The Overwhelming Signs of the Times!

signs of the times

Commentary By:  Gordon King

As wars rage on throughout the world so do rumors of wars.  The threat of war envelopes the landscape of the entire globe and with each passing day the threats become more real!

Jesus told us that in the last days just before His second coming that there would be wars and rumors of wars, that they will increase and intensify the closer we get to His return.  Well I don’t know about you but I see both of these things happening now!

The world is being saturated with news reports of war, and not only with war and the threats of war, but of the after effects of war.  Millions of people have been displaced from recent wars, millions have lost their lives to either war or religious persecution, and many more suffer from lack of the basic necessities of life, food, clothing, and shelter.

The persecution of Christians is at an all time high, never before have we seen such an intense persecution of believers in the world, even more so now than at the time of Christ or shortly after his resurrection, even more now than since the time Christ ascended into heaven.  Christians are being persecuted daily throughout the world, and the spirit of anti-Christ is more prevalent now than ever before!

Another sign that Jesus warned us about was famine!  People and countries war-torn and economically devastated can expect to see massive food shortages, and say it isn’t so!  We see mass migration, mass hunger, and mass homelessness.  Not only that but countries accepting refugees will themselves be overwhelmed and over burdened by the mass influx of people needing the basic necessities of life!

Along with hunger another sign that Jesus warned us about is pestilence!  When millions of people have nowhere to live, nowhere to bath, and no sanitary means of waste disposal, then pestilence is sure to follow.  This pestilence is manifesting itself from the aftermath of wars, but also from storms and natural disasters of biblical proportions!  Disease and pestilence are claiming lives and the emergence of super-bugs is on the rise.  Not only that but new, never before heard of diseases and viruses, viruses which are deadly and destructive, are manifesting themselves into the world with no know cures! 

Many countries economies are collapsing, many are at the brink of economic collapse, while many more if not most are teetering on the fence.  If you don’t think that there are major economic problems in the world just take a look at Venezuela, Greece, Egypt, look at the national debt of the United States, they estimate it at around 20 trillion dollars, while some economists say it’s actually over 200 trillion!  Either way, it’s a number which is incalculable in my mind, a number which is so large that I cannot even begin to imagine what it looks like.

So are we living in the end times, are the signs which Jesus told us to watch for actually happening now?  I believe that we are and they are.  And if you think that things are going to get better, that we can pull ourselves up by our boot straps out of this mess than think again!  However, there will be the emergence of a man who will claim to have the answers to our woes, that he will be able to save us from disaster.  He will appear charming and be likable, a smooth talker, and a person to unite the masses in peace and security.  This man will appear when things get very dark, when the world is desperate for answers and help.  The darkness in the world is getting darker, the world is becoming ever so desperate for answers, it is becoming more chaotic and confusing, and the tensions are mounting between the nations and within the nations themselves!  The time is getting very ripe for the revealing of the man of sin, the son of perdition, the lawless one, the Antichrist!

As difficult it is for believers to live in this world and not be a part of this world, we must continue seeking God and all of His ways.  Seeking His wisdom and understanding, allowing Him to work in us and through us, all for the glory of His will!  At times it becomes very difficult, however we must always remember who we are and where we belong.  One day soon we will be together with the Lord forever!  Amen.

God bless!  Maranatha!


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