We are Obligated as Believers to Vote!


Commentary By:  Gordon King

With only two weeks away from the United States Presidential Election the national polls seem to be indicating that Hilary Clinton is ahead of Donald Trump.  Whether or not these polls are rigged remains to be unknown at this time, however we all know that the main stream media is massively tilted to the left in favor of Hilary Clinton.

I don’t know what will happen before the election, nor do I know who will win the election, but I do know that there are powers who want Hilary as our next president.  I know that Hilary lies a lot, and I know that she has done things which if someone else did they would be sitting in prison.  Yet many Americans still want Hilary as our next president, this astounds me!

I don’t really know why it does, after all the majority of Americans put Barack Hussein Obama into office not just once but twice!  And now it seems that they may do so for the third time by voting in Hilary Clinton.

The past eight years has brought America down, weakened our defenses, opened our borders to illegal immigrants and Syrian refugees, many of whom may be ISIS or sympathizers of ISIS.  Obama has made disastrous decisions both abroad and at home, including the Iran nuclear deal, Obama-Care, and failed diplomacy in Syria, Russia, and Iraq.  He has taken away jobs from coal mine workers, driven out big business with high taxes, fees, and over regulation, has divided our nation, and supports Muslims while denigrating Christians.  He has signed hundreds of executive orders that many of us are not even aware of, some are very frightening: President Obama Signs Indefinite Detention Bill Into Law,  and New Obama Executive Order Allows For U.N. and Drone Strikes on U.S. Citizens.   Voting for Hilary Clinton is a vote to keep Obama in office!

As Christians we should vote our conscience, we should vote according to God’s laws, morals and values.  We should uphold what is righteous, holy, and pure.  By following God’s morals and values would you vote for a candidate who supports abortion and gay marriage?  Would Jesus Christ approve of that?

There is no perfect candidate for president, they both have their sins and flaws.  But actions speak louder than words, and while Donald Trump doesn’t always say the right thing or say it in the right way his values are much more in line with the word of God.  Hilary Clinton’s values go against God’s word, her past actions as a representative of the American people show her true colors, and if we are so blind as to not see them then so be it, we get what we deserve!  Donald Trump has not made it this far because of his smooth talk, it’s because a large portion of the American people are sick and tired of the past eight years and what has become of our nation!

American lives were lost during the Benghazi attack in Libya at the American Embassy.  Hilary Clinton was then Secretary of State, and provided no assistance to protect and save their lives.  She supports and believes that the Iran Nuclear Deal was a good thing and that it prevented Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, while Iran is now laughing in our face and doing just that!  Our country is supporting the most terroristic state in the world, while at the same time they telling us that they want us all dead!  Tell me, what kind of diplomacy is that?!  Is this what we want for the next four years, more of the same?  We don’t have the luxury of more of the same, it will be to our demise!

I know that in the end it really doesn’t matter who becomes president, that it will all play out according to scripture.  However, as Christians it is our duty to elect government officials who are most closely aligned to God’s word.  We are here to be a light to the world, this includes government!  It is our obligation as children of God to vote, and vote the way that God would vote.

If you still don’t know who you will vote for, then pray to God for insight, wisdom, and answers.  Listen to His voice and He will be your guide.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!