Hitler, a Precursor of Things to Come!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

The rise of Adolph Hitler came about by use of force, coercion, and lies!  His rise to power as dictator of Germany was during the great depression, when most of the people in the country were either unemployed or underemployed, and desperately needed things to get better.  Hitler made promises to the people that he would make their lives better!

He also made lies to politicians who would vote in favor of Hitlers proposed new laws (however half of the politicians voting were in the Nazi party), giving Hitler the power he needed to take control of Germany under the Third Reich.

The Rise of Adolph Hitler

“After the elections of March 5, 1933, the Nazis began a systematic takeover of the state governments throughout Germany, ending a centuries-old tradition of local political independence. Armed SA and SS thugs barged into local government offices using the state of emergency decree as a pretext to throw out legitimate office holders and replace them with Nazi Reich commissioners.

Political enemies were arrested by the thousands and put in hastily constructed holding pens. Old army barracks and abandoned factories were used as prisons. Once inside, prisoners were subjected to military style drills and harsh discipline. They were often beaten and sometimes even tortured to death. This was the very beginning of the Nazi concentration camp system.

At this time, these early concentration camps were loosely organized under the control of the SA and the rival SS. Many were little more than barbed-wire stockades know as ‘wild’ concentration camps, set up by local Gauleiters and SA leaders.

For Adolf Hitler, the goal of a legally established dictatorship was now within reach. On March 15, 1933, a cabinet meeting was held during which Hitler and Göring discussed how to obstruct what was left of the democratic process to get an Enabling Act passed by the Reichstag. This law would hand over the constitutional functions of the Reichstag to Hitler, including the power to make laws, control the budget and approve treaties with foreign governments.

The emergency decree* signed by Hindenburg on February 28th, after the Reichstag fire, made it easy for them to interfere with non-Nazi elected representatives of the people by simply arresting them.”…………

……..“Later that same day, Hindenburg signed two decrees put before him by Hitler. The first offered full pardons to all Nazis currently in prison. The prison doors sprang open and out came an assortment of Nazi thugs and murderers.

The second decree signed by the befuddled old man allowed for the arrest of anyone suspected of maliciously criticizing the government and the Nazi Party.

A third decree signed only by Hitler and Papen allowed for the establishment of special courts to try political offenders. These courts were conducted in the military style of a court-martial without a jury and usually with no counsel for the defense.”……Read full article…


*The Emergency Decree (The Reichstag Fire Decree)

The Emergency Decree stated: “Restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press; on the rights of assembly and association; and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications and warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.”

Hitler used these laws to take control of a country, to become dictator of Germany, and to suppress the rights of the people, no longer a democracy but a dictatorship!  And now we see the same thing happening in Turkey under the rule of President Tayyip Erdogan.  A fake a coup attempt, tens of thousands of people imprisoned and taken from their jobs for opposing his rule.  The only real difference between Hitler and Erdogan is Islam, however both men are antisemitic!  They both hate the Jews!

Take away the rights of the people, suppress their freedoms, and put them in prison if they don’t agree with you!  It sort of makes one wonder just what is happening in America?  Why all of the FEMA prison camps, why all of the executive orders by Obama and other presidents to take away our Constitutional rights (ie, Indefinite detention law), and his push for gun control, and what about JADE HELM, just what was that really about?  I have heard that HELM is an acronym for “Homeland Elimination of Local Militia”.  There have been hundreds of executive orders signed by Obama and previous presidents which gives the government power to take total control of America, including the highways, airports, seaports, power grid, fueling stations, etc., and the right to take whatever they want for the purpose of government.

Read what Adolph Hitler said in 1942:

Mass murderer Adolf Hitler at a dinner talk on April 11, 1942 said:

“The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms.  History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing.  Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or native police. German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the maintenance of law and order throughout the occupied Russian territories, and a system of military strong-points must be evolved to cover the entire occupied country.”

Germany established gun control in 1938, and we can take a look back in history and see what happened to the world and over 6 million Jews!

Hitler was a precursor of things to come, just a taste of what the Antichrist will be like and the power that he will yield, yet the destruction that he will bring.  He shall come in as a man of peace, just as Hitler did, promising to have all the answers, to solve man’s ills and suffering, but then he will show his true colors and the evil that he truly is.

Take heed folks, we have seen much evil in the world, dictators who will stop at nothing for their end goal, yet the most evil and wicked dictator has yet to come onto the scene.  Remember, he will come in as a man of peace, professing to be the savior of our problems, but he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, possessed by Satan!

