When the Hearts of Men Grow Cold and Lawlessness Abounds!

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, Demonstrators gather in Los Angeles a day after Donald Trump’s victory. Photo: Getty Images

Commentary By:  Gordon King

It almost amazes me at the violent protests of the progressive liberals over the election results of Donald Trump winning the presidential election, almost.  However, over the course of the past several years we’ve seen much of the same, violent protests across the nation, organized protests, division of the American people and way of life.  This is what we have experienced during the Obama presidency, his own constituents committing these same acts of violence, not the other way around!

As a democratic nation we vote for our leaders, and the way the vote is determined is by the electoral college.  If we as a people cannot peaceably agree on the outcome of such elections, then our democratic process has failed.  If people choose to deny the process which governs them, then what is the point of having a democratic society?!  Why even vote in the first place!  We might as well then be living in a dictatorship, is that what these people want?!

There are many people in America who seem to feel that if everything does not go according to their own will, then it shouldn’t happen.  It’s like a small child throwing a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way!  This is the result of our society telling us that everything goes, that everyone is the same, and that we can have everything that we want when we want it!  The young generation has not been told no!  You can’t have everything you want and when you want it, that’s just how life is.  They have not been told that they must work hard to achieve success, that things worth having in this world must be worked for!

This is bible prophecy coming to pass, when lawlessness will abound, when the hearts of men will become proud and arrogant, when hearts grow cold!

I have noticed over the course of several years that when good things happen, when blessings occur, then bad things are sure to follow!  That when God hears us and bestows blessings upon us, then the evil ones are sure to come out in full force and stir things up.  These are times when we must be on guard, when we must be in constant prayer, be alert and aware of evils in the world.

These protests are not the sign of godly people, they are being stirred up by demonic spirits.  That’s not to say that we do not have the right to protest, we most certainly do, but in a peaceful and dignified manner!  We all will not agree on all things, but we must as American citizens agree to disagree, and accept who has been fairly elected into office.  Just as Obama was elected into office not once but twice, you didn’t see conservatives marching in the streets, stopping traffic, and smashing windows!  You didn’t see Republicans causing mischief, mayhem, and threatening to disregard the office of the Presidency!  You just didn’t see it!

These are times of separation and division, times of separating the wheat from the chaff.  We will see an increase in demonic activity, and just because Donald Trump has been elected president does not mean that the world will be saved!  No, on the contrary, the world will not be saved, but there are those in the world that will, and there are many that will not! 

Satan and his demonic spirits are mad, and they know that their time is short!  What has been prophesied in the bible will come to pass, nothing has changed, it is coming.  This is a spiritual battle, one in which we must be praying continually!  It’s good against evil, God against Satan.  And although Satan is the ruler of this world, God is still in control of all things.

Spiritual wickedness is on the rise, and the world will see things which it has never seen before.  We have entered into a time like no other in the history of the world, a time when the division of right and wrong, of good and evil will dominate.  This will all come to a head until the rapture of the church, when God’s children are taken out of this world.  Then the end will come, then the forces of evil will dominate the landscape, and those still living in the world will suffer at the hand of the Antichrist!  It’s coming folks do not be deceived, do not be led astray into believing that all is well.

Everything that happens in this world happens for a reason, and Donald Trump was elected president of the United States for a reason!  And whatever that reason is remains part of God’s plan for the end times.

We have been given a short reprieve, a time to go out into the world and share the word and love of God!  Love those that hate you, feed those who are hungry, comfort those who are hurting!  Shine your light into the darkness while you still can!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

8 thoughts on “When the Hearts of Men Grow Cold and Lawlessness Abounds!

  1. Reblogged this on Serve Him in the Waiting and commented:
    Amen, Gordon! We need to stay vigilant and expect the attacks to ramp up, the harder we pray and work to restore righteousness in the fabric of our nation. That is what it means to occupy. Represent Him, no matter what, and represent Him according to rightly divided scripture.

