Large Swarm of Earthquakes Hit New Zealand!


Earthquakes in New Zealand on November 14 2016, largest magnitude 6.5 | USGS

Commentary By:  Gordon King

There has been a large number of earthquakes and aftershocks in New Zealand occurring over the past 24 hours since the 7.8 magnitude earthquake yesterday.


Earthquakes along the “Ring of Fire”; past 24 hours | USGS

Earthquake activity along the “Ring of Fire” has been increasing lately, with quakes ranging from the 4.5 to 6.0 and greater, as well as the 7.8 yesterday.


Earthquakes along the “Ring of Fire” past week; Orange past 24 hours, Yellow past 7 days; magnitude of 4.5 and above.

As you can see from the photo above, the activity has been very heavy all along the “Ring of Fire” for large earthquakes, everywhere but the United States.  With all of this seismic activity and shifting of the plates it’s only a matter of time before some large quakes strike the Pacific rim of North America!