God is sending us a message this Presidential Election!


Commentary By:  Gordon King

This has been the most unusual, chaotic, confusing, and dramatic presidential election America has ever known!  When we thought that we had seen everything something else seems to reveal itself, as if to cause us shock and awe.  How in the world could a country like America ever have such an election, and why on God’s green earth would we have the two main candidates that we do?!

While Donald Trump has said some very distasteful and unabashed comments, and doesn’t always seem to know just how to express himself verbally (probably an understatement), he does have a proven track record of a very successful multi-billion dollar business.  He has said some very awful and disgusting things in the past, and unfortunately for him they were recorded.  However, who has never sinned?  Has there ever been anyone who has not said something that he or she regrets later?  He is not a politician, at least not a seasoned one, nor is he part of the political establishment in Washington, which I believe is a good thing!

On the other hand we have Hilary Clinton, who has proved herself to be unreliable, disregarding American lives (Benghazi), and an out-and-out liar!  Her track record over the course of her political career seems to have been focused on not what she can do for the American people, but what she can gain for herself.  As for the tens and tens of thousands of unsecured confidential emails found on her computer and cell phone, anyone else with just one of these documents would already be thrown into prison!  Yet, here she is running for President of the United States of America!  Absolutely astounding!

And here we sit, with two candidates that do not seem very appealing to most, yet this is what we have to vote for.  And why is that, why do we not have two major candidates with more integrity, people who appeal to the masses, who present themselves with dignity and honor?

Could it be that the good Lord is sending us a message?!  Is God using this election to tell us something?  I believe with all of my heart that He most definitely is!

I believe that God is shaking us up, trying to wake us from our slumber, and warning us of things to come.  He is God and He placed these candidates in the positions that they are in for a reason, and He will place one of them in the position of the next President of the United States!

We reap what we sow, and what we plant we harvest.  Our nation founded under God is now anything but following God!  We have wandered away, in our pride and our arrogance, we have slapped God in the face and now we pay the consequences.  We have told God that our way is a better way, and that we don’t need Him to lead our country, that we can do it better on our own.  Isn’t this what has happened over the past several decades?

America has been falling away, being led down the wrong path, it has become and becoming more and more anti-Christ!  Our political leaders no longer adhere to the teachings from scripture, nor do they honor the God that has placed them into positions of power.  Many speak as though they do, but their actions speak louder than words!

We have who we have as our presidential candidates, there is no changing that.  And now we must vote into office one of the two.  Who will you vote in, the candidate that best represents God’s values, or the one going against what God says is righteous and holy?  How does God feel about abortion, gay marriage, our right to defend ourselves, how about our next four or five Supreme Court Justices and the decisions that they will make regarding the society we live in?

The choice is yours to make, ask Jesus Christ for the right answer, then make it!  Let the Holy Spirit be your guide!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


3 thoughts on “God is sending us a message this Presidential Election!

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  2. Have you thought that just even voting is taking the mark of the beast? We are choosing who to lead us… when we should be choosing the Almighty!

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