It’s coming soon, the beginning of the Tribulation Period, the rise of the Antichrist!  I believe in a pre-Tribulation rapture of the church, and as such I believe that I will not be here to see the Antichrist.  If this is the truth, then what will you do if you are not saved?  If you are not a born again Christian?  You will then suffer under the dictatorship of the Antichrist and the Wrath of God.   Worse yet, you will spend eternity in hell, when you could have chosen eternal life in heaven!

Accept Jesus now and know where your eternal destiny lies!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

8 thoughts on “Hitler, a Precursor of Things to Come!

  1. I’ll begin with the Jade Helm reference. As a member of the Armed Forces, I’m aware that some of the things we do, in order to train, might be odd or even alarming to the general public. One such training aid is scenario-based training.

    This particular type of scenario-based training is used primarily by the Green Berets, whose motto translates into, “To free the oppressed”. What they do is contract with locals to basically play act. The Green Berets then infiltrate a given area, meet with local “leaders” and convince them to work with our people.

    Generally, this is small scale and is confined to one rural county in North Carolina, which is partly why most people haven’t heard of it. The scenario is always our people going into a given area to topple an oppressive government that is unfriendly to American interests.

    What was so different with regards to Jade Helm, is that all of the Special Forces community wanted in on this type of training. Everyone was represented, Green Berets, MarSOC, Navy SEALS, etc. It was basically one giant, scenario-based diplomatic training exercise.

    Another example of this is one I’ve personally been involved with, known as Operation Golden Coyote. Op. Golden Coyote isn’t actually a wartime training exercise, it’s actually meant to help Army Engineers hone their skills, while helping out local communities.

    What happens during this operation is that a Brigade-sized element of Engineers from the Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy and even foreign military (it was German Army Engineers when I was there in 2010) go into State Park lands in South Dakota and clear out underbrush, dead wood, dead trees, etc. They then take all of that wood, process it for firewood and donate it to the local Indian Reservations, so that those who need it might have wood for heat during the winter.

    I use this example because I was playing around online a few months after my stint with Golden Coyote, and stumbled across a message board where some jerk was accusing my unit in particular of training to subjugate our fellow Americans. To say that I saw red when I read that piece of ignorance would be an understatement, for two reasons.

    First, the majority of the troops I’ve served with are absolute patriots. We remember our Oath of Enlistment, and wouldn’t act against our own people. Second, because the unit I belonged to at the time was an Area Support Medical Company. We were medical support, not combat. Our primary mission was clinical and emergency medical care. What were we going to do, knock people over and start IV’s? Really?!

    I apologize if I get a little worked up over this. In all honesty, it’s insulting when people seem to think that those of us in the Armed Forces are in any way a threat to the people. We aren’t. If we’re a threat to anyone in this country, they’re occupying a seat in Congress, on the Supreme Court or in the Oval Office. The vast majority of us remember that we swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, not the President. There’s a reason why it’s done that way.

    Now, if you want to know what the government fears more than anything else, look in the mirror. Anyone reading this, walk to the nearest mirror, look at the person staring back at you, and know that an entire government is on the verge of messing their pants at the thought of you realizing your full potential as a citizen.

    If you’re confused about what I mean, look up the US Oath of Citizenship; US Code, Title 10, Subsection 311; US Supreme Court case US v. Miller (1939) and then connect the dots. After God, the people are THE most powerful force in this country. Hands down, nothing is stronger in this country than The People.

  2. Thanks for sharing The Ezekiel Project!

    Thank you for the information. I would in no way accuse the men and women of our armed forces, of which I was one, of threatening the American people. I give thanks and honor to all of the men and women who have served our once great country. It is not these people I have question with, but the government controlling them. I am also not saying that our government is planning something like this, however there are similarities and we must be aware of what is happening around us. We live in a fallen world, a world full of evil and sin, a world which is anti-Christ.

    God bless!

  3. Oh, I’m saying that it’s well within reason that our government would seek to undermine the power of the people. History has shown that government is the natural enemy of liberty. It’s a very natural process.

    Where I have a problem is when people come under the impression that the military would somehow turn against the people. Granted, statistically speaking, there would be a segment of the military/veteran population that would forget their oath and side with the government. However, they would be a tiny, weak-minded minority.

    This brings up a point though. Have you ever wondered why 1) so many Federal agencies have heavily militarized Law Enforcement arms, and 2) why the government was running security contractors to do jobs the military already had trained people for?

    The question becomes even more convoluted and perverse when you consider that they weren’t just fielding contractors to do our jobs, but were doing so at higher cost. The average security contractor makes more than $100,000 per year, which is more than twice the average pay of an American Service Member.

    Now, what kind of images does that conjure up for you?

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