  2. Hi Gordon, we often agree and sometimes disagree. I disagree that “we have been given a reprieve” I know the sense in which you make this statement and understand why you do, so nothing to argue about. I could think of a million things wrong with our country and government that should be made right, but the only thing is they never will be. Right now, there are 114 million people working full time and about 109 million people receiving welfare. The San Fernando Valley in California will continue to pump out porno movies by the millions to feed the world. Television evangelists and false prosperity preachers will continually deceive the gullible with their lies and false hopes and errant revival miracle healing ministries while all the time living in their multi-million dollar estates and flying private jets. Its a good thing that the new administration is going big on celebrating Christmas and observing the national day of prayer, good! great! Does this mean that false preachers are going to clean up their act and be less selfish, does this mean that their will be less of an uprising among the liberal millennial generation. Will demons slow down their activities for persecuting the Christian effort of getting out the gospel. Will terrorists just give up and quit trying to destroy our civilization? No! That the world order is set moving forwards to the advent of the rapture of the church and advent of anti-Christ with nothing to seriously impede it is the true condition. I don’t think Christians and churches should be thinking that they have a reprieve from anything because I’m sure that satan doesn’t think he has a reprieve, but he wants Christians to think they do. God help us Christians, we already have a propensity to be lazy so please God don’t let us think that we can fall asleep now. After the election I have had a somewhat sickening sensation in my inner spirit over all that has happened on the political level, yet trying in a battle to stay up-lifted in the spiritual sense for the hopeful future that Christ is bringing. It seems that so many truly evangelical churches are getting more and more divided all the time over senseless and petty issues. It doesn’t seem that there is any cohesive plan for the church to take positive action even in the apparent less threatening atmosphere. I don’t believe revival is coming to America because I can’t find any evidence that there has been neither will be any repentance by the church or citizen in general. People are thinking somehow just because Trump was elected that 30 shootings a day are just going to magically go away in Chicago and Detroit, that somehow our colleges will turn away form teaching evolution to teaching creation. We are not there folks and neither are we heading into a Godly direction. I’m no prophet, yet I have a greater sense of impending doom an destruction coming upon our nation then ever before. Yes God can be merciful and gracious but where do you see any signs of our nation turning to righteousness to receive the mercy and grace. This election was not a turn, it was all based on, albeit good earnest intentions a lot of lies and false promises as are all elections that will never be kept. “Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me”. . I’m not being fooled to believing that somehow this nation is turning or will turn around based on a presidential election it never has nor will it happen as a result of a man devised system. I’m hearing pastors tell their church that God has raised up Trump as He raised up a King Cyrus or Nebuchadezzar, or Jonah calling Ninaveh to turn and repent. Pastors errantly jerking historical occasions out of the old testament and setting them up as current church era probabilities for the United States of America. These are all false hope theologies, why give the church more hope in what this world has to offer, why not give the church more hope in what Jesus can bring if only we truly cry out for Him to do so. The sickening sensation in my spirit I hope will be replaced soon with the love and joy that Jesus brings when He comes for His church. Thanks for all you do Gordon, great articles, keeps us thinking.
    Maranatha! Ethin

  3. Thanks Ethin!

    I completely understand what you are saying and where you are coming from.

    I know that the world can get a false sense of hope by what is happening in the world, yet we are to go out into the world and do what is right. This includes voting in leaders who best represent the values of God. The world is still headed for the Tribulation period, evil still exists and is getting worse, yet I believe that with Donald Trump as president we will have a better chance of spreading God’s word than if Hilary Clinton were president! He can appoint Supreme Court Justices who will vote in favor of God’s morals and values, with Hilary it would be more of the same, laws being passed which totally go against the principles of God Almighty! This does matter to God, whatever happens in this world, what we do and how we act matters to God. And whether or not this country of ours turns back to God or not, what we do still makes a difference.

    I for one want to make a change for the better, for God’s will, while we are still here on this planet we are to occupy and that means to do what is right. I don’t know what Donald Trump will or will not follow up with, no one really does. But I do know that if we continue on the path that we have been on for the past several decades, then the judgment of God will come upon us quickly, and I believe that it already has in many ways.

    There are many in this world who are blinded to the truth, and no matter what happens they will not see the truth nor heed it. This includes the prosperity pastors you mentioned, and even many in the church who believe that they are saved and going to heaven just because they go to church and do good things in life, when nothing could be further from the truth. And many, many people will not see the truth or hope of salvation no matter who was elected president.

    I still believe that we are very close to the Tribulation period and the rapture of the church, I have felt this way very strongly for the past several years, however, we do not know when Christ will return, it could be this year, maybe two or three years, maybe even a decade or more, we just don’t know. With that being the case, we still have to live in this world, and I would much rather live in America with Donald Trump as president then Hilary Clinton! That was my point, not that we should put our hope in this world, not in any leaders, not in any worldly values. God is good and it just may be that He has listened to the prayers of His children and given us a president who will support us in our mission for Christ!

    God bless Ethin!


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