For many churches today there are no hymnals where the individual can express their heart with songs written on pages. I’ll tell you that worship is not really worship, it’s just “noise” raunchy noise, sick noise, metal noise, sexually sick noise, demonic inspired noise, worldly noise, unhealthy noise, sensual noise. There is nothing reverent or worshipful about it. So, anywhere the metal “beat” is found in a church, you won’t find me.

  7. Thank you SweetJava!

    Thanks for your encouragement. I sense that things are just not quite right in the church, and that we must as individual believers seek the whole truth of God’s word. We should not be ashamed to study the entirety of scripture nor should the church be afraid to teach it.

    God bless! Maranatha!

  8. Church in my house, every night, two services. Just a few of us in attendance, The Holy Spirit, Jesus, God the Father and myself. About 11pm. to 1:30 a.m. Going through the first chapter of Genesis with a great online teacher (not calvary chapel) Listening through the book of Revelation recorded on Bible.is which is required listening at least 7 days a week. Its a great church with worship that is memorized in heart, mind, and soul.

  9. That’s awesome Ethin!

    However, don’t think I could do the night owl thing! I do the same thing, several times a day, everyday as well. God is good!

    God bless! Maranatha!

  10. I understand your feelings and can relate in many ways, that’s why I felt compelled to start a blog in order to reach out to others who have tired of churchianity as usual and all the trite cliches some believers say to impress people with their piety. We all need to draw close to the Lord and improve our relationship with Him, sometimes sitting in a pew eavesdropping on the pastor’s personal walk with the Lord just isn’t sufficient. As someone commented about believer’s need to be fed, yes infants and small children do need to be fed, adults get there by feeding themselves through the personal discipline of a daily quiet time, reading the bible in prayer with thanksgiving asking God to reveal the deeper meanings of His word to us. I always begin by opening in the name of Jesus and state that I was and still am a sinner, unworthy of His love and then thank Him for His great sacrifice for me in the person of Jesus the Christ. Here is a link to my blog, perhaps it will be helpful in your personal walk as well.

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