We’re so small and insignificant, What are we to do?!


Commentary By:  Gordon King

What is this life really all about?  I mean what are we to do exactly, and if we are believers then what shall we do?  Are we to merely study God’s word and isolate ourselves from the world?  Is it not for us to go out into the world and make a difference?!

I know of many Christians who think that we should live by God’s word, yet not live God’s word!  They seem to believe that we should adhere to God’s values and morals, yet they also believe that it is not our place to make changes or a difference in the world, I disagree!

As believers we need to go out into the world a make a difference, we are to be the change for good, to fight evil, and to put wickedness in its place!  Are we not the salt and the light of the world?  If not for us then who else is going to spread the love of God?  Who else is going to bring about the things of God to a wicked and sinful world?!

How did Christ change the world?  Did He not feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and heal the sick?  Did He not over turn the money changers tables at the Temple, and make a whip and drive the money changers out of the Temple?  Yes He did!

We need to step back and take a look at things from a heavenly perspective for a moment.

Life is so much more than we know, it is the very essence of God Himself.  God sits somewhere beyond our universe, billions of light years away as far as we know.  Yet, here we sit somewhere in the middle of it all, one tiny speck of a planet in one of trillions of galaxies, the only known intelligent life form in the universe!  We are so small and insignificant compared to the size and expanse of the universe, yet God loves us so much!  He created the universe for us in order to commune with Him, yet He put us so far away from where He sits on His throne in heaven, why?

To God there is no time, and there is no distance since God is virtually everywhere.  All of His creation including the angels in heaven can see what God has done, that He has placed us billions of light years away from heaven.  I believe that by doing so He is showing His creation including the fallen angels, that although we are weak and somewhat insignificant in the scheme of things we can do the right thing, we can commune with God, and that we can worship our Creator even though we cannot see Him and we know that He sits in heaven so very far from us.  That since the fall of man if we make the right choices and choose to follow Him that He will forgive us and have mercy upon us.  We are here not only to commune with God, but we are here as an example to all of His creation, an example of His righteousness, His just ways, and His love!  We are here to do what is right and holy in the eyes of God, to do what He originally created us to do, commune with Him and perform His will on earth as it is in heaven.

Our faith in God gives us the ability to perform good and supernatural works through the Holy Spirit.  Living for Christ is living for life itself, it is being a part of what God created, it is like a boat drifting on a river flowing downstream, going with the natural flow of things.  When that boat decides to turn around and go upstream it becomes a battle, it is going against what is naturally ordained.  Life is the same way, when we decide to turn away from God and His naturally ordained ways, then we fight a battle against God and the universe He created.

When we perform God’s will then we are flowing with God’s ways, we are in-tune with God and the universe.  But when we rebel against God then we fight an uphill battle, a battle which cannot be won!  If we do nothing then we are like a stagnant pool of water, unfit for consumption.  Doing what is right brings us closer to God, we flow with His Spirit, this is how God made us, to flow with Him not against Him!  Doing good works, being righteous and holy keeps us fresh, godly, and in-tune with God through His Holy Spirit not of our own doing but of our own choice.  It increases our faith and demonstrates to all of creation that God is good and He keeps His promises!

The universe is not static, it is dynamic, always moving, always changing.  We as believers in Christ must be in-tune with this dynamic flow of energy which is part of God.  Jesus Christ, the Creator of all things, He holds all things together.  He is life, and as such we are life since we are in Christ and He is in us.  Life is dynamic, and we as part of life are also dynamic, we must be doing something whether for God or not.  God’s will is for us to be doing things for Him, according to His will as it is in heaven, otherwise we are fighting against God, rebelling against what He naturally ordained!

We are not to sit idly by while the world turns, nor are we to do what is unrighteous and unholy in the eyes of God.  We are to be the salt and light of the world, just as Christ is Himself.  We are to go out into the world and perform good works through Christ our Savior!  We can do nothing of our own accord, but we can do everything through Christ Jesus!  With Christ nothing is impossible, He is supernatural!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

10 thoughts on “We’re so small and insignificant, What are we to do?!

  1. Pray, go, send, preach, witness, occupy, make disciples, baptize, use the talent.
    Maranatha!!! Ethin

  2. WARNING !! WARNING!! the Trump election is already causing people to look to the future with unbiblical and unrealistic expectations contrary to the reality of the real world and the dangers of it.
    Maranatha!! Ethin

  3. Thanks for your comment Ethin!

    I agree that many will have a false hope and sense of security, however, these same people probably would have even if Trump were not elected president. They place their hope in the world and not in Jesus Christ!

    God bless! Maranatha!

  4. Nicely said, Gordon. Amen.
    We are God’s children and should behave in the manner that reflects His goodness, His love. “The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:” (Rom. 8:16)

    Sure there are moments in our lives we fall, yet He is there to help us and forgive us and move on together. He is calling us, there is safety in Yeshua, Jesus Christ. Yeshua in Hebrew is a verbal derivative from “to rescue”, “to deliver”. And He is our deliverer (for those who place their trust in Him). Love is the essence that keeps us whole and in unison. What manner of love He has for us that we are called His children…
    The greatest commandment is to LOVE. LOVE God above everything else and LOVE our neighbor/brother as ourselves; all the rest of His laws follows. We are to love in a world that no longer understands its meaning…
    Who are we that He cares so much for us..?.. His children! “No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.” (1Jn.4:12).

    We are but a spec in this immense universe, yet God cares for all His children on planet earth, that while we were still sinners He came to rescue US from the clutches of death. He left us His Spirit and our hope is alive in Him. Trust Him with your life… and spread His message of love.
    God bless us all. Maranatha!
    Thank you again, Gordon.

  5. Thanks SweetJava!

    God is so good, and His love for us is immeasurable! I wish that we could really grasp just how big, awesome, and amazing God really is! But, one day soon we will! Amen.

    God bless! Maranatha!

  6. The Bible seems to indicate that God’s throne is above the earth and He is looking down from heaven on the children of men. As He left (up) He will come again in the same manner. Heaven is His throne and earth is His footstool…literally.

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