Grounded on the Rock!

Jesus cross and sun

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Which way to go, which way to turn, how can a person make any sense out of the chaos in the world?  We are inundated with information, and a very large portion of it is news of murder, hatred, lies, deception, death and destruction, it’s no wonder that people are so confused and misinformed. 

When the truth is clouded and turned into lies, and when what is evil and wicked is than turned into good, does it really surprise us when so many people are led down the wrong path?

It boggles my mind to see on a continual daily basis reports of unethical morals and values, of senseless hatred, murder, and evil in the world!  When I search the headlines to see what is happening around us I see a countless number of reports of murders, of violence, of evil and treachery, and this is daily!

I see and hear of world leaders who are twisting and changing the truth to fit their own agendas, but I also see many leaders in the church doing the same thing!

There are those in the Christian church who say that there is more than one way to heaven, that believing in Jesus Christ is “a way”, but not the “only way”!  There are those who are not really sure if Christ died and then rose from the dead, and then there are those in the world who believe that Christ was a good teacher but not really God!

For the record, Jesus Christ is God!  He died on the cross, was buried in a tomb for three days, the arose and ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father!  If this were not true then He is not God, but He is!

If there were more than one way to heaven other than believing in Jesus Christ, then Jesus was misinformed or a liar.  And if this were true then He is not God, for God knows everything and is perfect, He cannot lie nor can He make any error!  So for a believer to believe that there is more than one way to heaven is saying that He is not God!  How then could they be saved?!

My point is that the world is a very confusing and chaotic place and getting worse!  We all need to ground ourselves to the truth in order to get through all of the madness.  Follow what the world says and continue to be misinformed, misled, and confused, or follow Jesus Christ and what He says and be led down the righteous path which leads to eternal life!

Even believers can be deceived, we can be led astray, and if we are not careful be trapped into believing lies.  We can veer away from the truth and we can begin to believe in doctrines of demons. 

We can look around us and become overwhelmed by what is happening, but if we continue to stay in God’s word and allow Him to lead and guide us then we can overcome the world.  We can have a sound mind by listening to what God says not what the world says.  We can know the truth if we listen to the truth and take heed of it!  We must be grounded on the Rock!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


5 thoughts on “Grounded on the Rock!

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  2. “On Christ this solid Rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand, is sinking sand” From an old hymn.
    Maranatha !!

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